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Deluxe Adjustable Nipple Clamps


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$26.00 $19.95
Rating: (14 reviews)

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High-End Deluxe Adjustable Nipple Clamps - beautiful and stimulating

These top of the line clamps are worth every penny and coming from the Master Series you know you're getting a high-quality toy that will last you years. If you've been into nipple play for a while or if you're just looking for a high-end product to start with, these are great. The clamps on these are highly adjustable, allowing you to apply just the right amount of pain to your bad little sub and then locking it at that level. Once you've clamped them down, you can use the connecting chain to apply extra pain, weights, a leash or any other sort of titillating stimulation you can come up with! In addition, the look of this set is lovely, providing a nice visual stimulation. The lovely gold-plated chain makes them into a jewelry like accessory when worn as part of a kinky outfit, or with nothing at all! For an extra jolt, you can try using the chain to pull them off once they're on. Indeed, these can quickly become a popular and addictive part of your toy chest!


  • The tips are rubber coated for a nice feel!
  • Adjustable pinch strength for a variety of stimulation levels
  • Made almost entirely of solid brass.
  • Two clamps connected by a 12" gold-plated chain.
These are a must own for any person who enjoys nipple play!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 07 January, 2015 by Anonymous

We have had these clamps for a couple of years. The gold chain and ceramic "barrels" do give them a jewelry like appearance. We like them when we want to lighten up a bit. They hold differently than some clamps, not pinching but a full court press around her nipple. I will admit I can't get a painful bite from these but she says it's a pleasurable firm hold nonetheless. I would recommend these to beginners starting Nipple Play.

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Reviewed: Saturday 19 October, 2013 by jenni Carla

My Master brought a pair for my birthday and I can say it was the best present ever as he lead me around by my nipples and I was on fire and willing to do anything for him.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 12 March, 2013 by R Jess

They are made from soft steel and bend easily when tightened. The design is good, but the execution is very China, corners cut, cheap materials and low wholesale price. Another flaw is the rubber sleeves on the tips; they will come off exposing the saw blade like teeth. Too bad, as they could be so much better.

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Reviewed: Friday 21 December, 2012 by Anonymous

I've had these for several years with none of the mechanical problems others have had. My wife really enjoys them.

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Reviewed: Friday 17 August, 2012 by Anonymous

I just received my package and I opened it up and gave a twist to see if they worked and it fell apart. The biggest piece of **** I ever brought. I tried to call E.Restraints ( 7:12 EST ) and they were closed. There is nothing like the disappointment of seeing your toys break apart out of the box! Do some quality control or check the products before they ship out. [ Editor's Note: Sorry for the inconvenience. We endeavor to prevent defects since we do provide a 30 day warranty against them. Please contact customer service for a replacement. They're available by phone 8-5 Pacific Time, M-F. ]

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