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CB3000 Male Chastity Belt

Reviewed: Tuesday 29 November, 2016 by Clair Penn

Bought this after reading recommendations after finding my husband had for sometime being using my knickers to pleasure himself, and after some discussion we thought prevention through constraint would be the best thing. It fits him perfectly being on the rather small size and its design is excellent for maintaining hygiene. I bought an expensive small padlock which goes very well with the CB3000. This has certainly elevated his disgusting habit and prevented him messing up my rather expensive lingerie. For a bit more embarrassment I bought him a set of five M&S teenage girl cotton bikini briefs for him to wear and look after, and being rather tight on him he looks the perfect sissy. When he's released on a two weekend cycle he's allowed to mess into the briefs and then I lock him up again, but make him wear the wet sticky smelly briefs for the rest of the day as punishment, absolute pleasure for me! His masturbation habit has now declined after four months with the threat of exposing his condition to friends hanging over him so hopefully this has done the trick.

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Reviewed: Thursday 09 June, 2016 by Anonymous

I have never been so pleased with a product! I love wearing the CB3000 and my balls are now of Bull quality! I have removed the plastic spacer and added another ring instead. Now my balls hang much lower than my cock. I am so so happy!! Thank you for your wonderful chastity device.

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Reviewed: Monday 18 April, 2016 by Anonymous

Where can I find a CB 2000 that worked best for me but it looks as though they are not sold anymore.....? [Editors Response: I am sorry but ExtremeRestraints does not offer the CB2000 as CBX no longer makes this model. But we do have a great selection of other chastity devices to choose from!]

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Reviewed: Friday 17 July, 2015 by Richard Less

My Master keeps me in a pink version of this device 24/7. I am kept around the house as a full time slave, nude 24/7 in just a collar and this device. I moved in with him on May 1st 2015 and am kept in this all the time. My Master enjoys the fact that he can keep me in this device, unable to even masturbate while he has me suck off him and his friends. The pink device version is extra humiliating and even works on a guy with a small erection like mine (only 3").

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Reviewed: Wednesday 19 March, 2014 by Anonymous

My boyfriend and I have always had what I guess you could say a; 'Dom+Dom' relationship. Both of us enjoy teasing one another, and when it comes to the bedroom, it's usually the one who can make their move the quickest who gets to have their way. As such, we're constantly finding ways to make one another a little more obedient; all in good fun. And the CB3000 has become sort of an ace up my sleeve ever since I got it about three months ago. When it arrived, my boy got to it first, but like a gentleman he didn't open it - lucky me. Anyhow, two nights after that, he fell asleep before I did. Now, he's a very heavy sleeper. I'm sure a meteorite could fall in our backyard and he would not wake up. So at this time, I managed to get the chastity on after a bit of fiddling. The next morning was both hilarious and exciting to me. I couldn't believe how well it worked either. Usually, he'd put up a bit of a playful scuffle in bed. But 10 minutes after he was awake, he was already begging me to take it off him. But no such luck for him. I felt like being a little sadist, so left it on him for the rest of the week for a little experiment. At the end of the week, I promised I wo

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Reviewed: Thursday 30 January, 2014 by Patricia Kennedy

I recently bought a CB3000 for my hubby as he kept demanding sex when I was trying to get to sleep for an early start at work next morning. He enjoys being tied to the corners of the bed when we have sex and one night after after he had cum I said I had a little surprise for him and produced the CB3000. After a few struggles and experimenting with the right sized rings I was able to lock the device over his limp cock. I untied him and watched his face as he soon realised that there was no escape and I, as key holder, now had full control of his sex life. That was four weeks ago and he has now accepted his status as my sex slave and will do anything to score "brownie points" to earn his release, albeit temporary! I just make sure he is tied up before I release him so that I remain in control. I wish I had taken control years ago. I would encourage all other ladies to do likewise.

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Reviewed: Saturday 11 January, 2014 by Anonymous

I put this on my husband and proceeded to tie him up in our bed. I invited my girlfriends over along with one of their guy friends who was bi. We started to tickle him and he begged us to let him out of the cage but instead we all striped and taunted him the only way we would allow him to release was if my girlfriends bi friend was the one to do it. The rest is for your imagination

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Reviewed: Sunday 05 January, 2014 by Lisa Mitchell

I wrote a review on the CB3000 when I first purchased one for my husband, and he had worn it for a couple of months. Whereas most women buy CBs to control their male's unauthorized use of his p*nis, or control the frequency of his orgasms in some kind of well thought out orgasm management program, I have found that the REAL benefit involves a change of attitude on the part of your male. He will quickly become much more compliant, attentive, acquiescent, submissive, and yes, even more obedient (if that's the right word. LOL). He will become much more sexually focused on you Ė all the time. You literally become the Goddess in his life, on whom he directs every waking thought. It's really amazing. That is the real benefit from the CB. At first, I was surprised that he adapted to wearing one so quickly and easily. We had a bit of a rough spot at the beginning, but the trick is to remain VERY FIRM with him, and DO NOT give in or back down. Now, over the past several years, I have purchased several different CB models made by the same company, as well as several chastity devices made by competitors, and use them all to keep my sweetie in a fairly strict orgasm management program. The CB3

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Reviewed: Sunday 10 March, 2013 by Anonymous

It's a good product all in all. more instructions would be useful but i figured out in the end. I would advise losing any hair you may have down there. It's comfortable and works. not been in it for long, but no complaints.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 12 February, 2013 by owned and locked dominant sub

after purchasing this device for a little fun i found myself being locked in permantly after 20 days by my girlfriend who is now my mistress. i was showered shaved and locked in as tight as possible the lock has been disabled nothing can now enter the lock. so i now have no escape im completly at my mistreses control. i have now been bought padded pants fake boobs and a full latex catsuit i have six inch platform heels heel trainer locking straps a corset a full head female mask long flowing wig and a neck corset all of which i am locked into with no escape. im allowed out every 3 days to shower under closer supervision and once dry i am quickly put back in my place dressed locked make up and nails are redone ready for my orders. i have become a dominatrix for my mistresses friends which have to fullfil there requests to my mistress while she watches i cannot climax while locked it to this device its so frustrating but at the same time so much fun i have to pleasure my mistress daily my catsuit has zipper access to the rear allowing me to take care of calls of nature with dificulty and also allows my mistress to take her frustration out on me every 15 days my outfit is completly re

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Reviewed: Tuesday 29 January, 2013 by Anonymous

after a recent relationship break down i purchased this as i want to remain true incase of a reconcilation, i purchased poi aswell i was desperate to try asap after i placed order so i had delivered to my place of work as soon as lunch hour arrived i had to go fit starting with the largest ring first as i have huge balls and penis i trained my self after 4 days to get on to the size 3 ring using poi ocasionally which i have had to modify due to my bulk i have had to remove the sides of the poi so now just have 3 poi facing dowwards i have experinced nasty pinching from the hinge pin area and have had too take a remove a couple of times a vasalene eases the situation but is not the cure i have although found a way to stop pinching and it is now the most comfortable item to wear ever if you can get hold of some large heat shrink tubing cut about 2 inch slide over cuff ring hinge heat till shrunk this stops the ball sack from trapping in the gaps a small amout of oil/lube just gives you that little more comfort also it makes the cuff ring a little more intresting to fit as it will no longer open fully and stays closed when locking pin removed also found some rough finishing to this it

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Reviewed: Sunday 30 December, 2012 by j jc

Queen Whitney Ann decided I was worthy enough to wear this for her long term and we purchased one earlier this week. It is amazing. It is very comfortable for everyday use. Being a Soldier and working out nearly every day I was concerned that my active lifestyle would cause problems, it doesn't. I can run, jump, and climb with no discomfort, it is slightly visible in my work out attire but I have recently found out I will be wearing it in the public showers, on display for all to see, so I guess a little extra bulg during the workout is okay. Over all I am very happy to have this device. I have with the cb6000 and find this one much better. Thank you Queen Whitney Ann.

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Reviewed: Friday 14 December, 2012 by KrissyCD Fetlife

Yes i have a chastity device , but my only problem is that a bigger rings should be available, as i have to use ice each time to get into the larger ring and lock it up. i end up with pinched areas,,,

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Reviewed: Monday 25 June, 2012 by mark ruddy

so much better than my old cb3000. the fit of this is almost like its not even there, unless you try to get i think the design is a lot better now, as my last one the rings fell apart and the cage split down the sides. we will see in a few months how this one stands up.

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Reviewed: Sunday 24 June, 2012 by Debbie Wales

I love this, hubby doesnt but when he is tied up who cares what he thinks!

