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Obedience Extreme Sex Bench Fantasy Experience

“What’s that?” Kelly asked, as she walked into my studio apartment. She had stayed late at work with me, and needed a ride back home. I needed to stop by my place first before dropping her off. I hadn’t meant to let her see my apartment, but she insisted on coming up. “Is that a massage table?”

She was pointing to a bench about the height of my hips, with wide, padded boards for arms, legs, and torso and a headrest in the middle of my studio.

 “It’s… for body work.” I hurriedly answered. That was honest enough, right?

 “I didn’t know you did massage. My shoulders are killing me. You should work on me.” She rolled her shoulders, and started taking off her heels.

“Uh, it’s not for the kind of massages you’re used to.” I said.

“Oh? Well, come on. Try me.” Kelly was already walking over to the bench, running her

fingers over the smoothe, faux leather. “What are the straps for?”

“I could tell you…” I could feel my cock twitch in my pants. I had known Kelly for about a

year now. She was one of the most attractive coworkers who’d ever worked at our firm. She always wore the tightest blouses that barely covered those perky breasts, tight skirts, and red soled heels. I’d had more than one fantasy about making a mess of those perfect, red lips of hers. “Or, I could… show you.”

“Well, do you do deep tissue work? I like it really, deep.” She said. Starting to test out the

weight of the bench to see if it was sturdy. I almost laughed at her curiosity. This thing could take up to 400 pounds; I’d made sure of it when I got it. I wanted to know I could put all the weight and thrusts into it I wanted. Her petite frame couldn’t wreck this thing.

  “Oh, it will be deep.” I said, almost a growl in my voice. “But I can’t work on you like that. You’re going to have to take off your blouse.” Kelly gave me a coy look, but started unbuttoning. “And the skirt. You’ll have to straddle it, face down.” I saw her eyes widen a little, but she slid her hands down her hips, unzipped the skirt, and pulled it to the floor. She had nothing but a bra, panties, and nylon stockings on her hourglass figure. I felt my cock pushing against my pants, it was so hard, and I wondered if she’d noticed my erection yet.

  “Alright, you really want to know what this table is for? You have to lay face down, and I’ll strap you in.”

  “Okay…” she said, nervously, straddling the bench. Her round ass was in the perfect position for me to fuck her, exactly at hip heighth. I gentle tightened the straps —two on each arm and calf— and adjusted the headrest for her. I started working on her shoulders first, then her back, her hips, her ass. By the time I got to her legs I began to her soft moans of pleasure, and I noticed her pussy… had started to get so wet that it was getting her thong and nylons drenched. So, I decided to test the limits a little. After all, she wanted to know what this bench was for. I ran my thumb across her ass, to her lips and right across her clit. She arched her back and moaned. I did it again, rubbing up from her clit, across her lips and to her asshole. She rubbed against my hand, her hips rocking faster and faster, and I thought my cock was going to burst free of my clothes. I started to slap her ass, harder and harder, and she just moaned and asked for more.

 “Oh, somebody’s a dirty, little slut.” I grinned. “You want this? You want more, Kelly?”

 “Yes!” she moaned. “Yes, please. Fuck me!”

 I tore open her nylons and pulled her thong out of the way. My fingers parted her lips and a fucking waterfall drenched my hand. She needed to get fucked, and badly. I buried my face in her cunt, licking her juices up with my tongue and tasting her sweet ass. She moaned so loud it echoed against the studio walls. I slapped her ass and gripped her hips, holding her in place.

 I came up for air, and stripped my clothes off. It was time to get my dick wet, but first…

 I walked around to the headrest and adjusted it so it was out of the way.

“Open your mouth, just like a good girl.” She looked up at me with wide eyes, and her lipstick red mouth opened to show a perfect set of teeth and a wet tongue. She took my cock in her mouth. Her soft, hot tongue felt amazing on my aching cock. I reached down and held her hair back as I slid it to the back of her throat and started thrusting. I heard her gagging on it until her eyes widened and she choked, tears streaming down her face and messing up her makeup.

“Perfect.” She was gasping for air but still looking up at me with pleading eyes. Her hips were writhing against the bench, asking for more. “You want this cock inside you?”

“Yes, please.” She moaned. “Please. Fuck me. Make me cum!”

I grinned, and came around to the back, grabbed her hips, but first teased her with the head of my cock. What a gorgeous, swollen, pink pussy. Then I thrust my cock into her, ramming the head against her cervix until the whole bench was rocking. I grabbed hold of her hips, her pussy tightening on my cock as she came closer to climax. I heard her moans turns into screams of pleasure. All the blood rushed through my head and pulsed in my cock. My balls felt tight against my shaft, the sound of wet pussy being slapped again and again by my hips, then I threw my head back and groaned as I emptied my load on her ass, cumming so hard my knees almost buckled. I watched the cum glisten on her back and drip across her ass like a candy apple dipped in sugar before unstrapping her.

As she showered off, I wiped clean the leather, plastic and steel of the bench, and realized something; I should offer body work more often.

About the Author: Bryn Wolf, The Kinky Yogi

Bryn is a Los Angeles born writer, sex educator, pleasure activist, and intimacy coach. She has a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology from CSULB, and her studies focused on culture and relationships in the world of BDSM. Having taught yoga for ten years, she blends the practical with the pleasurable, the spiritual with the sexual, and teaches the balance between them. She believes sex and pleasure is a way of life, and a healthy, human right.