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Flame Drippers Wax Play Candle Set

SKU: AG652

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Flame Drippers Wax Play Candle Set

SKU: AG652

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Feel The Warming Touch of Hot Wax

Drip pure heat on your subs begging flesh with this set of Flame Drippers Candles! This trio of candles opens the door to wax play for everyone - each candle features a glass holder filled with a paraffin wax formula with a low melting point, perfect for all BDSM skill levels. These candles are lightly scented to prevent an overpowering aroma to get the way of your scene, perfect for those with a sensitive nose!

The glass containers of these candles makes it easy to determine the temperature of the melted wax within, making it easy for Doms to cool the wax to just the right amount of heat to make their sub quiver. Drip globs of heat with a minimum of 3 feet of distance to allow the hot wax enough time to cool just before they contact the body of your subject. The paraffin wax formula features a low melting point at a cozy 122 degrees farenheit, perfect for a BDSM application.

Be sure to communicate with your partner fully before committing to hot wax play, and remember to never drip hot wax near or around your partner's face. These candles feature a slightly moisturizing wax, but proper after-care is still suggested after your wax play scene.

Flame Drippers Drip Candle Set Specs:

Measurements: Height is 2.5 inches, 2 inches in diameter

Materials: Paraffin wax, glass (container)

Color: Black, Purple, Red

Melting Temperature: 122 degrees Farenheit, 50 degrees Celsius; Hold 3 feet away from body to drip wax, blow out flame before pouring

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