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D'Luxe Entry Love Sling with Seat


DLuxe Entry Love Sling with Seat DLuxe Entry Love Sling with Seat DLuxe Entry Love Sling with Seat
$59.95 $44.95
Rating: (3 reviews)

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Turn your door into a sexual playground with the D'Luxe Entry Love Sling with Seat

The D'Luxe Love Sling is a fully-functional sex swing that features a padded seat, foot stirrups and easy-grip handles. This allows you and your partner to enjoy rigorous and enjoyable sex. You can use almost any doorway just by securing the anchors over the top of the door. This love swing is made of heavy-duty nylon and uses fully adjustable buckles. The straps are extra wide allowing you to leverage and position your partner in various ways.

D'Luxe Entry Love Sling with Seat Specs and Benefits:

  • Material: Nylon, ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Note: Holds up to 300 pounds
  • Fits easily over almost any door using anchors across the top
  • Fully adjustable buckles, extra-wide straps allow for a comfortable fit
  • Easy grip handles allow you to position your partner

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    Reviewed: Saturday 25 April, 2015 by Bg ASS Bg TITS

    My mistress loves to play a game with this. She'll blindfold me and duct tape me to the swing. Then She licks my pussy and sees how long i can go without having an orgasm. The longer I last the longer She will fuck me when I do cum.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 05 January, 2014 by Happy Customer

    I got this awhile back as a surprise for my boyfriend. It takes awhile to set up so that my short self can get in it, and then raise it up to his tall height so that it's comfortable for both of us, but when we get it set up, it is the most amazing thing ever! He reaches places inside me that I didn't know were possible! I can only take it for a few minutes before I have a huge orgasm and have to stop. I love this thing.

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    Reviewed: Monday 09 September, 2013 by Blindfolded Slave

    My man secured me to this on the closet door of the hotel room. I was duct-taped securely to the love sling and blindfolded. He left me there while he went to the titty bar next door. He left the door propped open with the lock bar. After at least an hour, someone came in and walked over to me. I was touched, and a finger found my dripping pussy. Then a dick entered my pussy and fucked me as I bounced off the door. I felt a load of cum enter me. As I lay there dripping from the cum and my own juices, another person entered and stuck his dick in me. Again I bounced off the door as I was fucked. This scene repeated a few more times. Each one spurted and left too quick. I wanted more. My man came back, locked the door, and ripped off my blindfold. He told me that as his slave, I would become anything that he wanted: a whore, a slut, or a sold slave. He called me a whore as he took his sloppy sixths, but he fucked me until I had a huge climax. He told me that he put a sign in the mens room of the bar that said "Fuck a Whore in Room 316, no pictures". I love this sling, and I can't wait to be used in it again!

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