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Guzzler Realistic Penis Sheath with Tube

SKU: AH109

Guzzler Realistic Penis Sheath with Tube

SKU: AH109

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Golden Showers and Latex Cocks

Key Features

  • Stretchy and Durable: This latex penis sheath stretches to fit snug around your cock and balls and is durable so you can enjoy lots of play!
  • Realistic Texture: The shape of the latex sheath is designed to look like a real penis so you and your partner can enjoy the look, feel and texture!
  • Long Hose: This long, silicone hose is 4 feet in length so you direct your stream in different directions!
  • Perfect for Water Sports: With everything securely in place and contained, the sheath and hose make water sports so much fun!
  • Water-sports never felt so sexy! With this latex penis sheath you can aim your stream up to 4 feet away! The long, silicone hose is connected to the tip of the black, latex sheath. Pull the sheath snug around your cock and balls and enjoy the look and feel of it on your skin. Both you and your partner can enjoy the controlled piss play that comes with this sexy toy! With durability and length, you can really stretch out your play! Use only with water-based lubricants. Wash with mild soap and warm water after each use.

    Set up a splash zone so you can control the mess and play worry-free. You can use a small plastic pool, puppy pee pads and towels to help with any spills. Then use some lube on the inside of the latex sheath and slowly stretch it over your erect cock. Tuck your balls in too and adjust for comfort. To help get the right fit, you or your partner can add more lube and start stroking the sheath to massage your cock into a better position. The tube stretches out about 4 feet so aim the end of the hose towards the splash zone. You and your partner can indulge in drinking plenty of fluids and letting the piss flow into glasses, bowls, or on each other! Have fun and play safe!

    MS Guzzler Realistic Penis Sheath w/ Tube Specs:

    Measurements: Penis sheath length (unstretched): 7 inches. Penis sheath width (unstretched): 1.5 inches. Hose length: 48 inches.

    Materials: Sheath: Latex Hose: Silicone

    Color: Black

    Note: Do not use with any petroleum based products. Use only water-based lubricants.

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