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Men! Learn how to Achieve a
Hands-Free Orgasm through Electrosex.

Hands Free Electrostimulation and OrgasmFirst you need an electrosex power box. We recommend the Zeus Line Digital Deluxe Powerbox as a great unit to start with. There are many electro-stim attachments that can be used but for starters I recommend the electro cock-ring and electro ring for the shaft and/head of the dick. Once all the attachments are in place, then the person can start increasing the current slowly and play with the adjustment. Persons that are doing this for the first-time will need to relax and to find the setting that feels good to them.

It's also noted that it's best to not have sex or jerk off for about 2-5 days before doing electro, especially for the first-time. Most guys doing it the first-time will not cum hands free. I think it's because they need to learn how to relax and not jerk off or have sex for several days. Those guys that do have experience with electro-stimulation will feel the tingling in their dick. Depending on what setting the person chooses, the feeling can be different for each person. It can feel like a million ants running up and down their dick or like a million pin picks and everything in all depends upon the sensation they enjoy. I found to start the electro device on a setting that teases the person. The person's dick will become hard and erect and throbbing at one teasing the cock, it will become more sensitive and the person will be in complete ecstasy. By increasing the electro current, frequency, and pulse, the feeling becomes even more intense for the individual and their cock becomes rock hard. In many cases, pre-cum will develop as the cock throbs. At this Hands Free Electrostimulation and Orgasmpoint the person is in a state of extreme pleasure and feels as if they want to cum but can't. The device is doing its job by teasing and controlling the individual. By adjusting the frequency knobs and the pulse...the individual will feel as if they are being jerked off or they will have a feeling that fingers are being pulsed up and down the shaft of the cock or in some cases, depending on the cock, the person will feel a direct intense/tease on the underside of the dickhead (corona) called the frenulum. The frenulum is the most sensitive part of the guys dick and the electro can feel like a tingling feeling that teases that part of the dick and it can be very erotic to the male being e-stimed. As the electro continues and the person is in sexual nirvana and if the person hasn't cum or have sex or jerked off in a few days they will have the most intense orgasm and shoot there load hands-free. For those guys doing it the first-time it may take longer or may need to find the right setting but they should never give up and give it a few times. It can take up to 3-4 tries before the person can have a hands-free orgasm but once the person achieves there first orgasm with electro, then every time they do electro, they will continue having a hands-free orgasm.

Hands Free Electrostimulation and OrgasmMany guys also like to try different settings but also try different attachments. Another great configuration is using the electro-butt plug. This is another way to achieve an intense orgasm. Once the butt-plug is securely inside the anus, the person increases the electro and the butt-plug actually feels as if they are getting fucked. The higher the electro the harder the fuck. There are different anal attachments so you can find a prostrate electro stimulator that will electrostim your prostrate and that will induce an orgasm even greater than just the cock attachments (in my opinion). I have seen lots of guys use the electro-butt plug or the electro-prostrate attachments in conjunction with the the electro cockring or the electro penile shaft. You get the feeling someone is fucking you along with the sensation that someone is teasing your dick. Again, if you don't cum for 2-4 days, you will achieve a real intense hands free orgasm.


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