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Reviewed: Sunday 03 June, 2012 by Lacy Swallows

A true story, A friend of mine runs boutiques for cross dressers, Respect to this site I won't cross advertise. I had purchased some huge beast forms from him, I got a bit of a discount to write a review, We e-mailed, I got joking, I said send me a chastity KEEP the key I'll review it, He does not carry the CB devices. It So happens he had a sample, So along with my 5" pumps and huge expensive boobs he sent along a blue CB3000, FREE!I decided to try it but cheat, Point and laugh but I needed the small ring, So I put it on and hooked the lock in but not closed., Got my panty hose on and my new boobs, Went to e-mail Dave with my pending review. As I sat down at my girdle pulled up up the damn lock went click, So the store was in the wake of Catrina, Dave e- mails me, No UPS or USPS getting out, Can't sent the keys. 7 honey days later... wearing it to work... joke was on me, (Never trhow out the box) He says,,,still cant ship,,,I taped a safety key in the bottom of you display box, It is plastic, I had cut the pin, I see that is the design weakness. All else can be plastic, the retainer pin an lock should be stainless steel. WHY? try Cutting the rest off. So yes I felt

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Reviewed: Friday 27 April, 2012 by Anonymous

Been tempted by one of these for ages and recently gave in. So glad we did! Got the largest ring on easily while sitting in a warm bath. A tight, tight fit but not uncomfortable. After that the rest went straight on. A very snug fit with scarcely a millimetre for things to move about. Could have been made for me. My wife loves the way my poor, trappped cock responds to her merciless teasing. expanding and contracting and streaming precum as it tries to get hard for her! No chance of that! Thank you!

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Reviewed: Saturday 04 February, 2012 by Anonymous

I bought the steel chastity cock cage a while back it is a good device but way too heavy for long term use, So my Mistress just moved a little further away from me and wanted to make sure I had a good chastity device for full time wear just so she has some extra assurance that I know where my place is even after the distance between us, and it does its job too well. Literally unexcapable, I am her property and I really feel it more than ever now! thank you XR

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Reviewed: Wednesday 18 January, 2012 by Anonymous

My wife locks me in a CB3000. After wearing this for 2 or 3 days you are so horny, just looking at your wife turns you on, but there is nothing you can do about it. She then keeps me locked up for another week or two before I get out for a short while. Great fun with the CB3000! We are expermenting with longer lock up periods, which is exciting but frustrating.

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Reviewed: Monday 02 January, 2012 by DKB DKB

This thing is great I put it on with the locking butt plug harness and I'm hard. I unlock the back strap pull the plug after an hour or two of being hard as I can be in lock down. Fuck a 7 inch dildo in the shower till I can't take it anymore put the plug back in and lock down for the night.sometimes I can get off in this cage but it still stays on after I cum or not. Have it all on right now its got me driping from me dick.

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Reviewed: Saturday 17 December, 2011 by Anonymous

My mistress and I got this a few weeks ago. Before this, we had a Bon4, which failed after only a year or so of light use. The silicone on the Bon4 begain to tear in several places, making it extremely uncomfortable to wear for long. After much debate, we decided to get this as it is a bit smaller then the Bon4 (in fact, the cage on this is almost the exact same size I am when I'm soft) and made of plastic (and we hope more durable as a result). Due to my job I cannot wear it 24/7, but I wear it as much as possible and so far I love it. It's much stricter then the Bon4 (I could almost get erect in it, and sometimes when I was more soft then normal it would simply fall off), and much more comfortable then it ever was. The rings do take some getting used to, and I STRONGLY recommend experimenting with all the different combinations. I like that, due to the slight curve built in it is more discrete then some others (noteably the Bon4). Said curve also serves to make the cage feel much stricter. My only complaint with this product is that it HAS to be locked on. Not a deal breaker, but it can be a bit of an inconvieneance. One final note: My mistress has discovered (much to her delight

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Reviewed: Tuesday 13 December, 2011 by Anonymous

I love beeing but in this - as it hadly feels as long as I'm not aroused, it has a low profile that allows me to wear it on a daily basis when She I sould do so! We got the "points of intruige" as well and it sure makes it's job... Jon Sweden

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Reviewed: Wednesday 02 November, 2011 by chris bu

I have this one its ok for a little fun but I'm a little to big I would like to know if there is a better one for me

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Reviewed: Monday 26 September, 2011 by Anonymous

I've used this for some self chastity for a long time now, and based on personal experience and information I have learnt about this product, I can tell you that not everyone will magically get this to lock their cock up without any hassles. There are alternatives out there of course, and the CB6000 has certainly upgraded the ring design. I could be wrong, but I think you can purchase the CB6000 rings to work with this one. Comfort wise, the ring will always cause some kind of discomfort against your balls in the hinge area, so any serious chastity user will need to be aware of that when they get one. But it is highly functional, simple enough to clean, and not too heavy. And seeing a cock trying to get hard in the cage is a sight for any Mistress to see. But I'm moving onto another CB.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 19 July, 2011 by Wife\'s Sub

My wife and I get each other bedroom gifts for anniversary. several years ago she bought this device for me. I cam home from work and she asked me to strip so she could give me her gift.I did what she asked.she blind folded me and jerked me off so I would be limp. I could feel her pushing my cock into something. When she was finished when took off the blind fold. I looked and and said what the #@&%. She laughed and asked if I liked it. I said no she said to bad. She removes it about every two weeks for me to remove my hair. then it goes back on. I love it and love being her cuckold husband.

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Reviewed: Thursday 27 January, 2011 by Vicki S.

Ladies, you will love this device and so will your man. It really strengthened my relationship with my boyfriend. I got one for him and told him that it really turned me on knowing that he was wearing it for me. We only see each other on weekends due to distance and our jobs. The first week was a real test. He gets so horny that he will do whatever I request. Now he must always wear panties when we go out. He will kiss my hand or neck or cleavage whenever I give the signal-even in any public setting. I even got him to wear stockings and a bra under his suit when we went out to dinner for our anniversary. He really loves me now and will make the effort to please me when the chastity is in place. He even proposed while wearing it!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 18 January, 2011 by Anonymous

Last week I decided to conduct a test on the CB-3000 as I have read so much about long term wear and how great it is. Almost like the best thing since sliced beard & peanut butter. Well being out of work made this test easier to do. So Saturday 1-8-11, I put on the CB-3000 with skin protectant. I discovered that showers were needed daily even if in a inactive life style as there started to be a slight smell. Night time erections were fun as one had to get up and deal with it. Skin protectant was applied daily to prevent chaffing. At times the device seamed to small as far as the inside diameter of the tube itself. Whom ever decided that something with a inside diameter of 1 3/8" need to take a few more surveys and interviews with real men as it just does not cut it for long term wear. Upon reaching the one week time frame after what seamed to be forever in getting here Saturday 1-15-11. It was noticed that the member was swollen and head was red and was very tender or more sensitive to the touch. So my though is short term say 24 hours is ok but one need to look further into something that has at least a 1 1/2 inside diameter measurement or bigger depending on the guy. Are a differ

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Reviewed: Tuesday 04 January, 2011 by Anonymous

I agreed to something that has me quite restrained. My fiance decided we should not have sex til we are married,34 days from now. So I am in a cb3000. I love it I can do all of my day to day things with ease. The night can be a bit uncomfortable but the rush of it is so worth it. I am helpless but so horned up. Getting myself off is impossible which is tough for me because I like to masturbate quite often and that is also why I am in this device. The longest I have ever been in is12 days and it was great she got a lot of extra care and I enjoyed it very much she owns my penis for the whole 34 days. I am going to be on my best behavior til release

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Reviewed: Monday 13 September, 2010 by Fiance\'s little bitch slave

My Fiance made me buy this, since she had to move 4 hours away for schooling for 4 years. We only get to see each other on the weekends, so she made me buy this. I like it overall, when you first start using it, put baby oil EVERYWHERE around your cock until your skin gets used to it, or you WILL CHAFE LIKE HELL! Also, I have a relativly small cock, so I can use this as a "masturbating sleeve" but DO NOT DO THIS EITHER. I am chaffed so bad right not its not funny, and she has the number for the lock. If I take it of, she will whip me untill my ass is bloody, and then fuck me up the ass with a big strapon, so I will not be taking it off. Overall I LOVE IT!

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Reviewed: Sunday 27 June, 2010 by PurplePantys Boy

My Mistrix kept me in the CB3000 for 3 months straight with 2 sets of the longest POI teeth locked in! The pain from nocturnal erections was unbearable!! The two sets of teeth digging into my cock woke me up six or seven times a night in excruciating PAIN!!! I was doubled over in so much PAIN I couldn't even stand up straight! When my cock was erect it would push the cage and cuff ring forward crushing my balls between the cock tube and ring! My eyes would water from the PAIN! My Mistrix would just laugh when I told her how much PAIN I was in from nocturnal erections. I was so sexually frustrated and anxious to be released from the PAIN the CB3000 was putting me in that I would do ANYTHING to get out! Even suck cock in front of my Mistrix.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 15 June, 2010 by Anonymous

exelent product agree with everyone that says lube is a must even if you are not bigger then it sugests in the discription which i am you will have issues getting it on and if you are as large as i am you have to take yourself by suprise with a ton of lube. once its on you hardly notice it unless some one sits on your lap which is somthing to avoid if they are not your holder. ive had it on for a week now and dont see why i will ever have it off unless im shaving or being milked. great product now to persade my gf to do the same with a plug in a locking harness.

