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L.A. Pride 2007

Our line of huge dildos were a smashing hit at LA Pride 2007. Check out the expressions of the attendees that visited our booth.

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Here is our team, getting psyched up for a long day of pushing giant dongs.
Featured: Ream and Scream, Mr. SuperCock, and Mr. Ed Horse Penis

We quickly found that when you're packing giant dongs, it doesn't take much to turn any event into a party.

People were especially mesmerized by Mr. Ed, our anatomically correct horse penis.

These guys are clearly feeling the power.
You can see the appreciation for the heft, craftsmanship and balance of this mighty horse cock.

We also quickly found that our giant dongs had the power to bring friends closer together. Are you and your friends this happy? Perhaps the missing ingredient in your relationships is "Giant Rubber Horse Penis."

We also quickly found that when people pose with a giant dong, they either try to get their mouth around it, or?

They start boning every hot body within reach, and with these cocks, you tend to have a lot of reach.

Even the dykes of LA Pride found themselves unable to resist the compulsion to bone everything in sight.

These two girls were quick to make use of the shroom dong.

You can see the frustration on her face, charged with all the awesome power of our anatomically correct horse penis, and no one in striking distance.

Of course, some people looked like nature meant for them to be packing something on the scale of our products.

This guy seems perfectly at home with the Mighty Joe Dong, like he's used to hefting that kind of weight.

The guy below actually makes the Ream and Scream look proportional.

Last, we've got to give out honors for people who created extremely memorable pictures for us.
Two chicanos, cervezas, and a horse penis. Looking at these two, nothing seems more natural. It simply yells out "Good Times!"