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3-Prong Anal Speculum


3-Prong Anal Speculum 3-Prong Anal Speculum
Rating: (18 reviews)

3 Separate Prong Medical Anal Speculum

This chrome plated brass probe is used to spread tissue for anal examination, but you can think of lots more interesting uses.

The probe section is about 3.5 inches long, and is 3/4 inch in diameter when closed. When opened the prongs spread to a maximum of 2.5 inches apart.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 13 September, 2016 by Anonymous

This is a marvelous toy to have in your ars-anal. Literally. For sensation play, insert the speculum, open it up, and then insert a graduated anal bead toy that starts off with tiny balls at the tip (like a trainer model) and wiggle it around inside. It's a mind f**k because the brain is expecting the typical pop pop of the anal beads but instead there is just a beguiling tickling sensation of the beads bouncing around the wide open a**. The open hole just begs for some kind of insertion, a slim vibe is also mind blowing. Fun for everyone.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 17 November, 2015 by Her Bitch

My wife and I are into heavy bdsm, to the point while Im bound she brings in other guys and forces me to suck their dicks for her amusement. Im bound on our bondage bench with one or more guys throat fucking me while she uses a strap on on my ass. She recently purchased this and used it to stretch my ass beyond belief while three of her friends took turns on my mouth. She had it fully open for a while and after they took turns and got close they jacked off into my wide open ass. I was forced to clean any residual cum out of their cocks and she removed the speculum and proceeded to introduce me to her new strap on. Even after she had stretched me she had trouble getting it in. But when she did she showed no mercy as they cheered her on. Her new cock is fashioned after an African American cock. Probably the diameter of a baseball bat and at least a foot long. She did exactly what they said, she gave me all of it hard and fast as they cheered her on. They got dressed and left while she was still fucking me. She finally was satisfied I had enough and she had me lick her cock clean. Thanks Extreme Restraints, another good product for a woman who loves to totally dominate her man.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 18 November, 2014 by Fisted Slut

My husband locked me in the punishment bench and announced he was going to fist me. He lubed this up and popped it into my ass and cranked it wide open. Next he squirted a bottle of lube into my stretched hole. When he pulled the speculum out, lube oozed out of my ass. Then he lubed his hand and began working it into my tight hole, pushing, twisting and stretching till it popped in. I was panting hard and screaming, but he just pumped away.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 27 August, 2013 by Rick Lover

Just tried this out for the first time yesterday. What a lot of fun. Easy to use and solid construction. Do need to take it out still slightly open to avoid that pinch! Opened my hole up to a whole new level! Can't wait to use it again!

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Reviewed: Thursday 27 December, 2012 by Male Anal Lover

I picked this up to help warm me up when the wife is going to fist me. She had no problem opening me up all the way the first time. It was a wonderful feeling having my hole open while she got prepared. A first for us was how she was able to pour the lub directly into me with out having to use an emema bag. Less clean up this way and it is going to become the standard way she lubs me now on for fisting. For some one who is exploring just how wide can they go, this is a great medical toy to try with. BUT, like the other reviews, do not close it all the way before taking it out. It will pinch you. My recommendation is to pull it out at what ever width you have it at. You may be surprised to see how big you got.

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