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The Key Holder Deluxe Clear Case with Lock

SKU: AG421

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The Key Holder Deluxe Clear Case with Lock

SKU: AG421

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Lock Away The Key In Full Display!

This crafty transparent case puts your power dynamic on display! Crafted for people interested in chastity, control, and denial over one another. This Key Holder Case is meant to lock a set of keys for a set amount of time, controllable via the Timer Lock itself. Excellent for kinky couples and BDSM enthusiasts looking to spice up their relationship through giving up their sexual liberties to their dominant half.

The lock included with this case comes with a devious timer function – the only way to open this lock and access the keys inside the case is to wait until the timer reaches zero. No key will open this lock, so be 100% certain you and your partner are ready to lockdown whatever key you choose to secure in this key holder! The left button sets the hour duration while the right button sets the minute duration. Pressing the middle button starts a 5 second countdown, if you press the middle button again during the 5 second countdown you can set a new time duration. If you let the 5 seconds pass, the lock is officially locked and will not open until the time you set expires!

Lock your lover in a chastity cage for a couple minutes, couple hours, or even a couple of days! The transparent case puts the keys in full display, reinforcing the idea of who is in control of whom. The light up countdown clock on the lock lets everyone know how much time is left in your poor subs punishment as well. Exercise control, power, and authority over sexual gratification with this cunning key holding case.

The lock can be programmed to up to 99 hours and 59 minutes and is rechargeable with the included recharging cable.

MS The Key Holder Deluxe Clear Key Holder Case with Lock Specifications:

Measurements: Case dimensions: 1.9 inches in length, 1.9 inches in width, 2.3 inches in height. Lock dimensions: 1.5 inches in width, 2.8 inches in height.

Materials: Acrylic

Color: Transparent

Note: Lock cannot be unlocked until the timer reaches 00.00.00, or if the lock is cut. Maximum lock time is 99 hours 59 minutes.

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