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The 3.0 Electro Kit

SKU: AG436

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The 3.0 Electro Kit

SKU: AG436

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The Ultimate Electric Stimulation Kit!

This thrilling electro play set is perfect for those looking to add a little electricity in the bedroom. This set comes with everything you’ll need to buzz and zap your way to ecstasy: a thick silicone butt plug, 4 sticky electric pads, a set of cock and ball straps, and an electro prostate stimulator. All included toys can be plugged into the power box and controlled with the included wireless remote control.

The Power Box comes with two separate outputs so you can power two of the included toys at once: zap your prostate while you shock your inner thighs with the electro pads, or stretch your ass with the anal plug while you wrap your cock and balls with the shocking rings, the possibilities are endless!

The remote control wirelessly controls the intensity and patterns of shock to whatever toy you have plugged into the power box. This kit comes with 4 different modes and 4 different intensities of electric stimulation. Included with the set are safety instructions and item information to guide newbies to their electric adventure.

Included in this kit: Wireless remote control, power box, 4 electro pads, 2 electro cock and ball rings, electro prostate stimulator, electro anal plug, 4 sets of wires


DO NOT SUBMERGE – remove all wires before cleaning with a dry cloth and toy cleaner. Silicone material is compatible with water based lubricants, avoid use with silicone based lubes.


  • Cock and ball rings are adjustable for a variety of sizes.
  • Butt Plug is 5.3 inches in total length with an insertable length of 4.5 inches 1.75 inches at its widest, 1.38 inches at stem.
  • P-Spot stimulator is 4.5 inches in total length with an insertable length of 4 inches, 1.13 inches at widest, 0.5 inches at the stem, 3.38 inches base length.
  • Electro pads are 1.25 inch squares
  • Connection wires are approximately 45 inches long


    This toy involves the use of electricity, thus there are some precautions before use and play. Avoid use near water, pools of sweat, and other liquids. Being near liquids can damage the device and cause unintentional shocks. Keep all play BELOW the waistline, especially for new players.

    Begin play in the OFF position for both the power box and remote control. When turned on, begin play at the lowest setting and gradually increase in increments to allow your body to adjust to each level.

    Pay attention to your subs reactions and proceed accordingly. If the sensations seem too powerful, STOP. Good doms and tops learn through experiencing shock play on their own body first before using on their partner.


    Consult a medical professional before using any electro shock toys to make sure they have no negative impact on any medical conditions you may have. For example, any heart related problems such as pacemakers or if you are prone to seizures of any kind, you should not be using this product without close consultation with your doctor.

    Only you or your doctor can confirm this product is safe to use by you.
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