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Firecracker Clothespin Body Zipper

SKU: AG411

Firecracker Clothespin Body Zipper

SKU: AG411

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Pull The String For A Flood of Sensation!

Key Features

  • Versatile and essential BDSM toy
  • 24 wooden clothes pins
  • Polyester string
  • Explore sensitive areas and pain tolerances
  • A BDSM Classic! Enjoy the exciting rush of sensation from each clothespin as they are pulled off your flesh with this Firecracker Body Zipper. Clamp along the curves of your or your partner's body and enjoy the sight of 24 clothespins jutting from their body!

    Built for purveyors of pain play, the simple design makes it easy to use and provides a unique kind of thrill other toys can't match - the longer you leave the pins clamped on to your flesh, the more intense the sensation when pulled off!

    Firecracker Clothespin Body Zipper Specs:

    Measurements: Overall length 47 inches, individual pin length 2.4 inches, 24 pins total

    Materials: Wood, Polyester

    Keywords: BDSM essential, clothespins, clamp, pinch, pain play

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