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Thunder Strap Wand Thigh Harness

SKU: AH253

Thunder Strap Wand Thigh Harness

SKU: AH253

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A Harness for Hands-Free and Intense Orgasms!

Key Features

  • Solo Pleasure: This vegan leather thigh harness holds a vibrating wand exactly where you want it for hands-free self-pleasure!
  • Adjustable: The thigh and wand straps are adjustable so you can use it on most wands and comfortably strap it on.
  • Great for Couples!: There's a built-in O-ring where you can slip a strapon dildo into place and let your partner ride and grind!
  • Vegan Leather: Made out of vegan, cruelty-free leather.
  • Strap a wand to your own thigh or your submissive's thigh and give them exquisite or excruciating pleasure! The harness has two velcro straps that are easy to adjust and has a built in O-ring where a dildo can be added in, too! The vegan leather harness holds any wand in place so you can enjoy hands-free grinding, writhing and humping! Use it solo or with a partner and enjoy adding in a strapon dildo for intensely hot sex! All metal on the harness is nickel-free. Spot clean as needed.

    The harness is strapped to your thigh and has your favorite wand velcroed in. Lube glistens on the top of the head and you turn it on. As you squeeze your thighs together and curl your knees towards you you feel the strong vibrations. You writhe and move with your pleasure as it rises. Your Dom has your hands cuffed above your head and then spreads your legs. They move the harness up higher and position your body so you can't escape the vibration from the wand head. Finally, they turn the power all the way up and you scream! It's so intense! Then they stop it abruptly, and make you ache for more but they only slap your face and then twist your nipples. They turn it back on and begin flogging you until you almost cum… only to stop entirely as you moan for more!

    Thunder Strap Wand Thigh Harness Specs:

  • Thigh strap adjusts from 13.5 inches to 33 inches in circumference.
  • Wand straps adjust up to 8 inches (top strap) and 7 inches (bottom strap) in circumference.
  • O-ring diameter: 1.57 inches.

    Materials: Vegan leather, nylon, metal

    Color: Black
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