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The Punishing Bench


The Punishing Bench The Punishing Bench The Punishing Bench
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With this punishing bench, you can put your sub into a doggy position, lock them in and have them ready for receive any and all things that you have prepared. Place your sub over the waist bar to bend them over. They can place their forearms and knees on the comfortable leather padding. Secure them into the bench by locking their wrist and their ankles using the powder-coated steel cuffs. To ensure that they don't move use the nylon straps on the leather pads to keep that part of their body strapped to the bench as well.

Once fully locked in, you can use your favorite impact gear, to give them a good spanking. Maybe you want to approach them from behind and ride them doggy style. Try approaching them from the front (if you're male) and having them take in all of your cock. What you want to do is totally up to you, and all that your sub can do is wait and anticipate.


  • The frame is 36" long, 16" high and made from 1.5" wide steel.
  • The leather comfort pads (for the forearms and knees) are 4" wide and 12" long.
  • The 2" center pole adjusts easily from 21" high (off the ground) to 34" high.
  • Shackles on each corner swivel and the 1.5" wide nylon straps wrap around the forearms and calves for extra security.
  • The distance between the pads is 15 inches, plenty of room for you to stand between their legs and fuck away!
  • This product weighs 36lbs and has a weight limit of up to 400lbs.
  • You must purchase 4 padlocks (sold separately) to securely lock the wrist and ankle cuffs.

You have your choice of two sizes:

  • Small/Medium: Wrist Cuffs (2" in diameter), Ankle Cuffs (3" in diameter)
  • Medium/Large: Wrist Cuffs(2.5" in diameter), Ankle Cuffs (3.5" in diameter)
Note: 80% of our customers choose the medium/large size cuffs. To ensure proper fit, measure (in inches) the length around your wrist with a measuring device. This number is the circumference.

2.5 inch Diameter = 7 7/8 inch circumference
2 inch Diameter = 6 2/8 inch circumference

Shipping Notice: Expedited shipping is not available for this item. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 22 July, 2015 by bitch boy

My wife and I purchased the punishment bench about two years ago and have had amazing sex with it. Recently she showed interest in having a threesome. Well I invited one of my friends to join us with her restrained on the bench. Well we both took turns with all her holes. And I really fucked her ass hard and so did he. She enjoyed it but told me we shouldn't have been so rough on her ass. About two months later she had me restrained helpless on the bench and informed me it was payback time. She said a couple of her friends were coming over to help her. I was figuring three ladies with strap ons wouldnt be that bad. Wrong, it was two guys she worked with who were gay. She got her strap on and told them my ass was hers but if I refused to suck them or swallow their cum they could have my ass the rest of the night. Well I ended giving them both head for hours and swallowed four loads of cum while she plowed my ass relentlessly. Finally she stepped in front of me and forced a ball gag in my mouth and told them to fuck ass as much as they wanted. They wasted no time taking turns pounding my ass. Since they both had came twice already they were both fucking me until they were out of breath and then the other would fuck me a while. Finally after about an hour and a half they both came in my ass. I could feel it running out of my stretched hole. After they left my wife came back in and ask me how it felt to be done like I did her. She also asked if she needed to fuck my ass another hour or so or did I learn my lesson. I pleaded through my gag and she finally let me go. I think she really knew I enjoyed and I cant wait until we do it again. Thanks Extreme Restraints. Love this thing.

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Reviewed: Sunday 28 June, 2015 by Anonymous

I recently joined two of my friends, who are in a relationship, in bed. I'm new to bondage but that didn't stop them from showing me no mercy. The woman began gagging me with an open mouth gag while the man began fisting me and rubbing lube all over my pussy. Once they and finished they dragged me onto this bench. They attached a harness to me so my head would stay up. He began shoving his huge dick in my mouth until he cummed. When I didn't swallow it he made me take it all and then told her to start fucking me. He kept telling me that good sluts take cum from anyone with no complaints. When I began to moan from a vibrator against my clit the man told her to grab the vibrating plugs. He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth, she handed him the dildos and he showed them to me. I began to scream out of fear of their size until he shoved a pair of dirty underwear in my mouth. He walked behind me and with no warning or mercy shoved the dildo into my pussy and put it on high. He did the same for the butt plug. He told me that for every time be cummed he would leave them in for another hour. Within ten minutes I couldn't stop myself and I came. I came seven times and was left in the bench for eight hours. Every so often they would get bored of watching me squirm so he went back to face fucking me and she pulled out a cane. Every noise I made with his dick in my mouth she whipped my pussy. One time she began to play with my tits and pinched and pulled my nipples until they were throbbing. I've come back several times and I love it whenever I'm in the bench it's so confortable

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Reviewed: Wednesday 27 May, 2015 by Wifes Butt Slut

