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Golden Claw Head Urethral Plug

SKU: AE466

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Golden Claw Head Urethral Plug

SKU: AE466

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Plug your cock with this elegant instrument for your pleasure!... Read more...


Plug your cock with this elegant instrument for your pleasure!

Top of your cock with a unique piece of jewelry that stimulates you from the inside out! This claw-style urethral insert will have you in constant ecstasy as the smooth, tapered plug penetrates your piss-hole and the ball-tipped arms squeeze your cock head and provide sensation to your coronal ridge. The elegance and luxury of this unique design can only be outweighed by the pleasure it provides, keeping you wrapped in its grasp until you're desperate to cum.


"It looks so pretty," she says to me when she sees my cock with the urethral plug. I'm hard, really hard actually, and my piss-hole feels nice and full around the metal rod in it. The ball-tipped arms grip my cock head and reach down around my coronal ridge, making me feel deliciously trapped in the Golden Claw. It's an indescribably feeling. But it gets even better when she begins stroking my shaft. "I just really like how it looks like this," she whispers, staring at my cock in awe. I let my head fall back in pleasure while she toys with my cock, and then begins using her other hand to massage my balls. While I begin to pant, she does something that drives me insane. She slowly twirls the Golden claw so that the ball-tipped legs are circling around my cock head and I can feel the plug spinning in my urethra. "I think I want to see it like this more often," she says.

Golden Claw Head Urethral Plug:

  • Measurements: 2 inches in total length, 1.55 insertable, 0.35 inches in diameter at shaft, 1.5 inches in diameter at head
  • Material: Stainless steel
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