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Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands


Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands Zeus Electrosex Penis Bands
$59.00 $39.95
Rating: (26 reviews)

People like that these electro bands are made of a comfortable fabric that is elastic. This means it can be fitted on the penis shaft and around the cock and balls. When you put it around the cock and balls tightly it also acts as a cock ring which keeps you harder longer. In this setup, as shown, the electricity goes from one cock band to the other creating a wild sensation. What makes these cock rings really fun is you can move them around the penis. In various positions the electricity follows different paths and it creates a completely unique feel. A staff favorite and a must for versatile electrosex play. Price is for 1 pair.

Work directly with the Zeus Power Boxes. Note: You will need to use the Banana to Pin Plugs for the bands to work with the Folsom Units. Item shown below.

Note: The electrical power unit is sold separately -- please see related items below for suggested boxes to use.

How-To: Learn how to achieve a Hands Free Orgasm with this product!

Credits: Images # 3 thru 5, and the video clip are courtesy of CollegeBoyPhysicals. All models involved are 18 or over.

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Reviewed: Monday 21 March, 2016 by robert Goggin

I bought theses as my first estem items boy are they great. I was not able to ejaculate but it being the first time they took me for quite a ride. These are definitely a great addition to any toy chest. Make sure you use the gel to get the full effect of these easy adjustable bands. My friend was amazed at my reactions. one minute I was just relaxing there the next I had my ass off the couch.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 09 April, 2014 by Anonymous

I can say it took a couple days to get these bands tuned. I found the right setting and boy my cock got harder then I thought possible. It felt like it was edging me for awhile then I had one of the most strongest orgasm ever felt. I do not use my hands or vibes anymore. This thing can be intense. I played with the pain settings too and I can tell you that if you had a Master or Mistress they would be inclined to use it and there is nothing you could do to stop it from happening. The intense feeling these gives off can either be pleasurable intense or very painfully intense.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 18 March, 2014 by slave boy

I give it 20-stars ~~~~mistress had me lock up for 14-days in my c.b.6000 and she called me and told me to be ready when she gets home!!!!!!! I was locked up from the ceiling with my hand cuffs on above my head with my blind fold ~ ball gag ~ slave collar ~ and legs spread in the locking spreader bar~~ when she got home she put one around my ball sack and one on the head of my cock and turned up the power holly shit she found the right spot and the right setting and left me hanging for 2-hrs playing cat and mouse~~~ I was not allowed to cum with out asking her for permission, and she said yes final as she was laughing at me saying poor baby, when I final had my orgasm she still left it on so I had two orgasms never in my life did I have that one of the best sex toys she has ever got me~~~ so after washing up she put me back in my c.b.6000 and she made me eat her out the rest of the night best ever cant wait till she wants to play again~~~~ have fun~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Reviewed: Wednesday 09 October, 2013 by Anonymous

I have to agree... lots of cons with these.... While a GREAT idea, you only have a 3/4" square metal contact area on each band.... It is NOT something that is conductive all the way around the circumference, which is something that should be disclosed in the description of the bands. It is easy to pinch skin in the stay on these which can be quite uncomfortable and a total killer to the erotic qualities of them. So far, I have only used them on the six-channel power unit which may be part of the problem... that unit is not nearly as good as the $105 electrosex power box when it comes to adjustability and pleasurable programming. Honestly, I can see these either getting put at the back of a drawer and forgotten or simply thrown away. [ Editor's Note: The entire band is conductive, but it doesn't translate to your skin smoothly without some electrogel. Electrogel is highly recommended. ]

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Reviewed: Monday 09 September, 2013 by R RR

Pros: straps are well-made and adjustable Cons: Everything. They are pricey. The metal contacts will start to burn/itch after any length of use, especially if you are on high power. I gave it two stars, because I havent been able to get off using any estim attachment so far, so there might be an issue with me. That being said, I don't think they work any better than the pads that come with your device, and being metal, they can't be used long. So you are better off keeping your money or spending it on some conductive rubber straps instead. [ Editor's Note: You won't get the best performance from the penis bands without some conductive electro gel. ]

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