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Premium Penis Pumping Set


Premium Penis Pumping Set Premium Penis Pumping Set Premium Penis Pumping Set Premium Penis Pumping Set Premium Penis Pumping Set Premium Penis Pumping Set
$99.00 $84.95
Rating: (8 reviews)
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Our SMP Premium pumping kit offers stimulation and growth potential.

Main features:

  • Enlarges and creates a huge erection!
  • Permanently enlarges your cock with regular use (instruction manual included)
  • Enhances and increases your sensitivity
  • Can help achieve better orgasms
  • For suction play — enjoy the pleasurable vacuum sensation
This complete set was made for those looking for quality pumping gear at a solid value.

Kit comes complete with:

  1. Deluxe Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge
  2. 1 Vacuum Cylinder — Your choice in size
  3. Leather Cock Strap — Helps to create and maintain your erection
  4. Instructional Pumping Guide — Includes a pumping schedule for permanent gains

The heavy duty gauge pump incorporates a pressure release valve that can be easily accessed with a finger to provide quick release. Works with all the cylinders and pumping accessories we sell.

Each cylinder contains a state-of-the-art air valve which allows for quick and easy disconnection from the pump while maintaining pressure within the cylinder.

Sizing: 80% of men will use the 2 inch diameter cylinder. All cylinders are 9 inches in length.

Note: Hand pump has been recently improved. New pump is equipped with a heavy duty black connection tube and better positioned release valve. The cylinders are tapered toward the top to match the natural anatomy of the male penis for maximum comfort.

Note: Pump handle has been slightly modified from picture above for optimal use. Hose has been improved for better flexibility and fit. For a more worthwhile upgrade, consider the deluxe metal penis pump.

Credits: Images # 3 to 5 are courtesy of CollegeBoyPhysicals.

Step-By-Step Instructions

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Reviewed: Wednesday 10 February, 2016 by Anonymous

Sorry, this didn't do it for me. After a week it began losing suction no matter what I tried. I've had several pumps over the years and this one ranks as among the worst. $85 plus tax & shipping down the tubes.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 21 March, 2012 by shannon boatman

Wow! I can believe how much my wife loves what this pump does to my cock. She loves the girth that this pump gives my cock.. It makes my cock so sensitive. Awesome! We both love it!

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Reviewed: Saturday 20 November, 2010 by Laura Deaver

Just got the pump in the mail yesterday. Couldn't wait to use it on my husband. After we came home from our date we opened the box and took it out. No instructions! We decided that if his cock was wet it would have better suction so I sucked his cock for a bit then we put the cylinder over his cock and started pumping up the pressure. We couldn't figure out how to pump up to the the desired threshold and get it to stay there. It would quickly lose pressure and so we ended up constantly squeezing the pump handle to keep a constant pressure. We got the 2 inch size and it seems like a good fit, but again we couldn't get a constant pressure. So after 20 minutes of pumping we took it off for a look see. WOW! Much thicker. I could tell a big difference and it was noticeably harder to get into my mouth. I could suck that thick cock all night, but couldn't wait for it to be in my pussy. OMG - so nice and full in my cunt. The next day we woke up and it was still thick. I don't think it shrunk at all. Needless to say I had to have it in my mouth and pussy again. Can't wait to pump again tonight. Will email ER and ask what the trick is to keeping the pressure where you want it. Would also like to know if the pump itself is universal and will fit the clit and nipple cylinders. I tried his pump on my clit and pussy, but it didn't really give me the suction where I wanted it. It wasn't concentrated enough on my clit. Overall a good product and it does deliever.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 10 November, 2010 by Anonymous

Works as advertised. If you are fairly familiar with your own penis, it is quite the sensation to feel it in your own hand much larger than it ever was before. The size gains last a few hours if left on for at least 40 minutes. You will eventually go back to your normal size, but the size gains that can be achieved after one use are pretty amazing.

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Reviewed: Monday 11 January, 2010 by Anonymous

The system does work. I had a pretty bad curve in my penis and while it is still curved it is straighter than it used to be. The pump is the first thing to break with the system. They are very poorly made. I went to sears and bought an automotive pump to replace my broken pump.

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