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Reviewed: Thursday 27 May, 2010 by Anonymous

My girlfriend found some rather rude messages that i had been sending to other women online so after a lot of arguing i offered to buy the CB3000 that way she could keep me under lock & key, she agreed so we purchased it the other day and it arrived this morning, i put it on straight away and after a little fiddleing to get the correct fit i've also added the medium points to it aswell so it's never coming off without my girlfriends permission, i don't intend to look at other women online now let alone send them messages, i'd hate to think what would happen to the key's if i ever did it again.

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Reviewed: Thursday 11 March, 2010 by Anonymous

I purchased this about 2 weeks ago. I finally have it sized right for me, using the largest ring and the next to smallest spacer. I have worn this now for 3 days, and find it incredibly comfortable. I have been to the gym and bowling wearing it. not even a hint of discomfort with those activites. Right now the key is frozen in a block of ice to help restrict me into this. Maybe I will let the ice start to defrost sunday night if i remember to take it out.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 02 February, 2010 by slave eddie

I just got the cb3000 a couple of days ago. I also received points of interest. Took me about twenty minutes to figure out how to put it on, as this is my first chastity device I had no clue. between this sight and the instructions I figured it out. I love this unit, it is very comfortable I slept in it my first night, got up this morning and went to work. was concerned it might bulge under my clothes, not so no problem at all wore it all day at work and have it on right now as I write this I was worried the first time I urinated. no problem. I did not use any lube to put it on and I have no discomfort, although I am not circumcised. Awesome device I will be wearing it long term.

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Reviewed: Sunday 18 October, 2009 by Sub 4life

This device is awesome! I've cheated on my gf several times. She knew about it but chose not to say anything about it. This last time I messed around with her lady-boss. My gf got so mad that she gave me an ultimatum! Lock me up or we were over for good! She had enough of the cheating and lies. I love her and agreed to be locked up in order to save our relationship. Also she told me that she would make me watch her have sex with another guy! It turned out to be two. What really made it hard to watch is the fact that she gave them both viagra before the party started. They were large, both bigger than myself and with raging hardons. I was tied to the bed foot rest. I've been in the device ever since( 5 months). We liked the experience so much she brings lover over on regular basis! Great product!

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Reviewed: Thursday 24 September, 2009 by

my girl plans on using this as a dieting device. If i loose 2 pounds every week. If I fail to loose the weight that week I do not get off plus i have to loose the weight i failed to loose last week and loose 2 more pounds for next week. this should work

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Reviewed: Tuesday 15 September, 2009 by

What a great device! My wife and I (25 & 26 years old) bought this item to spice up our sex life, and spice it up it did! Once on there is no way out. Here are some helpful tips for those who are considering purchase or who just got one: 1) Giving your partner control of your orgasms is a great way to limit masturbation and porn viewing. 2) Once on, you will surely think about sex constantly. Being 25 and raging all the time, this keeps me prepped for her 24/7. 3) You can forget about checking out other girls, flirting, and any other outside activities you may have enjoyed previously. Attempting an erection is simply not worth the frustration. Here are some tips after purchase: 1) When it first arrives, you'll need 5 - 10 minutes to find the right ring size. There are 5 rings, and I am no small guy (not huge either), but comfortably fit in the 2nd smallest ring. NOTE: if you are above average size (7 inches plus), consider the Curve. I barley fit in this at about 7 inches. 2) Make sure to get in the smallest ring that is still comfortable. This is to prevent escape. 3) Leave 1/32 of an inch extra before you cut the spacers. When I am trying to get hard, my coc

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Reviewed: Tuesday 16 December, 2008 by locked up and love it

my wife is prego and i have lost a little bit of interest in her but i still love her very much. when she forces this on me and demands to be eaten out, it gets me right back in the mood. this thang is great for 24-7 wear. i only wish she would make me wear it for more than a day or two. i want someone to take the key and make me there sissy boy for a couple of months.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 19 November, 2008 by Slut Puppy

Absolutely a great purchase. As stated by others, the selection of the ring is crucial to the performance of the cage. It is easy to clean, impossible to masturbate in and ensures that only the keyholder allows her male to orgasm. My Goddess utilizes denial as one of several training instruments designed to enslave her husband. I am currently wearing a french maid uniform as I dutifully work off her daily demand list. For those interested in relinquishing control to the one that they love, this is the bomb!

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Reviewed: Monday 22 September, 2008 by William Robert

Excellent chastizing device! Took a short time to determine ring size, more active men will need to try one size smaller to keep the testicles from coming out causing displeasure of his Keyholder! Beware of the "Points of Intrigue" - not only the points dig but the corners dig even more painfully upon erection. I had to have my Keyholder remove the "Points" but still enjoy the product. Must use lotion/oil to put on. Can't get it off if properly wearing. And no, I haven't found a way to ejaculate either! My Keyholder lets me out for one day after 30.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 20 August, 2008 by john sundar

I have worn the device for up to 45 days without control of the key. At first, i had difficulty with some irritation around the testicles and had to remove it after three days. At the present time, my wife has told me that I have to break my prior record of 45 days. She is shooting for 60 days as a punishment due to some misbehavior on my part.

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Reviewed: Thursday 24 July, 2008 by mick uk

I recently bought a CB3000 and, trying it out and using all the accessories has really been a turn on. I now have the right sized cock ring and spacer and feel very comfortable in all environments. Wearing it is almost addictive. At first, it was uncomfortable - the two pins located on the cock cage dug in after a while - try driving 65 miles and sitting a desk for nine hours! That was solved using the pliers. It is also very erotic to wear in public albeit hidden, and a great deal of pleasure is derived from trying to cum whilst wearing it. (No success yet.) However, I would appreciate once piece of advice. The device fits my balls and length admirably, but should my cock be squeezed in the cage or be more relaxed. Feedback greatly appreciated.

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Reviewed: Monday 14 July, 2008 by owned sissy husband

when i pulled the wrapping off my birthday gift, i was a bit surprised to find what was underneath. the box seemed so innocent at first.however, once it was later securely locked on, i found out just how deviant it realy is. being a very excitable 28 years old its strength has been tested. absoluetly no way to escape this chastity. just plain and simple locked away chastity in a very easy to use package. after getting accustomed to it its a joy to wear for my wife. i know she ABSOLUETLY loves it. i cant help but be sad everytime i hear the light click of the lock.

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Reviewed: Monday 30 June, 2008 by Paula & Simon

Recently we have been having issues with our marriage due to him working overseas for long periods and me staying at home. I know that he has a high sex drive so am sure he has been cheating but could not prove it and it was driving me mad!! Also I know that he gives himself handjobs all the time. For god sake I can hear him in the ensuite!! So I decided that we had to do something to save our marriage. I looked up on various websites and found the CB3000 and ordered one. When it arrived I took it apart and found out how it worked before he arrived back from one of his trips. Upon his return I gave him a blowjob as I always do. Girls remember this you can tell by how much he produces whether he has been been straying or wanking. Guess what? not enough so I confronted him. he denied it, as always, and so I said that if this was to work he needed to prove that he was faithful to me. I then presented the device. After his initial reaction of no way! don't you trust me! etc. I said well prove it next trip you wear this. He finally relented and so next time he went away which was last week I put him in it. He returned this last weekend and well begged me to let him out straigh

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Reviewed: Monday 16 June, 2008 by Butch 85

I purchased this thing several months ago. I had been looking at it on day on line when my administrative assistant came into the room unannounced. Seeing it on my monitor, she did this "kind of blush". I mentioned that I would liek to try it but need someone to keep the key. I hinted that she might be a good person to handle that. He response what that she could never do something like that. Well, curosity made me buy it, but I think more than chance made me have it delivered to my office. When it did not arrive I began to wonder what happend to it. One day as I sat behind close doors, she abruptly unlock me door and came in. I had been caught playing with myself while looking at computer porno. I slid my chair way under the desk, but we both knew what was "up". She sat the opended box down on the desk and said, " I am tired of you jerking off while I do all the work. When you are finished, put it on. Get dressed and come to my office with the key. With that she turned and left, closing the door behind her. Man did I have an orgasm! Caught, knowing that I would be "imprisioned" in minutes. But I did as I was told. Fitting it was a bit of a challenge. I took the large rin

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Reviewed: Monday 09 June, 2008 by Beth Ross

I bought the CB3000 for my husband. We are not into bondage or anything, but his sex drive is insane! I can only have sex 2 or 3 times a week, but he was wanting it 2 or 3 times a day plus masturbating 4 or 5 times daily. We are a Christian home with three children, so you can imagine the fights we had daily. I told him to wear it or we were done. He unwillingly gave in so after we had sex one night he showered and I put his manhood in the CB3000. Of course I had to hid the key, and to keep him from pestering me I told him if he ask for sex he would be denied 3 months! I am no longer sore from constant sex and he is no longer masterbating all day. I now enjoy masterbating in bed next to him nightly without enduring his big cock and his insane thrusting. Though I can have sex 2 or 3 times weekly, I only want it about once a month. So I let him out once a month, then I cage him and enjoy free masterbation the rest of the month! He is often frustated, but I am sexually free at last!

