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Remote Control Butterfly Vibrator


Remote Control Butterfly Vibrator Remote Control Butterfly Vibrator
Rating: (17 reviews)
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Remote Control Butterfly

This remote control butterfly vibrator can really spice up an evening. Having one partner control the remote while the wearer is subjected to random vibrations in public or private can be very sexually arousing. The latex vibrator is secured to the waist with black elastic straps. It emits a strong yet quiet vibration which is controlled by the wireless remote. Remote range is quoted at 20 feet, but we were able to get approximately 35 feet in our testing.

This item comes with 1 12v battery and 2 AAA batteries for immediate use. For extended play with this item, you can purchase spare batteries below.

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Reviewed: Monday 09 June, 2014 by Anonymous

I had some problem with remote. Sometimes it didn't work, and once i found the battery empty, after leaving it (off) for a while. Nevertheless it was creat. I didn't find it so noisy, and it fits quite well. Stimulation it's good as weel, and it can be weared for hourse with no problems. Weak point: elastic stripes. They shold be more gentle on the skin.

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Reviewed: Thursday 16 January, 2014 by Anonymous

This thing is garbage, for 100bucks get something else. The remote is crap, barley works when it does. The straps are the absolute worst elastic that they could possible use, uncomfortable, they are about 1/4" wide and have scratchy almost nylon fishing wire thread thru them. After about 3 minutes my wife had to remove them, the butterfly in no way is shaped right and provides nothing in the way of stimulation, forget about insertion, the shitty straps guess where they go.... Yup.... All around this thing is crap, pay half and get a wand, if your other likes good vibrations she will love a want..... D Po out!

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Reviewed: Friday 05 April, 2013 by Anonymous

I think it is great. Only the strapes are a bit to lousy. Panties ar needed to fit better.

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Reviewed: Saturday 01 September, 2012 by Anonymous

I was so excited when i ordered it, when I got it i Put it on immediatly, to see how it was, I am so very disappointed!!! It barely worked a foot away from the butterfl. I had to stick it almost on top of the butterfly to get any vibrations! Now it doesn't even work at all! a Huge waste of money for me!

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Reviewed: Sunday 07 August, 2011 by Anonymous

This definately is louder than you may think. Have her wear pantyhose or panties over as it will keep it snug on clit area. Is fun.

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