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Strict Leather Silicone Bit Gag


Strict Leather Silicone Bit Gag Strict Leather Silicone Bit Gag Strict Leather Silicone Bit Gag Strict Leather Silicone Bit Gag Strict Leather Silicone Bit Gag Strict Leather Silicone Bit Gag Strict Leather Silicone Bit Gag
$29.50 $24.95
Rating: (13 reviews)
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Adjustable Silicone Bit Gag

Made for pony play, this will help you train and control your human pony in the same way a bit does for a real horse. This silicone bit gag consists of two leather straps that are connected to the bit by a metal ring at each end ( giving you the ability to attach a leash to gesture to them which way and when to turn ). Bit gag measures 5" in length and 1" thick, giving them a good sized bit to bite on while in training. When silicone bit gag is fully stretched out, it will measure 25.5" in total length.

Note: This gag is lockable. You can place a masterlock through a small O-ring in the buckle to keep it completely secure to your partner's head. Lock is sold separately.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 21 October, 2014 by Mr. E Mr.E

To all the Dominant's out there that like a drooling submissive, this is the gag you are looking for. That is unless you stuff the underwear that the submissive was wearing in that drooling hole there is behind the Bit Gag. The Silicone is fantastic with a whole lot less health issue's most of the time.

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Reviewed: Friday 22 August, 2014 by Slut Wife

I've found that this is much more comfortable to wear than the ball gags which are usually too big for my mouth. I am able to make more sounds through this than a ball, so my husband just stuffs my panties in my mouth behind this.

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Reviewed: Saturday 06 April, 2013 by master jay\'s fuck slave prisoner

Master put it on me using chain as reins and put my collar on and tied me up like a pony and whipped me love this gag

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Reviewed: Saturday 19 May, 2012 by Anonymous

Mistress MoonStar introduced this device to me this evening and I love it. I think the materials are first rate and the construction solid. The silicone has a bit of flexibility to it and is perfect for biting when activities turn "rough". I prefer this to the traditional ball gag and it looks so hot in the pictures my Mistress took this evening. Worth every dollar and the quality of the product has made us repeat customers. I rate this five hot stars!

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Reviewed: Sunday 25 March, 2012 by Anonymous

This is my favorite gag! Mistress likes to lock it on me and kiss me with it on, I'm still able to use my tongue in any way she sees fit. It doesn't keep you quiet but it discourages you from talking because of how much it makes your words not understandable(which I find hotter than being completely silenced). I also bite down on it as a reliever if she gives me something that is rather intense for me to handle.

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