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Nylon Sling with Pillow

SKU: AG648

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Nylon Sling with Pillow

SKU: AG648

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Indulge In Suspended Fucking Fun!

This Ballistic Nylon Sling is crafted to be hung on rafters or sling stands, suspending you or your partner for some kinky fun in the air! Made with super durable ballistic nylon so you can fuck and play with confidence - the padded stirrups prop up your partner's legs and open them up for your personal enjoyment.

The sweat-proof neck pillow props up your lover's head so they can witness every thrust and movement in comfort. Detach the pillow if you don't need it, and throw it in the washing machine when it gets dirty! The pillow is attached and detached via strong velcro.

Adjust the angle of attack and height of your lover's body with the easy-to-adjust clips!

Nylon Sling with Pillow Specs:

Measurements: 20.5 inches in width, 37 inches in length

Materials: Ballistic Nylon

Color: Black and Red

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