My wife and I purchased the punishment bench here about a year ago. Since that we have had amazing sex with it. Taking turns strapping each other down. She ties me down and uses her strap on to throat fuck me and fuck my ass. It turns her on to take me just like I take her and I enjoy it as well. About two weekends ago she had me tied down and she told me she had a treat for me. Her sister is hot, built and beautiful and she said she had just text her and she was on her way. She told me she had always wanted to fuck a guy with a strap on and she thought it would be a turn on to watch. I suspected her sister was bi because she has several friends who are lesbians and they go out partying on some weekends. I guess I was right because my wife says she has quite the collection of strap ons. She only lived about 15 minutes away and shortly she pulled in the driveway. When she came in the kitchen I could swear I heard three different voices. They talked for a while and as they came in the bedroom where I was I seen I was right. She had one of her lesbian friends with her. My wife said the friend had always wanted to fuck a guy too. With that she told them I was all theirs to enjoy. With that they stepped back out of the room and after a few minutes came back in skimpy leather outfits, both wearing sizable strap ons. I told them I didn't now if I could handle those or not. She said nonsense, sis has told me what a little whore you are for big cock. Her friend said besides Im sure you've rammed your cock into several women not caring if it hurt or not. With that she grabbed me by the hair shoved her dick in my mouth and rammed it down my throat. They took turns with that for a while then my sis in law started finger and lubing my ass. Without hesitating should pushed her he dick in me with steady pressure. I tried to object but I still had a didk in my mouth. She said its not that big. We brought about ten more and your going to feel them all before we leave. She held good to that promise. The last one the friend came in with was the diameter of a ball bat and 12 long. She pushed it into me with no mercy and fucked the shit out of me with it. While all this was going on my wife rubbing her pussy and cuming like a fountain on our bed. After everyone had cleaned up and left my wife came back in and asked how I liked it, I smiled and said out of this world. She said well I guess we better get you off, with that she stroked my helpless cock and after about five strokes I shot the biggest load of my life which caught in her hand. She pulled a chair in front of me and rubbed the cum in her pussy. She slid it up to my face and told me if I take dick like a slut I would eat cum like one and told me to clean it good or I wasn't getting loose. I did as I told. Thanks Extreme restraints for a great product.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 29 October, 2014 by Wally Penley

My girlfriend and I had hit the doldrums in our sex life when she agreed to house-sit for an older couple who were out of town. The waterbed was nice, but she went exploring and found a basement bedroom that was outfitted as a dungeon with the centerpiece being one of your benches. As I have always been curious about forced anal penetration, and she knew it, I agreed to let her practice her new skills as a Domme that were being taught to her by a friend, herself a professional dominatrix. Once comfortably secured to the bench, she left me to explore the room's closet, walking out in a leather corset that accentuated her hips and breasts. However, I could not take my eyes off of the 10" strap-on that she was wearing, or the leather strap, cane and paddle in her hands. First, she made me suck her strap-on to give me a preview of what was to come. She rocked her hips gently, fucking my face and calling me her bitch. Then, she announced that she would cane me 10 times, followed by the strap, 10 times also. By the 6th burning strike of the cane, I was in tears, and crying out loud when she finished with the strap. She then announced 100 slaps across my sore ass with the paddle, agreeing to stop only if I begged to be ass- fucked with the strap-on. Three swings of the paddle, I did beg and she crunched into my ass with the full length of that thing, with almost no lube. She fucked me three more times that night and six more that weekend, taking her place on the bench for some hot oral, pussy and ass play as well. We both agree that this bench is the best piece of equipment available, sturdy and comfortable, and impossible to escape from (if you wanted to).

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Reviewed: Tuesday 26 August, 2014 by Anonymous

My wife had always been the submissive one in our relationship. For our anniversary she booked a stay at a B&B -a Bed & Bondage, a private room with bed and well equipped play space. After arriving and dropping off our bags, we checked out the equipment. There was one of these benches and I was looking forward to locking her in it. We went out to dinner and she sneakily got me drunk. When we got back to the B&B, we were ready for a night of fun. I had stripped to my thong and was looking at the punishing bench, as she was taking off her dress she said "why don't you get on it and see if it is comfortable. I didn't suspect anything so I got on the bench and put my arms and knees on the pads and said "honey, you are going to love this!" She said "I know" and before I realized it she had locked my wrists and ankles. I thought at first she was just teasing me but then when she tightened the rest of the straps and said "better get comfortable" before leaving the room I began to wonder. I wiggled and squirmed to see if I could get loose. The restraints were tight but comfortable, and the bench was so solid that there was just no way. When I heard her walk back in I said "OK we can switch now" but she said "no, it's your turn to be the sub" and walked in front of me. She was wearing her garterbelt, stockings, heels, and a strap on and holding a riding crop. I knew I was in trouble then. She raised the waist bar so my ass was in the air and my head was down. "Comfy?" she asked. "Uh, yes, but..." I replied to which she said "Good!" and I gasped as she whacked my ass with the riding crop. With that first smack I knew that I was going to love being a sub and gave in to what was to come. Over the next hour she spanked my ass, put a ring of clothespins around my balls, made me suck her strap on, teased my cock, and then filled my ass with lube and fucked me hard with the strap on, finally jerking me off as she fucked me. I loved every minute of it. Finally she released me and it was her turn, and then in the morning I asked her to lock me back in the bench again. For both of us being restrained in this bench was unforgettable, we are booking another stay at the B&B soon!

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