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Unrestricted Access Spreader Bar Kit with Ring Gag

SKU: AE757

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Unrestricted Access Spreader Bar Kit with Ring Gag

SKU: AE757

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Keep every part of your sub wide open for your invasion!... Read more...


Keep every part of your sub wide open for your invasion!

Save 22% off, with this kit versus purchasing each item separately.

Grant yourself unrestricted access to your slave's mouth and genitals when you strap them into this spreader bar and ring gag. This simple, yet highly effective bondage kit secures their wrists and ankles to the bar, with swiveling hinges that allow just enough mobility to let them wiggle around deliciously. Extend the bar open for even more exposure! The leather-wrapped ring gag fits behind their teeth, holding their mouth open and leaving them vulnerable to your amusement and use! The adjustable leather strap makes this gag fit most people as it completes the image of your helpless slut.


She can't say a word, but she's sure trying to. I've got her spread open wide for me, her mouth, her arms, her legs. The spreader bar is open to it's maximum length, leaving her pussy fully available for my use. But I haven't used that slutty little mouth yet. She's begging me for cock, that much I can decipher, but mostly because her eyes are glued to the bulge beneath my belt buckle. I lean down and stroke her pussy and those pretty eyes roll back slightly in her head as she moans. I undo my belt and they focus back on my cock as I pull it out and approach her face with it. "Don't worry, I'm gonna pound that pussy hard but first you better get my dick real wet." She pulls at her restraints in her enthusiasm, and I slide my cock through the ring into her hot, wet mouth.

Unrestricted Access Spreader Bar Kit with Ring Gag Specifications:

  • Measurements: Bar: Extends from 25 to 33 inches in length, 0.75 inches in diameter; Cuffs: Fits wrists or ankles between 7 and 10 inches in circumference; Gag: 1.65 inches inner diameter, 2.25 inches outer diameter
  • Material: Leather, steel
  • Note: Locks sold separately
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