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ExtremeRestraints’s World’s Largest Dildo Makes Top 10 Most Expensive Sex Toy List

January 6, 2021

ExtremeRestraint’s Moby, a 3-foot tall phallus with the distinction of being the world’s largest dildo, has made ScoopWhoop’s top 10 list of The Most Expensive Sex Toys in the World!

" The global sex toy industry is worth over $18 billion today, which means there’s a whole lot of vibrators vibing and fleshlights fleshing (?) around. As with any product base worth so much, there are invariably a few uber expensive versions floating around as novelties and/or fetishes. Here are the most expensive sex toys in the world. "

The Moby came in at number 10:

" 10. The Moby Huge 3 Foot Tall Super Dildo – $700 What you see is what you get, that’s all that can be said for this monstrous creation. Useless in practical terms, but it’s probably a fun prop to annoy your mates or ruin group photos. "