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Bedroom Restraint Kit


Bedroom Restraint Kit Bedroom Restraint Kit Bedroom Restraint Kit Bedroom Restraint Kit Bedroom Restraint Kit Bedroom Restraint Kit
$49.00 $29.95
Rating: (12 reviews)

Turn any bed into an on-the-spot restraint!

Keep your partner in a compromising position! Absolutely no bed posts are required to keep them bound to the bed for your use. The H-shaped straps fit underneath your bed and reach around to cuff your partner's wrists and ankles. Sturdy neoprene cuffs Velcro shut for an assurance of comfort, as well as security. Swivel clips attach the cuffs to the straps underneath the mattress, which can be adjusted to fit any sized mattress without the use of hooks. Now you can enjoy teasing and pleasing your partner with bondage play anywhere you go with this portable, easy-to-use Restraint Kit!


Tonight I want to pleasure him like he's never experienced before. I'm going to give him a night he'll never forget. I blindfold him when he gets home and lead him to the bedroom, whispering, "I've been waiting for that cock all day... I'm going to do things to you that you've only ever dreamt about." We've already discussed some of the things he's wanted to try. In the bedroom, I push him into the bed and fasten his wrists and ankles into the Bedroom Restraints Kit. It fits on our king-sized bed, and he's completely spread-eagle for me to do whatever I please with. Eventually I'm going to fuck him senseless while he's still blindfolded, but for now I decide to give him to beat blowjob he's ever had. I swirl my tongue around the head of his cock, pumping the shaft with my hand. He pulls at the restraints, grunting and moaning, pumping into my mouth. I use my other hand to massage his balls, pushing into his perineum with my fingertips. It starts to get really wet as I slide my throat up and down on his cock, my tight fist following the motion. He's biting his lip and groaning, so close to coming. I pull away entirely and he pants with need. "I've still got a lot more in store for you... We don't want the fun to stop yet." I let his body calm and get back to work.

Bedroom Restraint Kit Specs and Benefits:

  • Measurements: Four restraint straps and connector strap adjust up to approx. 48" in length, cuffs adjustable up to approx. 16" around
  • Material: Neoprene, Velcro, nylon, and metal
  • Color: Black
  • Includes four cuffs and H-shaped restraint strap
  • Adjusts to fit any mattress
  • Portability allows you to turn any bed into a sexy restraint

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    Reviewed: Saturday 05 November, 2016 by Anonymous

    This does work on my queen size beds, but the straps could be a bit longer especially if you want to thread them through the headboard which I do in my northern house but not my southern house. I found that placing them on the box spring and using masking tape to temporarily locate them when replacing the mattress makes it easier to keep them located. I do agree that the neoprene cuffs are not especially durable as I did have a 100 pound woman tear them. I did replace them with better cuffs through XR and that has been a big improvement. PLEASE NOTE: the Velcro cuffs are easy to remove quickly. If you do decide to go to leather buckle cuffs, please attach them to the system with the Die Cast Snaps #KV145. In a frantic situation, you will appreciate the safety of doing this.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 03 December, 2015 by Anonymous

    I have owned this kit three or four times. Sometimes I've left it behind by accident, others I left it behind intentionally. But, here I am to order it yet once again. Use the kit in any fashion you find works for you and yours. It's just that versatile. Even if the cuffs don't last long enough, good leather cuffs usually come with a sturdy D-ring. The straps work just as well with good leather cuffs. So, orient it in any direction that works. Put knots in the straps, if the helps. And, if you are a long-term couple, leave it under the mattress and just tuck the straps under the mattress when family visits. This kit is definitely a good investment for any new or experienced kinkster.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 13 May, 2015 by Anon ymous

    The under-the-bed straps are great, but the neoprene/velcro cuffs are pretty cheaply made and will come un-stitched if pulled against. I had to replace the cuffs with decent leather ones.

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 31 March, 2015 by Anonymous

    We use this on a queen size bed. Works great! make sure to resecure the cuffs when you're done so that the Velcro doesn't snag things. Occasionally they slide a bit looser but this can be prevented by tying a knot in the excess webbing once tightened. Easy and quick in and out. Leg cramp? Just pull the Velcro and voila.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 22 February, 2015 by Anonymous

    So many ways to use this remarkably simple contraption. Face-down or sunny-up, the object of your attention is going nowhere, once you have them in place. And why would they want to? it even comes with a handy, if cheap, blindfold so that other senses will be on full alert if you choose to make use of impact or sensation play. As a bonus, it takes up almost no space in my luggage, so I can take it anywhere. As far as construction goes, it would hardly contain an angry rhinoceros, but it held me down just fine, and I am hardly a fragile hothouse bloom. And every strap is adjustable so it should work on anyone of any size. The "joints" of mine, where the restraint straps meet the piece that goes down the middle are triangular, so the restraints can go over the ends of the bed or around the sides. I think this is in response to those who indicate that it will not work on their king-sized beds. Necessity is, after all, the mother of invention. (suggestion for those of you with king size beds and earlier feedback - try a 90 degree rotation. A standard king bed is 74" X 74", and it should fit perfectly side to side as opposed to head to foot)

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