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Size Matters Penis Enlarger


Size Matters Penis Enlarger Size Matters Penis Enlarger Size Matters Penis Enlarger Size Matters Penis Enlarger
$74.90 $64.95
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Men, if you've always wanted to be bigger and longer, then it's time to put away the inferior machines and the products that don't work. It's time to step up and use a proven system that will stand by its claims 100%. It's time to invest in the SMP Penis Enlarger.

How it works.

The SMP Enlarger increases both penis length and girth by using traction, from its spring loaded steel rods, to assist the body's natural ability to change and develop under physical influence. If you subject the penis to constant stretching the cells will begin to divide and multiply, thus increasing tissue mass. This is a similar technique that African tribes have been using for years to enlarge their ears and lips. Note: The standard rods give a top length of 5". If you wish for more extension, add the extension rods which can extend the top length to 7.5".


No need to worry about unsightly bulges or indiscreetness of the product. It can be worn underneath underwear and is made of a material that allows for flexible, comfortable use. Be at the desk at the office, sitting at dinner with friends, or watching a late movie at the theatre. You can do almost any activity you want and the SMP Penis Enlarger will be working for your around the clock.


So what can you expect to happen after usage? Some of our customers have reported increases between one and three inches. That amounts to a very significant growth of mass and size. Imagine the look on your partner's face (not to mention their shouts of joy) when you unveil your new sex machine. You can expect a thicker, longer member. Our customers have also reported a heightened feeling of sensitivity and overall pleasure.


At the current price, this item is one of the biggest and best values out there (just like your penis will be after you begin using this product). SMP LLC sells its products on the web. Without the cost of retail stores they are able to offer their penis enlarger for less than half of what the competition charges.

For men, the penis can be a status symbol. In a sexual quest for a better looking, more full and erect penis, men have tried various methods. With the SMP Penis Enlarger System, men can not only boost the size of their manhood, but gain an increase in their sexual confidence as well. The proof is in the system methods and the results. Shown below are the stages of growth that can be achieved by following our program. This customer started at 4 inches in length and by 6 months increased his size by 2 inches.

Step-By-Step Instructions
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Reviewed: Wednesday 26 March, 2014 by Kirby Ammons

Works great went from 8 3/4 to 10 1/2 I also use a pump and milking techniques everyday, only problem I have is that extender needs to come in a bigger size because my girth measures in right in at 8 1/2 so it's getting hard to get out of it just a suggestion. Great product

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Reviewed: Friday 21 June, 2013 by hairy harry donahue

this is the best device i have used.I started with 4 inches.....and after 8 months i can proudly say i am a genuine 6 inches!!!!! My boyfriend is very happy with my new i am going to strecth it even further....i think i should be able to reach 8 inches in 2 years. I will stop streching at 10 inches ,as my boyfriends arse can only take so much cock!!!!!!

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Reviewed: Sunday 06 January, 2013 by John Jr

This product works but it does take alot of time,Its takin 3 years of use about a hour a day (any more is not very comfortable) and a day off per week, some days more if time and comfort allows. Figure about a inch per year is realistic. I out grew the rods and are making my own extenders now. The strap doesnt stay put very well but with some good tape it is do-able. Highly recomended.

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Reviewed: Monday 19 November, 2012 by Anonymous

I have seen a slight difference after 3 months. The guy that says he went from 11 to 14 inches, keep dreaming. I started with 7 1/2 in and was too long and had to get the extenders. Anyone over 9" would be too long for those. Not sure who you are trying to impress.

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Reviewed: Saturday 04 February, 2012 by Anonymous

I read up on this technique both in the medical field ,history of sex and private interest[ people that tried similar techniques . This is a method that can actually work but not over night . several cultures have adapted this technique to show virility and enhancement with great success. But most of their technique is a daily and mostly year round year after year application, in some cases many have worn weights for years and have extended their penis to 14,16 in. in length. In the medical field they have shown some people to have gained up to 4 in. is as little as 6months to a year But in most cases after discontinuing it they lost a majority of that gain and in most cases people only got minimal results.[ I gained 1 1/2 in and that was over a 2 month period but when I stop ,it didn't last ] the theory is if the tissue is slightly rip like in mussel building, added tissue will grow to repair and hence a larger member ,[cock] but I'm not a Dr. but if the penis is like any thing like mussel tissue it may react similar way . A body builder stops working out, a year or so goes by ,he no longer has bulk he did. and if your penis is anything like that, then the gain is temporary . I would imagine individuals that have done it for years have the edge. But I did notice the people who used these weights and stretching techniques regularly in their life and culture...... they had the length but no girth. 99% of women say, give them the girth, length not the issue! The other 1% want the whole package, but we know ,most length has girth, and for them it may have been the girth all the time. They may not have been noticing the forest for the trees.

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