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Reviewed: Monday 31 March, 2008 by self torture

I bought this for myself as I have a tendency to stray from my wife. I have shown it to the wife and she has only had me wear it a couple of times. I went to the bar last week and locked myself in this device so I wouldnít play. While dancing with this really cute woman she rubbed up against me and asked what I had in my pants. After telling her she went totally wild on me and had to grab it several times as she couldnít believe that it was locked up. Just as the bar was closing down she was asking everyone for their keys so she could try every key there to unlock it. After we left the bar I was brazen enough to pull my pants down so she could see it and boy was that a mistake. I had the points installed and now with her playing with my CB 3000 I was learning the point of the points of intrigue. I then realized how exhilarating and painful it can be at the same time. Needless to say we both went away frustrated. And now everyone at the bar I frequent knows itís locked up. Iím sure my wife will hear about it soon and Iím sure she will take control of the keys and sent me out to torture myself. Very nice product.

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Reviewed: Friday 07 March, 2008 by Caged and Frustrated

I received my CB3000 about a month ago after reading several reviews and deciding to purchase one. I locked myself away immediately with the longest points on intrigue installed and mailed the keys overseas to my Mistress. I had no idea how uncomfortable I was going to be. I could not sleep at all the first night as I fought against constant arousal. Being masochistic I wouldn't wait to put myself through absolute hell, though after 2 days of horrible pain, my mind had somewhat changed. I wanted out, and fortunately, but also disappointingly, I found that I could remove myself from the back of the device even with the points installed. What's worse, I found that I could also with a bit more difficulty get myself back into the device, meaning I wasn't really caged at all. This really isn't what I wanted, but I am glad I was able to get away from the spikes. I realised that I had gone in too enthusiastically so I took an angle grinder to the padlock, removed the points or intrigue, and this time locked myself back in using two locking rings, with the smallest one at the base (which really really hurts trying to get over a semi flaccid cock). I sealed the deal with one of the plastic

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Reviewed: Monday 04 February, 2008 by CUM SLAVE

My wife bought the CB 3000 about six months ago to enhance our relationship! I am a sub and enjoy serving her! She was upset that I would masterbate whenever I got a chance. She locked me in the CB 3000 so she could control my release! Now I have to serve her friends to. She will often invite her girl friends over and I must eat them all out to orgasm. If I don't do a good job I will be punished! Also, she now makes me watch her have sex with her boyfriend. I must eat his cum out of her pussy. She has now taken it to the next level by servicing her boyfriend. I must suck his 9" cock and swallow and allow him to fuck my ass! I never that I would enjoy sex with a guy, but I do and my wife loves watching! I have pleased her so much, she lets me out about once a week to have sex with her. We now have the best sex and I can't masterbate in between our sex! I love my CB3000 and I love serving my Wife, her girl and boy friends!

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Reviewed: Monday 21 January, 2008 by some ONE

haha loved it!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 15 January, 2008 by Respectful Husband

After my wife caught me masturbating we had a huge fight. I stumbled across the CB3000, thought about it and suggested it to the wife. She read about it and thought it was a good idea. I ordered one right away and soon had a proper fit. That was 8 months ago. I'm released for a few hours every two weeks if I'm really good. If I have annoyed her I don't get out, amd now she has stepped up the control. If I make her angry I get a belt spanking on my bare rear...very hard. All in all I'm happy with the new lifestyle and love the CB3000

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Reviewed: Sunday 07 October, 2007 by dave chesman

my wife and i both loved it. we have had devices in the past and found them to large for my small penis. the smallest size fit was perfect and the tight bound feeling was intense. the first time she left it on for 2 days. her male freind was relieved to see me in the device and loved taughting me as he enjoyed ravishing my wife. he spent the night and the next night i finally got it removed by her after cleaning her up....awesome feeling..we now use it for 2-3 days. dave

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Reviewed: Tuesday 25 September, 2007 by Max undisclosed

My wife bought a cb3000 and has required me to wear it for going on 6 months now. I am only allowed 'out' when I have fulfilled all my duties, not argued with here, and not begged even once, to be let out. At first it was difficult because I had not passed two days without masturbating since reaching adolescense. Even on days that my wife and I made love, usually I would have already masturbated at least one time that day, earlier. It goes without say, that nowadays, whether she releases me or not, she always get my full and undivided attention. I have never cheated on her, but, of course being male, I could never completely rule out the possibility that I would either. My fantasies always have involved other women... Ever since she locked me up however, since it is clear the I am not going to be doing anything as long as she is holding the key, it has opened up a host of new possiblities. For example, one day she and one of her friends were having drinks at our house and, I must admit, they were starting to get a little tipsy. My wife's friend, in her inebriation, joked that she could see a slight bulge in my pants and that I must be well endowed. My wife let on that I

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Reviewed: Tuesday 14 August, 2007 by Pete Markus

My wife bought me a CB 3000 this year in April. First time i was locked in 2 days, but now i am in the cage for the last 30 days and i like it. She meets her "big dicked" friend who is realy taking care for here ewery second week. Whwn she is coming home she tells exactly what they be doing. Sometimes whan i have been a polite boy, she take me out fron the cage and give me a handjob. But mostly she milk my prostate with the aneros to keep me calm in the cage. We both like the way we live. She is happe to have the key, and i am happy to se her in such a good mood, when she mmeets her "boyfriend"

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Reviewed: Tuesday 07 August, 2007 by Sex Slave

The purchase of a CB3000 product was a joint decision. We all know how us guys are driven by our dicks and I am no exception. Without a chastity device I masturbated regularly. I knew it and my wife knew it. But when denied an orgasm for a week or so my sexual appetite increases dramatically. It heighted my desire to please Her and increased the pleasure I got from serving Her so I willingly allow my wife to control my orgasms. The CB3000 is an excellent product. I had initial problem getting the right fit as the skin of my penis sometimes got caught between the end of the pin and the ring. But now I've got the right fit it is very comfortable to wear unless my wife induces an erection, in which case it's very uncomfortable. I am kept in it all the time unless cleaning under supervision. I keep my wife sexually satisfied with either oral or using sex toys. She allows me to masturbate maybe every two weeks or so depending on how well I've performed. My climaxes are explosive and are worth every locked up moment.

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Reviewed: Saturday 04 August, 2007 by Jay Campo

I just got mine in the mail today. After my GF told me that if she got it I would have to wear it for a a month and get my testicles sucked every day for the same duration. We froze the keys at a friends house who is going on s safari for a month and won't have access to it until her return. I am trembling sitting here and thinking of what is to come. I feel sorry for my GF when our friend gets back. I am sure that I won't last for very long. Wish me luck!!!!

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Reviewed: Saturday 14 July, 2007 by FALLON DEVINE


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Reviewed: Friday 13 July, 2007 by jst4play 07

Got mine in the mail about 2 weeks ago. Believe it or not, I locked myself up with the points! Fooled around with it all day finding the right cuff size. Had to venture out to take the dog to the pet store for a bath. These things will show a slight bulge in your pants. Wondered around the store for a while waiting for dog to be bathed. A "pleasingly plump" gal kept looking my way and came over and intoduced herself. She boldly asked if I was wearing a chastity device. I was stunned! I answered yes, and she asked, who had the key. I said no one yet. She said she was a "key keeper" as a hobby and offered to keep mine. I agreed and she led me to her home, took my keys and replaced the lock with one of her own. Wore it for a few days and was getting incredibly horny. Needed to jack off bad!!! Called her and asked to come over to be unlocked for a self session. She replied, you are only 3 days into a 6 month sentence. Stop by here every friday for inspection. If there is so much as a scratch on it, an additional 3 months per scratch. Don't allow your self to be locked in this unless you REALLY mean it. There is NO escape from it! Jacking off is impossible. Keep pure thoughts because if

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Reviewed: Friday 04 May, 2007 by a sissy maid

This little gem is the best chastity device of the many that i've worn. It takes a few tries to get the fit just right, but once you've got the right combination of ring, spacers, and locking pin, it stays put no matter how limp or erect i become. It's very comfortable for daytime wear, but it does keep me up some nights, especially if i'm having naughty dreams and have an erection. Well, it's not really a full erection, but the shaft grows and pulls the device away from the body, pulling the balls away with it and causing serious discomfort. i haven't tried the points of intrigue, since escape is not an issue and erections are painful enough as it is. As far as security goes, the plastic locking pin would be easy enough to cut, but then Mistress would know and my punishment wouldn't be worth it just for the chance to masturbate. So if you want something 100% escape proof, get a steel cage and a piercing. However, Mistress has talked about ordering a stainless steel locking pin to make any possible escape attempts more difficult. She's also going to buy me the black version of the cb3000. Then not only won't i be able to play with myself, but i also won't be able to see it, whic

