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The Vagina Sucker

SKU: MI200

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The Vagina Sucker

SKU: MI200

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Pussy Vacuum Specifications: The pussy sucker measures 2.25" in width, 3.5" in length and 1 5/8" in depth.... Read more...


Pussy Vacuum

Want to maximize sensation in your lady bits? This pump is designed to fit over the labia, vagina, and clitoris to increase sensitivity. Pumping also creates a temporary engorgement of the region, to make all those delicate parts more visible, accessible and very very sensitive. This pump is great to use before a hard pounding, or even solo with toys. The cup is removable from the bulb pump, so create a strong seal with a bit of lube and patience and leave the cup there to prolong the sensation.


I'm sitting with my legs spread in front of my full-length mirror with my Fuck-Me heels on, And nothing else. I snap a few photos of my reflection, just for fun and to share with my partner, careful to showcase my tits and pussy, and then reach for the lube. I spread it all over my vulva and then finger myself for a little while, taking a few more photos. Lubed up, I'm now ready for the pump. I place the cup over my entire mound and watch in the mirror as, with each pump, my pussy swells slightly. I can feel the pressure building and sucking at my lips and clit. I give a few good pumps and then disengage the tube from the cup. Sex juice clings to the walls of the cup and I snap a few close-ups of my sensitive pussy. Beside me, my favorite vibrating dildo looks absolutely delicious. I lube it up and it feels just like jacking off a cock. My pussy needs it, so I remove the cup. Tracing my fingers down and around my engorged sex, I shiver and moan. It's so sensitive I can hardly believe it. As I reach my clit I'm filled with an over welling desire to cum, I can't take it anymore, I slide the dildo into my engorged sex and turn on the vibration. I forget all about taking pictures as I ride my climax out like never before.

Specifications: The pussy sucker measures 2.25" in width, 3.5" in length and 1 5/8" in depth.

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