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Mouth Gags

Put a gag order on your partner with plenty of classic and unique gags to choose from! Muffle their moans, stifle their screams, and ensure that your bratty sub can't talk back! Go with a ring gag, spider gag, or open-mouth gag for when you still want access to their mouth. Pick a dildo gag or inflatable gag to build yourself a throat slave with no gag reflex! Unless you like the gagging... A traditional ball gag or bit gag is a must-have in any BDSM toy collection. There are few things better than a bound and gagged girl or boy slave. Shut up your plaything with your ideal gag, then have your way with their body!

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Mouth Gags

These are a popular type of sex toy, especially in bdsm and bondage play. We carry lots of different types and styles, allowing you to choose the one which works best for you and which is within your comfort level. Use one of our toys to keep your partner's mouth open, or to keep them quiet and stuffed full. Either way, it's sure to be an interesting experience!