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Reviewed: Monday 26 February, 2007 by Mistress\'s toy

Well what can i say......been in this since the 2nd week of September my Mistress put me in. So i made a bet with her that i was up to a challenge of anything that she could put a me so i took it. Her challenge was that i had 60 minutes to escape her rope bondage and for every 10 minutes i do not get out she will keep me in this cb3000 for a month so i was in this for 60 minutes and could not get out. Now i am in this cb3000 for 6 month beginning in December. It is almost 3 months now for the challenge and 5 month over all been lovin it. i purchased the points about a month ago and they are being installed this weekend i hope they go on easy and they don't hurt which i know Mistress she will make sure that i know that they are there. All i can recommend that everyone should have this even if they do not have someone in their life to hold the key. There are different ways to keep the key safe.......stay true to the keyholder

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Reviewed: Wednesday 14 February, 2007 by Toby Eurosub

The CB3000 is great, although I did find it a bit hard to fit it comfortably, even with a soft dick. Baby oil helped and the fit is now quite snug and comfortable. I do wish though that I had bought the curve, and I don't consider by any means that I have a big dick - I am actually quite average. So when buying a CB3000, do consider the size of your dick carefully. Regardless, the CB3000 is surprisingly comfortable and easy to wear. It does create a bit of a bulge in my slacks, but nothing to worry about. Even when my dick is trying to get hard, the fit is still very comfortable. I have now worn it for about three weeks without any issue, except that I now have to use the stalls instead of the urinals because of splashing issues. I love the feel of being restricted, especially when my lover fucks me - the pressure on the perineum seems to create a greater sensation when combined with pressure and friction against my prostate. I cannot wait for our anniversary - 5 weeks from now, when I will be allowed to take it off for a brief moment.

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Reviewed: Thursday 28 December, 2006 by Bad Boy

as a 25 year old guy i was tied spread eagle on the bed, and my girlfriend grabbed my cock and shoved it into this and turned the key. Then is started ramming me up the ass with her strap on. It hasn't come off for three months now. I cant masterbate and my ass has been taking it hard, but its such a trill knowing that shes in control of my cock, great product.

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Reviewed: Sunday 24 December, 2006 by chas4 play

I bought this for myself - thinking it would help me keep from being distracted at work and while I was away from my girlfriend. She doesn't know about it, but it just makes me feel secure, and also feel like a "good boy". I will say it took a while to get the right size ring worked out, but it does NOT come off if you use the smallest ring possible without cutting off circulation. I've woken up at night when wearing it to a raging hard on but the device was wickedly unforgiving. I may someday give her the key... ;-)

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Reviewed: Thursday 14 December, 2006 by Falcon

WellI have the CB-3000on now,allong with the locking butt plug harness with inflatable plug. and also the points of intrigue. All i can say about the 300is WOW does it work. Me and my GF had a bet that i could not go a week without touching myself. i lost the bet needless to say. so not my butt is constantly pluged in aside from function and i am locked in the harness so i cant get that off and i am in the 3000 as well. basically since i couldnt go a wekk without touching myself i am now forced to not touch myself, and she gets to choose the length of time, could be days weeks months years, or never, who knows. it is so fustrating to not be able to touch yourself and yet it is so exicting. deffinatly recommend for ANY guy. make sure to get the points of intrigue too for punishments, today i was forced in the maximum pain ones (longest point) for 6 hours for trying to touch myself in any way. Only down side i found is that the harness the dye comes off a bit in the shower, might not be designed for 24/7 use tho,doesnt matter to me though mine wont be comming off for a very very long time.

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Reviewed: Saturday 02 December, 2006 by Fred slave

Been wearing it for months. From Reviews, some guys are having problems peeing in the normal standing position without it spraying all over the place. Some guys squat down like a female to pee, but if you know how, it isn't necessary. If you have a foreskin, pull it right back to expose the glans head. Wipe all over the glans with baby oil, and if you have inserted your penis to the maximum into the cage, you will find the glans slides forward so that the urethra (pee hole) is up against the slot. If you do this you should have no problem in peeing a properly directed stream through the slot.

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Reviewed: Thursday 09 November, 2006 by locked and loving it new toy

wanting to prove my love for my wife i suggested that i wear a chastity belt .i browsed sites and came across xl restraints wow. having read the reviews i was getting turned on ,i showed my wife and she read on "order one now" she said instantly i did .soon as it came it went straight on.a few adjustments needed ive been in it now for 2 months and i love it .not only does my wife control dick she gets serviced alot lot more than ever before "we should have bought this years ago its brilliant "says the wife "ive got the key,ive got the secret is also another one of her phrases as she laughs at me locked in my cb 3000 i wouldnt change a thing i love it 10 out of 10

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Reviewed: Wednesday 18 October, 2006 by Slave Cole

I have owned a CB3000 for about a month now. I am an online slave to a Mistress in California, I live in Utah, and since I have the serial locks with the device, it is very erotic to know that a female has control over my cock. I have worn a few previous chastity devices, such as the Gates of Hell, but none of them have been as easy, and comfortable to wear as the 3000. It hurt like hell at first because I would always get erections in the middle of the night, and I would wake up and wish I could take off the device, but I learned to overcome it in time, and since my Mistress ordered me to add the Points of Intrigue, I think my brain has gotten in sync with my penis, and told it how painful it is when getting an erection with spikes directly above it. It does take a little time to get the right adjustment, I know that the first time I went to the bathroom in it, I pissed all over myself, but you hardly notice it over time. I would definitly reccommend this product to owned, or un-owned submissive men, and to wives who are looking to add a little more control over their husbands.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 17 October, 2006 by Stopped From Jerking

My girlfriend caught me viewing porn on the computer and I confessed to her that I was masturbating to porn three times per day. She told I me I had to stop, and I let her know that I didn't have the willpower. We found the CB3000 online and I am looking forward to incredible orgasms that were previously diminished due to my excessive masturbation. Ordering was easy and the CB3000 arrived on time. It is very comfortable. I am allowed to cum once a week. While I am caged, she slaps and punches my balls a few times a night to punish me and to remind me why I am in the CB3000. Strangely, this relieves any sexual tension that I might be feeling and allows me to focus on work, chores, or sleep. I recommend the CB3000.

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Reviewed: Monday 16 October, 2006 by slave Peter

I have now been wearing a CB 3000 with the spikes since !st April 2004 it is very comfortable I run 4 times aweek wearing it and even go swimming wearing it my Mistress with whom I live with has told me from day one she had no intenetions of ever taking it off,for health reasons I am milked around every 4-6 weeks.I can only reccomend this device for all males.

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Reviewed: Monday 16 October, 2006 by Lars Butt

It all started with my desire for a buttplug. finally my wife agreed that a rosebud would be "cute " on me. I was happy! Litlle I knew - she got me the XL!!! Once it went in she told me to turn around since she got us another toy. That was my day to get introduced to a cb3000 (nearly 4 month ago) and did not have it off since. The POI adding to my pleasure (and pain). While I thought about the buttplug as an interesting toy for our sexlive, I ended up with a cb3000 and complete submission while having to wear the rosebud also constantly! Her girlfriends love to see me completely shaved with my XL Helio in my butt and my cb on in an easy access restraint spreader bar! I love to serve them and, if I am a good boy they even take my cb off once in a while to watch me getting an erection without being able to reach. It feels so good just to be released sometimes, I even feel happier to serve them orally til I come. At this point I get spanked hard and long for my misbehavior and locked back in with the biggest POI's. If I am lucky they even insert my Rosebud again. Sometimes I get even something bigger for the weekend, I am still allowed to wear my Rosebud during the week. I love my wif

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Reviewed: Tuesday 03 October, 2006 by Masters\' pissboi

Master locked me in His cb-3000 six months ago(the neon pink one He says i look pretty in pink). It has only comes off for cleaning and when my hair was removed forever. It is now all that i wear when at home even when Master has friends or family(His Sister and Mother know about it) over. i have never been happier and just love the way it feels to wear the cb-3000 24/7. This is the best chastity you can buy, every husband and sub should wear one. i would give it TEN stars if i could.

