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Personal Lubricant Purchasing Guide:

Woman enjoying herself, using Passion Lubricants

There are lots of great reasons to choose a lubricant, but finding the right kind can be difficult even for seasoned users.

Don’t worry; if you have found that you’re a little less “wet” than you’d like, or if you simply want to explore a more viscous texture, there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a little lube before a hot night—or day—of sex. Hormonal changes, dehydration, stress, or simply being nervous can cause you to secrete less fluids. However, if you experience pain during sex, more lubrication may not be the answer; you could be experiencing inflammation or irritation, so please see a physician about these symptoms.

Additionally, lube is very useful for sensual touch on areas that aren’t normally lubricated, such as the shaft of the penis or the hood surrounding the clitoris. Especially useful for internal penetration such as anal, body-safe lubricants are key to making certain that your desire to explore new levels of pleasure is not only fun but safe. The anus, for example, does not have naturally occurring lubricants within it, and so friction without lube could cause micro-tears in the lining of the colon making it a higher risk for STI transmission. Similarly, lubrication can be helpful for the vaginal canal, as well, especially if there isn’t enough lubrication near the entrance. If you’re planning on a marathon of sexual play, even the best-hydrated will grab their favorite lube to make sure they can last without friction or rubbing themselves raw.

For any new lubricant, test out a small amount first to see if you have any negative reactions, and then enjoy solo or with a partner! But first, make sure you choose a lubricant that is compatible with the toys you have.

Here’s a helpful guide below, with our Passion product line used as reference:

Types of Lube:

When to use water-based:

Water based is a safe bet when you’re not sure what to get. It generally “plays well with others”, meaning it can be used with most of the toys you already have or will soon purchase, is both internally and externally body safe, and can be used with condoms. Many people who have sensitive skin or pH levels tend to have better success with water based lubes, as well.


  1. The water will evaporate in “hot” situations, so it can get sticky and you’ll need to reapply more often than with other lubes.
  2. Can not use in a tub/shower/pool/jacuzzi as the lube will dilute in the water.


  1. Easy to clean: just use soap and water.
  2. Can use with both latex and non-latex condoms.
  3. Doesn’t stain.


Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant is paraben-free, petrochemical free (derived from crude oil), and glycerin-free .

Why is this important? Petrochemicals are derived from crude oil, like petroleum, and you really don’t want them in your body. Glycerin is a humectant (it’s used to help retain moisture, since water on it’s own evaporates). If you were paying attention in chemistry class, a metabolic byproduct of sugar, and sugar can feed all the bacteria you may not want propagating in your intimate areas, thus causing infections. Parabens are used as preservatives. While this might be useful in certain foods, we don’t want the lube being preserved—and thus not breaking down—inside of you. The long-term health effects of parabens in lube are still up for debate, but it’s speculated that it could have a negative effect on hormones and potentially cause breast cancer. Better to stay away from it. Additionally, this lube doesn’t have a scent, so it is a great starter for new lube users who might be too sensitive to the smell, taste, or sensation of a scented/flavored lube.

Passion Anal Desensitizing Lube with Lidocaine is a water based lube with 2% lidocaine which slightly numbs the area where applied. This makes it ideal for anal penetration, and can really help those whose partners are well endowed or using larger, wider toys.

Because it can be difficult to get lubricant inside the anus, make your life easier by getting the 4oz Passion Natural Water-Based Lubricant With Injector Kit which is not only a travel-friendly size, but will get lubricant deeper inside without mess or spill. Simply insert, squirting an applicator’s worth of lube in the anus beforehand. Pro-tip: Make sure to avoid air bubbles inside the anus, or the excess air pressure may cause you to flatulate.

Water Based Flavored Lube is particularly great for oral sex, but because this brand is free of most harmful chemicals such as petrochemicals, and parabens, it can be used internally as well. It tastes sweet but doesn’t have any added sugars or artificial sweeteners. This is a plant-based glycerin lube, so if you are fairly sensitive, try the unflavored lube first.

For a sweet taste, try Strawberry, Cherry, and Watermelon.

For richer, more decadent flavors, try Caramel, Candy-Apple, or Vanilla.

When to use oil-based:

Oil based lubes are safe for masturbation, use with toys, penetrative sex (without condoms), and since they last a long time without getting sticky, they are ideal for sensual massage. Enjoy rubbing your hands, cock, or clit everywhere you desire. If you recall, oil and water don’t mix, so this is a great choice for water-play since the lube won’t dissolve as easily.


  1. Can not be used with latex condoms; they will increase the chance of breakage.
  2. Associated with higher rates of infection
  3. Can not be used with latex diaphragms or latex toys
  4. Some non-latex condoms that are made with polyisoprene may be at higher risk of breaking, as well.
  5. Difficult to clean off sheets and clothing.


  1. Very slippery
  2. Lasts much longer; less need to reapply
  3. Can be used for sensual massage

When to use silicone-based:

Silicone lube is silky, lasts longer than water based, and is hypoallergenic, so it’s great for those with sensitive skin. Be careful not to use them with silicone toys, but you can feel good knowing they will provide great lubrication without breaking your condoms.


  1. Can not be used with silicone-based toys.
  2. Difficult to clean up; requires a good amount of soap and water.


  1. Safe to use with condoms.
  2. Hypoallergenic
  3. Use with glass, steel, plastic toys.
  4. Lasts a long time; less need to reapply.


The Passion Premium Silicone-Based Lubricant is a great choice; you won’t need much at all to have safe, frictionless sex.  It lasts a long time, doesn’t dry up and is easy to clean up with soap and water. 

Now that you’ve got a better idea about which lubricant works best for you, hopefully you’ll enjoy exploration of all kinds of toys, positions, and scenarios. Remember, the best lubricant is being turned on, feeling relaxed, and communicating your desires. The lubes just make it so much easier to experience pleasure in so many new ways!

About the Author: Bryn Wolf, The Kinky Yogi

Bryn is a Los Angeles born writer, sex educator, pleasure activist, and intimacy coach. She has a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from CSULB, and her studies focused on culture and relationships in the world of BDSM. Having taught yoga for ten years, she blends the practical with the pleasurable, the spiritual with the sexual, and teaches the balance between them. She believes sex and pleasure is a way of life, and a healthy, human right.