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P-Spot Vibrating Prostate Massage Kit

SKU: AE675

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P-Spot Vibrating Prostate Massage Kit

SKU: AE675

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Vibe that prostate with more strength than ever before!... Read more...


Vibe that prostate with more strength than ever before!

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You've never experienced power like this before! Your prostate will be massaged with the strongest vibration on the market today with the incredible Thunderstick! Perfectly shaped to apply targeted pressure against the prostate, the P-spot attachment also includes a small arm to massage your taint. Control the vibration power with the variable-speed wheel, allowing you to slowly build up an unbelievable sensation that will drive you nuts! Conversely, you can prolong your masturbatory experience by edging for as long as you can take it! Use the wand without the attachment on your cock, balls, and taint for a completely different and intense experience. The battery free electric design ensures you get the strongest power with consistent results, every time! Great for couples or solo!


She's got me restrained to the bed and blindfolded when I hear the noise: a distinct buzzing. Suddenly I feel vibration on my nipple, then the other, then running down my belly towards my cock. She takes it off of me just before she reaches it and I moan. Out of nowhere I feel it against my balls and I gasp as she turns it up higher. I'm groaning and writhing in my restraints, panting like a dog as she runs it up from my balls to the underside of my shaft. When it reaches my cock head she turns it up even higher and I yell from the over-stimulation. The pleasure is incredible. Too much, even. Then the wand disappears again. The next time I feel the vibration, it's much more targeted and I can tell she's attached a toy to it. I feel one of her hands at my asshole, cold with lube, pressing into me and circling my entrance. She pulls it away and I begin moaning again as she pushes in the device at the end of the wand. The vibration goes up and down for a while, until something is firmly pressed against my prostate, making my body tense and shake in pleasure. She turns the vibration up all the way and I'm gone.

P-Spot Vibrating Prostate Massage Kit Specifications:

  • Measurements: Attachment: 3.25 inch insertable length, 1.22 inch max insertable diameter, 2.3 inch inner diameter of attachment cup; Wand: 13 in total length, 2.4 in diameter
  • Material: TPE, TPR, ABS
  • Note: Kit comes with wand massager and P-spot attachment. Wand has 110v US power cord
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