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Enema Syringe


Enema Syringe Enema Syringe Enema Syringe Enema Syringe Enema Syringe
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Enema Anal Syringe

This classic syringe is a collectors item. Made of high quality polished metal (chrome-plated brass). Operation is as follows: 1) Pull back the plunger. 2) Unscrew the cap and fill with liquid. 3)Insert into the rectum and push plunger, liquid fills into the person. Tip can unscrew for easy cleaning. This syringe can also be used for injecting fluids into inflatable portion of urinary catheters. A bulbous tip and a catheter tip with a splash shield are now included. Larger size for more capacity. Now standard is whopping 8oz capacity.

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Reviewed: Saturday 05 August, 2017 by Anonymous

A pretty good performer, with a menacing vintage medical vibe. An earlier reviewer complained that it would not hold fluid, I could only replicate this by not following the included instructions, which state that the gasket (o-ring) on either nozzle needs to be removed, the threaded section of the nozzle put through the shield, then the gasket can be replaced, and the unit assembled. If you don't remove the gasket, or don't use the shield, it will have difficulty drawing and holding liquid. Assembled correctly, it doesn't leak at all. That said, I'm probably going to replace the shield with an inconspicuous washer, as it only seems to serve to aggravate the nether cleft of anyone with anything but the most sparsely appointed buttocks. I also received a thin tapered nozzle, and similar one with a rounded/swollen end, and not the short bulb pictured. That bulb looks pretty useless, so I was happy with the substitution. Yes, the lubricant is pretty suspect. I washed it thoroughly, and relubed it with mineral oil.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 27 March, 2013 by Anonymous

I bought this and was great at first then the seal gave out and water now pushs out thri the plugger end instead of the pointed end.

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Reviewed: Sunday 14 August, 2011 by slutty butt girl

I'm not a fan. Like the other reviews say, this has a horrible lubricant inside it when you get it. The smell is awful and it's not easy to clean out. I also find this really hard to fill. If you do it the way the instructions say it can get a bit slippery - the water will leak out the tip after you fill it, but before it's in the intended ass. I saw another website that suggested submerging it and pulling back the plunger to fill it and I could never get a seal good enough for that to actually work. It also doesn't come with the heads pictured. Instead of a narrow one and a bulbous one I got two different sized narrow ones. Overall it was a really disappointing experience.

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Reviewed: Saturday 23 April, 2011 by Anonymous

The stem/plunger part of the syringe bent the second time I used this item. Dont waste your money on this piece of junk!

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Reviewed: Thursday 02 July, 2009 by

oh my god... my master got one of these, cleaned it up good, then fulled it with bad dragon cum lube, filled me then strapped me into a fucking machine... with that much lube in me she left me for hours and came back only to fill me up again.. i love it!

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