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Locking Vampire Gloves

SKU: AG700

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Locking Vampire Gloves

SKU: AG700

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Spiked Locking Gloves For Punishment and Pleasure

Designed to transform your hand into a versatile tool of pain or pleasure, these Locking Vampire Gloves feature tiny spikes on each finger to give the palm of your hand a thrilling texture for you to tease and please your sub. Gently caress your subs body to scratch and tantalize, or punish your bratty sub by giving them a spiked slap on their meaty parts! These spiked gloves are for those who love to dabble in the extreme side of BDSM, so be sure to communicate with your partner and exercise caution when in use.

These gloves can be used as a Dom or as a sub. As a Dom, the small spikes help instill fear and discipline into your sub thanks to their prickly texture and pointy ends - dull enough to caress the skin without pain, yet sharp enough to deliver pain and draw small amounts of blood when slapping. Always ensure your sub's consent for pain before your scene! Run your palms down their back and give their ass a good squeeze with a pair of prickly palms and watch them squirm with delight.

The locking buckle and wrist straps makes these Vampire Gloves perfect for chastity play - If your sub has been particularly naughty, strap their hands into these spiked gloves and attach a padlock to the lockable buckle, preventing your sub from sexually gratifying themselves for as long as you command!

Locking Vampire Gloves Specs:

Measurements: 8.25 inches from wrist to tip of the middle finger; wrist adjusts from 7.85 inches to 11 inches in circumference

Materials: Leather, Metal

Color: Black

Note: Sold in pairs, Pad-lock not included

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