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Reviewed: Thursday 07 September, 2006 by Locked up

I got the CB3000 so that my gf would stop worring that I was cheating on her. She used to live 100 miles away, she liked locking me up for the week. Now we live together and she still locks me up. I'm let every 3-5 days for cleaning, I get to cum once a month. The CB3000 is easy to wear, most of the time I forget that it is locked me. It's not noticable under normal street clothing. I love being locked up, my gf loves locking me up. I also have the Points Of Intrigue. The POI hurt like hell when I "try" to get hard. The large points hurt when limp, the medium isn't too bad, and the small points only when trying to get hard, my gf says that when I'm bad I get the POI. I don't recommend the POI for 24/7 wear.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 22 August, 2006 by Tiny Dick

I love my cb3000. I have been wearing it this time 144 days. The wife loves it too because I give her oral many more times per month. I hope to wear it for several more years before removing it. I will have one happy wife since she loves my tongue much better than my penis. I'm hoping that this great device will eventually lead to my being cucked. I recommend the cb3000 to all husbands and boyfriends who have samll dicks.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 15 August, 2006 by Locked For Good?

My wife and I decided to try this a few weeks ago. She was somewhat skeptical at first (neither one of us are seriously into BDSM stuff) but now she wishes we'd got this when we first married!! It's just the best sex toy ever!! Talk about foreplay lasting for days at a time!! I am so horny all the time now it's incredible. There's no room for any kind of movement in the CB3000 for me. I've tried miserably to masturbate somehow but it's impossible. I can't get any kind of erection or even touch myself unless my wife allows it. It's exquisite and VERY arousing! She is having so much fun teasing me. She knows now that she and only she can decide when I get let out and give her the best seeing to she's ever had. She'll then immediately lock me back in!! We use either playing cards or dice to decide the "minimum" lock up time (in days). Even after that time, there is no guarantee she'll let me out. I am constantly like a love-struck teenager and worshipping the ground she walks on. I don't even look at other women now. My wife is like a Goddess to me while she wears that key around her neck. FYI: If you purchase this item and find that it's not quite secure (possibility that you can

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Reviewed: Monday 14 August, 2006 by Rich the bitch

My partner suggested I bought a chastity device supposedly to encourage my bondage interests but she now admits she didn't trust me. The CB3000 now means I can go out for nights out without getting the spanish inquesition upon my return. I love being locked up, we started off for short periods then my lady decided to post my key to herself on a friday just after last post collection of a bank holiday weekend. Imagine my frustration when it failed to turn up on the tuesday morning! She'd promised me my patience was to be rewarded by her sucking and swallowing my load. Our latest game we play when she is on her period. She locks me up as soon as she starts and each morning and night we throw a dice. Depending on the number we carry out a forfeit. number one, I stay locked til the next time we are due to throw. Number two I have to toy my ass with whatever she gives me for her amusement. Number three I am released to toy my ass as number two only for this number I have to cum in a glass and drink it. Number four I'm chained up with a plug in my ass, she throws the dice and the number relates to how many hundred strokes of the whip I get. Numer five I'm tied naked to a tree with

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Reviewed: Monday 31 July, 2006 by Michael Sub

This is the best thing ever, I hope who ever designed this is a millionaire! I have not been wearing mine that long, but it is very comfortable to wear and I love the fact of knowing that my mistress holds the key and can control me and any of my pleasure. Now knowing that I am truly controlled by her help to keep me in my submissive ways (like I should be) I was very afraid before I purchased it that I would not be able to handle it but I hardly even know that I have it on. I am hoping that when she does finally allow me to orgasm that it will just make our time that much better

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Reviewed: Thursday 27 July, 2006 by Sam Slave

I was a chronic masturbator until my wife made me wear this device. Now, I am allowed out only once a month for sex, and every 3 or 4 days for washing and shaving, but she makes sure it goes back on. The medium points makes an erection too painful, so I can now stay soft all the time. This has improved our loving relationship greatly! By the way, to make the slight trouser bulge less noticeable, wearing a firm control men's support brief (ie girdle) is a good idea, as also is replacing the padlock with a smaller one than the one supplied. A great device, and you become addicted to it. Wouldn't dream of being un-caged now.

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Reviewed: Sunday 16 July, 2006 by sarah & sly

when i first heard of this idea i thought it is weird but knew it is kind of things that my boyfriend dreams about as he likes kinky stuffs. also he was chronic masturbator which was affecting our sex life. we had a conversation about chastity game and we purchased it. he made pledge of being my sex slave and we went on with this for 2 months. during that time i got totally inclined to this stuff. the power of controling his sex drive and making him doing whatever i want just made me the most happiest woman living. after 2 months when our chastity game finished he went back to his masturbating habbits which i didnt like. we had serious conversation where he asked me for help but in return i demanded total control over his c..k. he agreed with some hesitation. nowdays i play very naughty games with him not allowing him to cum for weeks or share him with some friends of mine while he is locked. girls mens dick is too important to let men handle it. take the keys, lock your men and let yourself into the world of regular orgasms and sexual fullfilness

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Reviewed: Wednesday 12 July, 2006 by roger salame

I'm getting used to it, but even the biggest ring makes my scrotum feel like it's going to explode..but I definitely feel naked without it now, after about 1 week...I love the feeling of my wife in control.......

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Reviewed: Tuesday 11 July, 2006 by sub wife

I can't believe the change in my hubby since we both became subs to our master. Master keeps him locked in this chastity device most of the time. He looks so cute now that master has had his body hair permanently irradiated and smooth. His two nipple rings and this device are all that he wears, except when master handcuffs him and removes the chastity device so that I can jerk him off. The rest of the time he wears it while master fucks me and then has him clean my also smooth pussy, which gives hubby a raging hard-on inside the device.

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Reviewed: Sunday 09 July, 2006 by submissive julie

I'm a sub T.V. married to a sub female and we have a Dominant Master. He locked me into the CB3000 with the points of intrigue and keeps me locked in. He forces me to watch while he spanks and fucks my wife, which of course gives me an erection, then he spanks me and forces me to eat her clean. Later he spanks me again and fucks me while forcing me to eat her pussy. He visits us once a week and during the week I am made to eat my wife's pussy several times a day as she waits for the Master's next visit. When he visits, my hands are tied above my head, he unlocks me, washes and shaves me, then locks me up again. About every three months he will unlock me and let my wife play with my cock, sucking it and riding it, but never letting me come! Just a little reminder of what I'm missing out on as a sissy maid! However, I'm always so horny before he fucks me that I cum when he fucks me. I love my new life! I've been a complete sissy slave for two years now and I haven't touched my own cock in all that time! The cb3000 is very very effective!

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Reviewed: Sunday 11 June, 2006 by locked and secured

few monts ago i had my first gay encounter with my current partner. after experimenting phase we both agreed on longer relationship. we talked about my wish for submision and my partner expressed his fantasy for having me locked and secured. this was kind of test about trust in our relationship and i was doubtfull but on the other hand pretty aroused on being locked and controled by some else. after few days i accepted this and since then i was locked almost continously for two months. all my fears have vanished as i was able to enjoy my sub role. i found very aroused being locked in and worked up in my ass at the same time. now we are trying to achieve a full month in me being locked and willing to receive.

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Reviewed: Friday 09 June, 2006 by Anal-lusting Chastity Lover

I've had my CB3000 for a few months now, and I love it! I wear it all the time, only removing it to clean it. I'm a bi-sub and I can't believe the way this thing makes me feel when I'm running around at work and out for the night. I can't wait to try having someone do me up the ass hard and deep while I'm wearing it. I'm kind of a size freak, and have several huge dildo's and inflatables, some of which I've bought here, and others I've not, but I'll always look here for what I'm looking to buy first from now on. Now I'm looking at the purchase of an "Easy Rider" fucking Machine with a huge vac-u-lock dildo attached to it while I'm wearing my CB3000. I love you guys/gals! Keep up the great work, and keep bringing the new products and latest innovations in the industry to us all.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 06 June, 2006 by Anthony Ussher

Best thing ever, keep it on all the time

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Reviewed: Sunday 04 June, 2006 by yourlifeslave same

I just got the cb 3000 the other day could not wait for it to show up as soon as i got it had to try it took a couple of trys to find the right cuff ring and spacers but now have had it on for 2 days i sent the keys to my mistress now i am at her mercy till she will let me out i have to say this is the best thing i have gotten so far

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Reviewed: Thursday 01 June, 2006 by Tiny Dick

This is the greatest device ever for shaping a sweet and serving husband. My keyholder wife has sworn to not let me take it off anytime soon because I am so eager to serve her while it is on. I have tried several chastity devices and this is by far the best designed, best wearing device of them all. Thanks for a really great product, it has enriched our lives so much.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 31 May, 2006 by South GA Boy

I have had the cb3000 about a year and we have used it on and off, I was recently suprised in that I had a black one purchased for me....let me tell you not being able to touch masters dick is one thing to not be allowed to see it takes it to a new level. I cant say I love this thing but I love my man enough to do what he tells me to do.

