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The Hand


The Hand The Hand
Rating: (12 reviews)

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The Hand Huge Insertable

For those that like it big, then this is your item. An excellent replica of the human hand in just the right position for anal or vaginal fisting practice. 16 inches long. The widest area around the knuckles is 3 inches in diameter. The wrist is 2 inches in diameter. When you are ready for it try the closed fist model.

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Reviewed: Sunday 19 July, 2015 by Anonymous

Omfh deep deep and deeper i wish this bad boy had an elbow as id be deep past it, as my arse is streched open so fukin wide the cum drips outa my cock like a hosepipe

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Reviewed: Sunday 28 December, 2014 by jason gaff

This thing is awesome. When the hand finally slipped in and my sphincter snapped down on the wrist i had my first anal orgasm. I didnt know a man could orgasm that way. I wish this was available as a buttplug.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 01 January, 2013 by William the Anal

WOW! I have had the Hand for several years and still cannot insert it every time I play. It's still a real challenge. When I do get the hand insdie me, I can only get it staight in - still working on going around the bend at the top. O-o-oh the pleasures of stretching my ass and colon! Thanks XR for you excellent selection of fine products.

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Reviewed: Tuesday 15 November, 2011 by Dr. Feelgood

What a pleasure. It took a little work to move up to it. My ass warmer to this baby is 2 3/4 in diameter. After a little play time the hand came easy with the proper lube. The feeling of the male equalivalent to the female G spot orgasm without the mess ... priceless .

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Reviewed: Tuesday 18 May, 2010 by your dirty slut wanting more

AMAZING I love it nothing better then your cunt stretched open wide i use it always and even watch my husband take it all the way wow... i would rather a males fist inside me stretching me apart wider the better i even turn it over the other side and shove it deep inside my wet cunt its great everyone should be fist fucked.... wanting bigger i think i have found it

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