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12" Slapper with Holes


12 Slapper with Holes 12 Slapper with Holes
Rating: (2 reviews)

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Has your partner been a bad boy or girl? Need punish them for their misdeeds? Well this slapper is the perfect tool to inflict that punishment! This slapper packs quite a sting in a little package. The five holes at the end of the slapper will also leave it's mark on the receiver! Just little reminder to keep them in line.
  • The slapper measures 1 foot in length and 1.75" wide at the front.
  • The strap is 10" long for ease of use and transport. You could also hang it on the wall for other to view and wonder.
  • Fine stitching so it will not fall apart under the most intense of pressure.

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Reviewed: Sunday 25 December, 2011 by susie Sub

Have had pussy spanked with this..leaves a nice sting and a good fit between the legs.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 16 February, 2011 by jw jr

I purchased this little slapper with one thing in mind. When I showed it to my husband I told him that it would be in my purse when we are out and if he misbehaved and didnot listen no matter where we were or who was around I wolud bring it out and he would receive several wacks on his ass no matter how hard he had been spanked at home. So far it is working. I only had to use it once in public. In a very small ladies clothing store I told him stand in a certain place while I tried on some dresses. When I came out he had moved. I went right nto my purse, pulled out the slapper and gave it to him while two of the you girls working there watched. I then put him in the corner until I was finished. When checking out I told them If he doesn't obey he gets the real paddle at home.I could tell they were excited. The only other time t has been used was when I should it to my sister at her house and she asked me if she could spank him with it. I gave to her and she pulled down his pants to see an already well spanked ass but still put him over her knee as I watched him get a good one and beg her to stop. I love this little toys as it is turning an already sbmissive husband into a TOTALLY submissive man

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