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Reviewed: Monday 29 May, 2006 by Carol Keyholder

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying having my husband under lock and key. The device is very secure, esp. with the points of intrigue in place. He is never released unless I have handcuffed his hands to the head of our bed, or behind his back. One of my favorite activities after he comes home from work is to strip him, cuff his hands behind him, and remove the device. I then do a slow striptease for him, then settle down for serious play. I like to sit behind him on our couch. Since his hands are cuffed behind him, he can give me pleasure for as long as I desire; I reach around him and keep him excited, but without allowing him the pleasure he is giving me. I am getting pleasured by him at least twice a day; he gets relief once a week, if he has been well behaved. Sunday afternoon is generally when I cuff him to our bed and work him over slowly, making sure I am satisfied several times before I even consider giving him relief. These sessions often last two hours or longer. He knows that I can and will delay his release for improper behavior. Life is wonderful when your husband is under 24/7 lock and key!

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Reviewed: Monday 15 May, 2006 by No Cum

I purchased the Points of Intrigue with the CB3000. I have to tell you I am not really big, actually on the smaller side. So, I have experimented with all three sizes of the Points of Intrigue to find the proper fit. When I get a hard on with the longest Point Of Intrigue in place it will put me to my knees with excruciating pain and I'm not exaggerating, it happened. I definitely had to think of something to get my hard on to go away to relieve the pain. Again with a hard on the middle length Point of Intrigue hurts to the point that I would call it very painful and extremely difficult to walk without holding yourself and bending over. I have had to settle to wearing the shortest Point of Intrigue in order to bear the pain it causes when aroused. There is no relief from this marvelous devise until it is either taken off or I settle down. In the aroused state I can't even get the CB3000 off without it being a painful experience. Without the Points of Intrigue in place I was able to slide the CB3000 back and forth on my dick and I was able to cum as others here have stated. With any of the Points of Intrigue in place there is no way I could bear the pain just to cum. Wearing t

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Reviewed: Thursday 11 May, 2006 by New Buyer

I really love this device even more now that I know it really does have a controlled grip on me. Too bad "Good" is as high of a rating as I can give it. Even that expensive stainless steel CB I used to own didn't stop me from jerking off with it on and secured but the CB3000 sure as Hell does now. Get the Points of Intrigue, they are well worth the minimal investment, believe me.

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Reviewed: Thursday 11 May, 2006 by New Buyer

I just received this CB3000 device today and already I love it. It does stop you from touching your self but I still managed to get off by oscillating the CB3000 back and forth while it was locked in place very securely. It wasn't like masturbating with a smooth stroke and a lubricant but the end result was the same after suffering the pain the device inflicts because of being hard and then ejaculating into it. It was a desirable pain but it will definitely hinder any future attempts at the same action. The Points of Intrigue really dug in, as they are now while I am writing this review. When I get hard it really does make the Points of Intrigue very noticeable. I believe it will be a day or two before I can say that I could go 24/7 but it isn't necessary to do so anyway because I have no key holder to consider. I am not very big but I don't see any way to get the device off once it is locked on except by unlocking the lock. The only thing I did notice was that it does make my package look a bit larger by sticking out ever so slightly in the front of my pants. I once had a stainless steel chastity belt, you know the really expensive one. It was specifically designed to my

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Reviewed: Friday 28 April, 2006 by David Booth

In early March I cheated on my girlfriend. We ordered one of these, and I have been locked in it since Monday of this week. (It is now Friday). She has made me wear girdle panties with it, so the ring is constantly pressing against my perineum, reminding me that it is there, and I am hers alone. It is not uncomfortable, and the constant pressure on my perineum maintains a slight flow of semen droplets. It is a constant turn-on. I eagerly await her bringing the key.

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Reviewed: Thursday 20 April, 2006 by Southern Boy

I bought a cb3000 (the clear one) about a year ago, and it has worked as promised. Just recently I was placed in a Black cb 3000 and let me tell you its different, not only can you not touch yourself or do anything with their penis but you cannot even see it. It takes you Psychologically to the next level.

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Reviewed: Monday 17 April, 2006 by Shearer FP

I used to have trouble getting my wife to tie me up. After 15 years together the sexual experimentation we used to enjoy faded due to increased stress about emigration, finding new jobs etc. Since buying the CB3000 things have changed! My wife never really felt in control with our early bondage sessions as I could usually escape when I really wanted to, and she was a little wary of tying me up too tightly. Now, she can see how truly in control she is. The sight of my straining cock through the perspex drives her crazy! As with other reviewers, I have shown far greater attention to my wifes needs, and really enjoy it. I now spend far more time pleasuring her orally, not expecting the same treatment in return, but waiting excitedly for my release, when I can be rewarded as she sees fit. Instead of avoiding bondage, she now insists upon it before unlocking me - prolonging the excitement before satisfaction. Best money we ever spent.

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Reviewed: Friday 03 February, 2006 by KYLE

The CB3000 is a great device for humilating and insuring that the submissive husband (me)remains faithful to his wife. When she returns from a date (if she got laid)I, m unlocked and allowed to orgasm in front of her. The device is really great in that it prevents me from taking any pleasure without her approval. I am in lockdown between her dates and have found that I am totally submissive to her every whim and do most of the housework.

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Reviewed: Saturday 28 January, 2006 by howard

i am a straight male who has nobody and does not know how to get a prostitute. I have locked myself up in this device and given myself a date on the calendar when I can take the device off. May16, 2006 for a week of masturbation and lap dances at the local strip club. I am employed and availabe to a woman only. contact me if you like. u have the power to remove it before may 16, 2006

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Reviewed: Tuesday 17 January, 2006 by vmax

when i first seen the cb3000 i just had to had so i bought it and when i finally got it i was very excited and had to wait a little before putting it on and once i did it was like nothing i had ever felt before there was no way to get out and no way to touch my penis and sence my wife is not into anything like this and we don't really have much sex anyway i had to look for a key holder it took me some time but i have found out and she has had me lock in the cb3000 for 4 days and i am loving it i find it very easy to sleep in and work in i haven't had any problems at all

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Reviewed: Wednesday 11 January, 2006 by Jamie

since my wife has put me in her CB3000 it has been fantastic. I am at her complete disposal and pleasure when and only when she desires. No matter how much I try to relieve myself, it does not work. When I do try and get hard it only gets tighter and more restraining. I have worn it to work and the local WICK'D club. I'm more than big enough for a curve, but the 3000 is the ideal close fit. Its on now and until she unlocks it....? The best gift you can get for your take charge wife. jamie

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Reviewed: Tuesday 03 January, 2006 by Tommi

It only took a few days of experimentation with spacer and ring size and now it's pure bliss. Wearing the CB-3000 24/7 is one of the best things I ever did and I find that when I remove it to shave or visit the doctor, I feel naked. Not only is it invisable under regular boy clothing, but as a crossdresser, it is very discreet when wearing girl clothes as well. Even with female cut jeans (yes gentlemen, there is a difference not only in the hips but the crotch is cut to fit the female anatomy) or a tight skirt, all it takes to hide any trace of an unfeminine bulge is a pair of pantyhose. Why do I wear a CB-3000? My partners have found that I am much more attentive to their needs when mine are not under my control. When out on the town, I leave the key at home so there is NO temptation to ejaculate. It forces me to assume the submissive role and focus on my partner. Go ahead and try just may fall in love with the experience.

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Reviewed: Monday 02 January, 2006 by billyjoe

Good device, but works best when the entire penis is filling the tube. If there is space, it is possible to get off by vibrating the tube.

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Reviewed: Monday 19 December, 2005 by Spaceslaver

I give a rating of 4. This device is awesome! It keeps your penis locked in when its hard. My penis was not hard, and I was able to pull my penis out. The testicles however, were kept locked up. so basically, as soon as my penis got hard again, it slipped back into the device, unless I held it out. Nice under clothing, hardly noticeable. That is, unless your little cousin (under ten) tries to knee you, then you'll have some explaining to do when his knee encounters hard plastic. Testicles still hurt though... so he was distracted by my pain. Please let me know if the points of intrigue would help in keeping my penis inside the device when it goes soft. I cannot really picture it helping much. I mean, when the penis gets soft, the points won't really matter, will they? I have been able to stay soft while putting this entire device on, and it really only seems to keep me in check when my penis is errect. Great device, like I said, it works for the most part, and if you can use a ring small enough to keep your testicles locked in, there's no hope of getting it off. I give it four stars (out of five).

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Reviewed: Wednesday 07 December, 2005 by lokdcock4ever

I have worn the cb3000 for a little over a year now for my Mistress. It gives her complete control of my penis and all i can use it for is to pee. Yes I do have to squat to pee now just like a woman does. My penis is by no means large, big or any other size than average meaning barely adequate to adequate. My nuts are not something to brag about either. I read a review here flaming the cb2000, cb3000 etc from some guy who things his is a big one. All i have to say is there are 5 different size rings and spacers to make it impossible for even the smallest adult penis and balls to be pulled back out and if he still can then ty the large pointsa of intriuge tha twill keep your small penis locked in. I wear the medium points and they leave a reminder everytime my penis tries to get hard in the cb3000 the large ones actually penetrated my penis so i know they work. I see that the cb2000 points of intrigue now come in colors just like the cb's themself's but no colors for the cb3000 and cb300 points of intrigue as of yet I do hope it won't be long before they are available for these models.

