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Strict Leather Short Handle Wide Head Riding Crop


Strict Leather Short Handle Wide Head Riding Crop Strict Leather Short Handle Wide Head Riding Crop Strict Leather Short Handle Wide Head Riding Crop
Rating: (12 reviews)

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The Strict Leather Short Handle Wide Head Riding Crop will make sure your sub feels their spanking and comes back for more!

Care for a little pain with your pleasure? When spankings just aren't cutting it anymore, it's time to try something new! This sexy riding crop dons a wide head, which spreads out the impact zone to reduce marking while delivering a snap that won't soon be forgotten. The short handle makes this crop excellent for usage during sex, particularly doggy-style.


We've been together for so long, and sex has always been amazing and a core part of our connection. When we're done with the busiest and hardest of our days, he bends me over the bed and fills me up, pulling my hair, calling me filthy names, and smacking my ass until we both forget the stress and all we can feel is our sweaty, bodies against each other. But we needed more. More intensity, excitement, and fantasy to keep us locked on one another, away from reality. Tonight, I'm on all fours, grasping the head board and moaning for more when he gives it to me. A quick slap of a riding crop while his cock fills me up. "Tell me you like it, my pretty little slut," he growls in my ear as he wraps his free hand around my neck. Another couple blows to my ass with the crop and my grasp on the head board is clenched as tight as my sex is around him. "I love it," I whisper as the bed springs squeak and he plows into me, pushing my head into the mattress. All that exists is our intertwined bodies rutting against each other and the sting of the riding crop.

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Reviewed: Sunday 01 May, 2016 by Anonymous

The crop looks nice and makes a nice slap. Not too painful. However, like another reviewer wrote, the slapper was not tied well to the handle and fell off after a single use. I searched online on the correct way to wind the cord. Then I rewound it, starting at the head with about 1cm of cord wound under, then down the shaft. At the bottom, I tucked the end under the last loop and pulled it tight. So far so good!

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Reviewed: Tuesday 12 April, 2016 by Anonymous

This crop looks nice and feels nice in your hands and gives a nice sound when used. Both me and my sub enjoyed it, while it functioned. Unfortunately, it broke after just a few minutes use. The twine holding the head on unraveled and the head would not stay attached and would fly off with any moderate use. With some superglue, I was able to glue the head down and glue the securing twine down, though. It is now better than when I bought it. I shouldn't have had to do that though, especially with a brand new item. Lastly, as other people have noted, it would be nice if it had a wrist strap, as well. You don't realize how much you need both hands for little things until you have to set your crop down over and over again.

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Reviewed: Sunday 21 February, 2016 by Anon ymous

I really loved this crop, but it broke less than two months after we got it. The twine keeping the leather head on started loosening, and then the leather head would fly off after a few hits. Would not recommend if you intend to use it heavily/frequently.

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Reviewed: Saturday 09 January, 2016 by J. C.

This crop makes a wonderful sound and is quite satisfying to use. My only complaint and this really has nothing to do with the product, but I wish it had a wrist strap at the end of the handle. It would make it easier to display so that my sub knows what he is about to be getting.

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Reviewed: Sunday 24 May, 2015 by Ma\' am

My boy loved this. When used properly it really is such a lovely tool; it turned him the most wicked shade of red. He cried and begged for it so prettily. Solid weight, and a very satisfying sound to it. A basic must.

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