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Remote Shock Puppy Trainer


Rating: (38 reviews)

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Trainer Shock Collar

A great puppy trainer device. Provides plenty of shock for most puppies.

The new Deluxe Dog Trainer is the smallest, lightest training collar on the market - 2.4 ounces! Ten correction levels that you set conveniently from the transmitter. Just turn the knob to the level of correction you want and press the button. The device creates a sound each time shock is emitted for training. The second button will emit the same sound but no shock to warn the bad puppy that a shock may be coming if he/she keeps it up. Range up to 100 yards. Weather resistant transmitter and fully waterproof receiver. No external antenna needed. Uses common 3-volt lithium batteries for maximum convenience and minimum cost. You'll get 2 3v lithium batteries and 1 9v battery for immediate use.


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Reviewed: Sunday 26 February, 2017 by Samantha Smith

What an awesome device. After purchasing this we made a rule that my husband would put the zapper around his scrotum just above his balls any time I ask him. It's also is great on date night. Now when I need the pool scrubbed, I just ask him to put on the zapper. Once it is on, he works hard without any complaints. Then I might get him too vacuum the stairs. Once he is finished I get him to give me a shoulder and neck massage. Believe it or not, he is turned on by me asking him to do work when he is wearing the zapper. What an amazing training device for husbands.

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Reviewed: Monday 14 September, 2015 by Gary Dixon

Oh my god, best toy i've bought in ages. I cut down the strap a little so it would fit around my penis. Having experimented with it a little i found that instead of securing it so the contacts where underneath my scrotum, i found situating the contact uppermost at the base of my penis gave a much stronger zap. That evening i surprised my wife / mistress. I waited patiently upstairs, kneeling, restrained. After about 5 minutes or so after she had read my note and instructions i started getting my first zaps. Wow! Absolutely amazing toy. When my wife / mistress came upstairs there was an initial bought of laughing but soon after she started to have some real fun at my expense. Eventually tieing me to the bed for three hours, occasionally playing with me but generally relaxing downstairs and taking a bath. All the time sending me the occasional zap. With the contacts on the top of my penis we only managed continuous shocks at level 8(low). Still got 8 more high levels to try. So excited and nervous about next time.

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Reviewed: Monday 08 June, 2015 by Jim Williams

My wife and I take a couple of four-day weekends each summer to get gardening and big cleaning projects done around the house. During these weekends, she takes total control and I do as I am told. On Friday morning, she attaches the remote shock collar under my balls and gives me my first assignment. This usually involves a lot of yard work. My wife puts on one of her bikinis and relaxes on a chaise lounge while I clear brush, pull weeds, etc. If she is displeased with my progress in any way, she gives my balls a jolt of electricity along with instructions on improving my performance. This continues each day while I clean the garage, wash and wax both cars, etc. During the entire weekend, my wife teases me sexually but I am not allowed an orgasm. Before bed each night, I must give her a one-hour, full body massage and lick her to as many orgasms as she wants - usually two but occasionally three. The remote for the shock collar is always nearby and she doesn't hesitate to use it. On Monday night, we go out to dinner at a great restaurant. She wears a low cut dress and great perfume and really ratchets up the teasing. I am going insane by this point and she really delights in my frustration. We then go home and I am finally allowed to make love to her. We both really enjoy these weekends.

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Reviewed: Friday 08 May, 2015 by Mistress Renee

I instructed My slave/husband to buy one of these Remote Shock Puppy for Me several months ago. Once this shock trainer arrived, I looked it over and ordered him to attach it to a locking bondage belt that I secured around his waist. I immediately started experimenting with the shock settings on this wicked little device. It has 16 levels of shock intensity. I discovered that level 3 or 4 are good to get his immediate attention or to summon him to My presence. I use levels 5 to 7 as for punishment for minor infractions, while higher levels are reserved for more severe discipline. Usually anything above level 8 is sufficient to drop him to his knees. I don’t think I have inflicted anything higher than level 11 on him which makes him beg for mercy! I keep My slave in his “shock trainer belt” nearly all the time (except when bathing and so forth). One of the things I really like best about having this shock trainer attached to a bondage belt worn around My slave’s waist is that it is easily concealable under his clothes and he can wear it anywhere we go (except if we’re flying somewhere of course). I really enjoy that I am able to discipline (shock) him when we are out in public like at a restaurant, shopping mall, and so forth. I usually shock him whenever I see is his attention wander from me, or he dares to glace a little too long at another woman. Sometimes I just give him a shock when we are out and about for My own amusement because I like to see him squirm! Of course this shock trainer is absolutely great to use on My slave around the house. This shock trainer has a fairly good range and I love the fact that I can use it to summon him or administer punishment to him remotely and at various level of intensity wherever My slave is around the house, or in the yard, with just a simple touch of a button! (Isn't technology wonderful?) Since I have been using this shock trainer on him for several months now, I have seen a huge improvement in his obedience, politeness and attentiveness towards me. Some of my girlfriends have noticed all the positive improvements in My husband’s behavior. I few weeks ago decided to let two of my girlfriends in on My little “secret” and told them about the shock trainer. I gave them the remote control so they could try using the shock trainer on My husband and see for themselves how much fun it is (for the one in charge). They loved it! One of My favorite uses for this shock trainer is when I allow My slave the privilege of licking My sweet pussy or having sex with Me. I like to give him a shock combined with a command like “faster”, “slower”, “deeper”, “harder”, etc. He responds incredibly well to this sort of training and this way I can control his actions so he provides Me with the exact sexual simulation and experience that I want when I want it. Using this approach with the shock trainer, I have also been able train my slave not to cum inside me until I (sometimes but not always) give him permission to do so. He would rather hold back his cum with all his will rather than risk receiving a merciless torture session including high intensity shocks for squirting his cum without My permission. Ladies, take My advice and buy one of these shock trainers for your slave/husband. Using this shock trainer combined with the male chastity device of your choice will keep him under your complete control and help make living with him a real pleasure for you 24/7!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 11 March, 2015 by Anonymous

We recently started using a remote shock puppy trainer on my husband’s testicles to ensure obedience. This particular model has six shock levels plus a vibrating signal. It’s amazing how effective it has been. He was the one that suggested that I get it for him but now he is terrified of the little buzzer. Since we started our FLR, we had a rule that if I called him or gave him an order he must drop whatever he is doing and come to me or do what I told him to do. This used to work according to his mood, and while I of course had the right to punish him, I didn’t do it regularly because I’m lazy. Now I call him using the vibrating feature and he knows that if he doesn’t come immediately (or if he doesn’t obey an order immediately) his nuts will get zapped. He is so responsive and so fast now! When we go out I always make him wear the fully recharged zapper and he behaves like a gentleman, since he knows that I keep the remote with me at all times and that I’m not afraid to use (frankly, I like to use it – hahaha!). My sweet husband never argues with me anymore and shows proper respect at all times. Even when the zapper is not on, he knows that he will be wearing it before he goes to bed every night. That is a ritual we have since we got the device. Every night he strips, puts on his zapper and asks me if I am happy with his behavior for the day. If I’m not, I give him shocks of varying intensity and duration depending on the infractions. I love to see the look on his face when he asks the question, especially on those days when he knows he’s been a bad boy, which are now becoming rare. I recommend this gadget to all dominant wives. Once you get it, use it every day (at least make him put it on, even if just to tell him that he can take it off since he had been a good boy that day). Once he is convinced that you will never let any misbehavior go unpunished, he will become a new man, one you will like a lot!

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