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Reviewed: Saturday 26 November, 2005 by Thomas

I have 3 chaste boys locked up on the 3000 model now. One is 19 and about 7.5 and he's been securely locked up for 6 months now other than for cleaning, shaving or milking. The other two, 23 and 25 both a little over 8 and uncut have been in for over a year other than the usual milking, cleaning, etc. Yes, smaller guys could possibly get out of these with lube but those locked up understand the consequences. I think all three probably should be upgraded to the Curve but I'm saving that as rewards. This model is difficult to get on even if they flaccid due to their size but a normal sized cock or smaller would be easy to manage. Once they have a cold shower this is easy to get on with baby oil although ballxstretching is a good prior to getting the product. Once secured on and they get an erection it's almost funny to witness. There it is pushing with all it's might against the device and their cocks can only go far. If they're laying down the whole cage will stand up but it's limited. The boys are all pleased with this and if you wear bikini pouch underwear under pants it's not really noticeable except it does slightly enhance your package even in cold weather. I had thought in win

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Reviewed: Saturday 19 November, 2005 by gendra

I live in Sydney Australia I was ordered by my wife to purchase a CB3000. May I say it is extremely comfortable and not visible under clothing. She is now very content when I am away on business for weeks at a time because with the numbered locks she knows I am celibate to the point where the CB 3000 virtually stops masterbation & erections so when I get home am on fire due to sexual frustration She loves it! It has rejuvenated our marriage and sent us on a new path of alt. lifestyle

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Reviewed: Saturday 05 November, 2005 by totally devoted

When my wife and I got engaged, she bought me the CB-3000 and had me wear it until marraige. I was a little doubtful at first, but she convinced me. I am so glad she did. I have been wearing it for 4 years now and I love it. I actually wore it during my wedding. It is secure, descreet and comfortable. During the first year of our marriage, my wife takes off the belt once a month for me to shave and have sex. Since then, I've gotten bikini waxes, and my wife has slowly lengthen the interval between the periods. This year, she let me out on my birthday in June and she told me she will let me out on Christmas. Our goal is to go an entire year. The only discomfort occurs in the morning when I wake up needing to urinate (yes, you need to sit to urinate). When the ball sack fills up, it presses against the cage and can be quite painful. Wet dreams are also common, but the CB-3000 easily cleans in the shower. I have not had any problems with hygiene.

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Reviewed: Saturday 05 November, 2005 by very happy underling

My wife agreed that the one who makes the most money in the family should be the most dominana and the other should be the underling.Meaning that the dominant one has the rite and ability to fuck the underling whenever he/she wants.I work at wal-mart and she is a doctor, you do the math, but rather than pay thousands of dollars on plastic surgery we decided to just buy a strap on, but it was wierd for us both to have a penis so we bought this.We drilled a little hole so i can p and its been on for 6 years so far and my dick is numb so i dont know that my dick is there , felling like a woman adds to the mood of the fuck. So it looks like well have no weapons but im increadibly happy and you will be too if you buy the cb 3000, with it there is no escape.

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Reviewed: Friday 04 November, 2005 by Happy wife

Thanks very much for this excellent product and your quick service. My husband and I both in our 30's bought the 3000 as a way to enhance our sex life. What has happened is a life style change. I now want him in it all the time and he submits to my wishes. He is much more attentive and affectionate as he tries to convince me to let him out to have sex or an orgasm, which I do once a month. I on the other hand have him service me anytime I want. This is a must for any woman.

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Reviewed: Sunday 16 October, 2005 by Denverwolf

I am put into the CB 3000 for a month at a time. I love it and it is comfortable and easy to use and does not hurt me unless I get hard. I think this is a wonderful tool for us slave boys to use so that we can not play with ourselves before seeing our masters.

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Reviewed: Monday 19 September, 2005 by boy locked down

Now when my Master is away, he knows I cant play! Its total control! No more yanky my wanky!

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Reviewed: Saturday 03 September, 2005 by boy

my Master said He didn't want me to play with myself ever and He doubted that i could prevent that when he catch me fondling myself when i saw him exiting the shower or bathroom naked. So one night he said "go ahead fondle yourself...take it to the ultimate limit...but do it as if it was the last time you ever would. i didn't understand at first but then came out a CB3000 and it's been on for a week now. it feels great to have him control me this way 24/7 i may never fondle myself again but i don't care i want to forever be controlled this way !

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Reviewed: Thursday 01 September, 2005 by HappyWife

I am very thankful to your company for coming out with this type of product. My hubby is now using the CB 3000 and this gives me the peace of mind that I truly deserve. He does not complain about it. He would wear it before he leaves for work and I would remove it when he's home. Now I know that he is remaining to be faithful while he's away and that "whore" from his work won't be messing with my hubby anymore. Ha ha, too bad for that "slut". Maybe she needs the female belt too for her husband's peace of mind... ha ha. I truly appreciate this product of yours and again, Thank you for coming out with this great chastity belt. It may cost a lot but it's all worth the money. It is recommmended to every wife who is dealing with a husband who has issues with infidelity. If your husband truly loves you, then he wouldn't mind wearing the CB 3000.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 27 July, 2005 by Lisa Mitchell

After discussing this with our counselor, I decided this would be the perfect solution to controlling my husband's sexual addiction. He was VERY hesitant at first. But once he saw how happy I was to no longer be worried about him using his penis irresponsibly, he capitulated and was relieved at how comfortable and easy it is to wear. Now I can let him work late or go on business trips without having to worry about his masturbating. Then, when he returns home, he has earned a big reward! An added benefit is the huge rush I get from showing my girlfriends the little key I wear around my neck. Needless to say, many of them are also considering purchasing the CB-3000. The world would be a happier place if all husbands were under "lock & key" (with wives holding the keys!!!

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Reviewed: Monday 18 July, 2005 by Gwen

My husband was beginning to behave badly so I ordered the CB 3000 and to my extreme pleasure I have him right back where I want him - Under my control. He is so desperate to get it off and get off that he does anything I ask. Thank you for helping return things to the way they should be!

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Reviewed: Thursday 14 July, 2005 by Maria's slave

Now my mistress has got me under total control and I love it. The CB-3000 really stretches the top/bottom relationship to our limits. I do not have the possibility to release myself in any way and she got the key and decides when I'm allowed to cum. This makes me totally crazy and really begging her to give me permission to cum and this gives her the possibility to make me do just anything after a week or two...... to all mistress/sub couples, you must have a CB-3000, you will not regret it.

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Reviewed: Sunday 10 July, 2005 by bondage dude

I bought a cb3000 and really LOVED IT! It was a total turn on to be locked up and not being able to have an erection or even touch yourself. No more masterbating! I'm trying to get up enough nerve to introduce this idea to my wife to see what she thinks of it. The only hard part (pun intended) was being able to be calm enough to put it on. If you have an erection it's difficult to put it on. When you're soft you can put it on and then, LOOKOUT! Your penis has NO PLACE TO GROW! It's a great feeling!

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Reviewed: Thursday 07 July, 2005 by J. D.

This is one great product. First, the knowledge and professionalism from the staff was outstanding. They made me feel comfortable and confident in knowing I was a buying a great product from a reputable company! Kudos to them! As far as the product goes, it is all it says it is. My wife instructed me to do the research on a chastity belt and choose the best one, as I would now be wearing it 24/7. Well, let me say she and I cannot be more pleased and happier (frustrated). I am unable to touch my penis so when I get aroused it has nowhere to go but back down and thus the feeling of wanting to release diminishes big time. I will say that having to sit down to pee has been the biggest change. There is no way around it. You have to or it goes everywhere and just makes a big mess. My wife(keyholder) is totally happy now that I can no longer mastubate behind her back! This item really works and is truly a great buy and a long term investment for everyone involved! I highly reccommend it!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 22 June, 2005 by T Boy

Wow. I heard great things about the cb-2000 so I assumed that their new cb-3000 will be their best model yet. When I got my order and opened the box, I started to get hard instantly. The thought of having my penis locked down, preventing an erection or masturbation was too hot to handle. I had to wait untill my stiffy went down before I tried to equip the device. Once that bad boy settled down I secured the cb-3000 in place. I was starting to get hard again but it wouldn't let me. Amazing! Now I just need to find a key holder. :)

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Reviewed: Wednesday 22 June, 2005 by Bill

Thanks for your prompt service/professionalism. Honestly, I didn't think I would receive this item all the way from the US. I'm from Australia, and my wife and I thought that it was very risky to buy, seeing as there was no come back if you didn't send the goods. But only 10 days later, my wife calls me at work, to say there is a package at the post office. I'm now wearing the CB 3000 24/7 and it is very comfortable, but very frustrating. But I'm loving it. PS. Nice do'in business with ya. Thanks Mate.

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