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Leather Head Harness with Removeable Gag

SKU: AG670

Leather Head Harness with Removeable Gag

SKU: AG670

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Blind, Gag, and Restrain

A hardcore head harness with a detachable gag and blindfold for interesting twists to your BDSM scenes. Made with durable leather and metal hardware for a genuine dungeon aesthetic and feel - each strap is fully adjustable so you can find the perfect fit at all points of contact. This versatile harness is best used in combination with other devious toys, but perfectly fine on its own for BDSM enthusiasts of all levels.

Featuring a firm removable gag to silence your sub while you have your way with them - silence your brat and revel in their muffled moans as you buzz their sensitive spots or flog them for their bad behavior! Utilize the included blindfold, force them on their knees, and keep them guessing as you enjoy their helpless body. Both the blindfold and gag can be removed so you can customize your scene to suit your mood for the night.

Featuring an open nose hole so your sub can breathe easy as you play - perfect for partners with an aversion to having their breathing restricted. Adjust at the neck and crown with ease to keep your plaything comfortable so you can enjoy the scene to its fullest!

This Leather Head Harness is a durable, long lasting addition to your BDSM collection!

Leather Head Harness w/ Removable Gag Specs:

Measurements: Neck straps adjust from 13 inches to 19 inches in circumference. Head straps adjust from 7.5 inches to 12 inches in height. Gag is 2.75 inches long and 1.6 inches wide.

Materials: Leather, Metal

Color: Black

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