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E-stim Spiked Paddle

SKU: AH165

E-stim Spiked Paddle

SKU: AH165

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A Paddle That Really Bites!

Key Features

  • E-Stim Spikes: The electricity runs through every one of the conductive metal spikes so each hit has an extra shock!
  • Flat Side of Paddle: Enjoy using the flat side of the paddle, as well. It's covered in vegan leather.
  • Two Levels of Stimulation: Choose between high or low intensity.
  • Rechargeable and Nickel-Free: Use the USB cable to recharge between uses. All metal is nickel-free and body-safe.
  • Take your impact play to the next level with this E-stim spiked paddle! For those who love a blend of stingy and thuddy sensations, this paddle is about to become your new favorite toy! There are two sides of the paddle; one flat side that is smooth and a spiked side that is covered in nickel-free metal studs. Every stud is conductive and you can choose between two levels of electric stimulation! The vegan leather gives it a classic look and makes this a new take on a classic kink too. The e-stim paddle is rechargeable. Simply use the USB cable provided. Keep away from water. Play safe and don't use e-stim near the heart, head or on anyone with a pacemaker.

    You run your hands over their bare ass. It's still cool and waiting to be warmed up with a thorough beating! You've told them you're going to use some e-stim, but haven't let them know when. As you paddle their ass and thighs, gradually working up to the spiked side, you relish in the reddish pink color blossoming over their buttocks. Finally, you turn on the electricity… The next paddle gives them a shock and they almost sit upright! Good thing you have them restrained so they stay in place. You run the paddle over their ass and thighs, avoiding their chest and head, and every little shock gives them goosebumps or makes them squeal!

    ZS E-Stim Spiked Paddle Specs:

    Measurements: Overall length: 16 inches. Paddle width: 2.5 inches.

    Materials: PU leather, ABS plastic, zinc alloy

    Color: Black

    Note: Keep away from water. Not recommended to use e-stim products on the chest or with partners who have pacemakers.

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