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Spiked Punk Necklace

SKU: AG972

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Spiked Punk Necklace

SKU: AG972

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Punky Kink Collar with Adjustable Chain

Key Features

  • Punk Industrial Spiked Collar: Take on a look that's a throwback to the 80's punk era with a chain collar with spikes! Make any outfit edgy!
  • Stainless Steel: This nickel-free, stainless steel won't tarnish or rub off on your skin when you wear it for long periods of time and is durable and long-lasting for a collar you'll love for years!
  • Removable Studs: The spiky studs are removable so you can either replace them with different ones and customize, or tone down the look and reduce risk of the spikes catching on fabric or fishnets.
  • Adjustable Length: The O-ring hinge-clip clasp at the back can attach to any of the chain rings so you can enjoy a perfect, custom fit each time!
  • If you love subtle flags that you're loved, protected or owned by someone but don't want to wear a traditional collar, this spiky punk necklace may be right for you! Even if you don't wear it to symbolize anything, you can evoke edginess with stainless steel metal chains and spikes around your neck! Like every rose has its thorns, this necklace is both beautiful and has pointed spikes to warn others of your double edged nature. If you want to customize it or change it out with different color or shape studs, you simply unscrew the spikes to do so. To close, simply snap the O-ring clip onto any of the chain rings. To adjust, choose a different ring to attach to so you can have a loose or tight collar!

    Add this to any outfit to give it a bit more of an edge! Whether you're flagging that your Master or Dom/me must be conferred with before speaking to you, or if you simply like the style, enjoy wearing a metal, chain collar with spikes on it during your everyday or during scenes! The spike studs can be taken off if you want to take the punk style down a notch, or you can find other studs to replace them with and customize!

    Punk Spiked Necklace Specs:

    Measurements: Overall length 22 inches

    Materials: Nickel free stainless steel

    Color: Metal

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