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Padded Pillow Mouth Gag

SKU: AE401

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Padded Pillow Mouth Gag

SKU: AE401

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Feel the comfort and muffle the sound with this padded pillow mouth gag... Read more...


Feel the comfort and muffle the sound with this padded pillow mouth gag

An innovative twist on a bit-gag, this Padded Mouth Gag has a larger diameter of two inches, which stuffs up your sub's mouth, while allowing them the comfort of biting down on something soft. All of their delicious noises will be muffled by the vinyl pad, secured in their mouth by a 24 inch strap. You'll both delight in the speech restriction as your scenes are taken in a new direction.


She's in her pretty yellow lingerie looking up at me from the floor, deceptively innocent and sweet. "That isn't gonna work this time," I say through smile, even as my erection betrays me through my jeans. She leans forward to rest her head on my lap and I grab a fistful of hair to pull her off me. "I want you, it's true, but I want you my way." Her expression instantly becomes lascivious and she opens her mouth to say something dirty. "Shh! You've said enough today." I get up from the couch and go to our room, returning with the Padded Mouth Gag. She likes this one because even though it's thick going in, she can bite down on it comfortably. Her legs are open when I reach her and I can see that she's wet though the thin fabric of her cute panties. I grab her by the face and pry her mouth open, slipping the gag in and fastening it behind her neck. She bites down, but the gag restricts her from speaking anymore. I pull her to her feel, rip her bra and panties off, and bend her naked over the couch. Muffled through the gag, she moans as I unzip my pants and finally pull out my cock. "Now, what were you saying about my cooking?"

Padded Pillow Mouth Gag Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: Padded gag is 2 inches in diameter. Strap adjusts up to 24 inches
  • Material: PU leather, padding, metal
  • Designed to be highly functional and highly comfortable
  • Sound is muffled by the soft, vinyl pad
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