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The Fuck Bench


The Fuck Bench The Fuck Bench The Fuck Bench The Fuck Bench The Fuck Bench The Fuck Bench
Rating: (13 reviews)
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The fuck bench allows you to position your partner, so that you can gain full access for penetration and stimulation

Made using durable heavy-duty steel, this fucking bench places your partner into a completely fuck-ready position. Situate them onto the bench, and secure them with the attached restraints (2 for each knee and arm + 2 for the chest). The bench is very stable, with a 8"x18" chest rest and adjustable elbow and knee pads. You can even remove the head restraint, for full access to their head. The top pad is made of marine-grade vinyl for durability and longevity.

Once you have them strapped in and ready, enjoy easy access to their holes. Penetrate them with a dildo, use a bit of electrosex, stimulate them with a vibrator, grab their waist and use your cock (or a strap-on) on them- the choice is yours. Try our flexible wand holder extension arm to apply direct stimulation with your favorite vibrating wand. You're only limited by your imagination.

Fuck Bench Specs and Benefits:

  • Material: Steel, vinyl
  • Secure your partner with 2 straps each for the knees and arms + 2 for the chest
  • The elbow and knee pads are highly adjustable for a secure, comfortable fit
  • The head restraint can be removed for greater access
  • Once secured, enjoy access your to partner's holes
  • Penetrate them, use a dildo, use a vibrator, or a strap-on; the choice is yours
  • Supports up to 400 lbs
  • Note: Can be used with our AE372 Wand Holder. Wand and holder sold separately.

    Shipping Notice: Due to the size of this product we cannot ship to P.O. Boxes. Expedited shipping is not available for this item.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 21 January, 2017 by Anonymous

    We used this bench for the first time last weekend and highly recommend it. My dom blindfolded me and guided me to the bench and methodically strapped me in - I tried to move in each place there was a strap and I was completely restrained. He left me there for a few minutes to get the things I knew he'd be abusing me with. When he returned he started by placing a vibrating wand on my clit. I wasn't able to move and the feeling was unbelievable - I orgasmed over and over while pulling against my restraints. When I thought I couldn't take anymore he inserted a dildo and anal plug inside of me and put the wand on me again. By this time I was screaming and shaking from the pleasure of it all. Then, while I was still panting for breath, he came around and removed my head restraints and I took his cock in my mouth while still strapped down - he fucked my mouth as I gagged and choked, my head the only thing that could move. After he came deep down my throat, he restrained my head again and told me we weren't done. The wand started up and I finally had to beg him to stop because I couldn't take anymore...or so I thought. He then made me cum two more times to the point of exhaustion. It was without a doubt the most amazing sexual experience I've ever had.

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    Reviewed: Friday 04 November, 2016 by Anonymous

    Got it ,luv and the wife are both doms with the understanding u get what u give.Can't wait to give and receive on this

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    Reviewed: Sunday 14 August, 2016 by Robert Love

    love love love this!!!!!!! Very sturdy. Im a 6ft 230 lbs sissy and my owner Ma'am is 5-4 this allows her to get me at the perfect angle to be as forceful as her dominate heart desires. I think we will end up replacing the nylon straps with leather when she is in a punishing mood I end up working the straps lose. Im pretty strong and she can be very rough so this might not be a issue for most people. We are both very happy with the bench it is well built and will last a lifetime.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 27 July, 2016 by Anonymous

    Not a bad product but the set/adjustment screws should be changed out for a more ergonomic solution which does not require tools. I did so via Amazon for only $10-$15... If I could do so then the vendor which makes this could do so even cheaper in bulk. Makes adjustment and manipulation a lot easier.

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 30 December, 2015 by Thier Bitch

    My wife and I bought the fuck bench about a year ago and have had a blast with it since. This year we went to her parents for Christmas get together. The highlight for me was getting to see her very hot sister. Her sister is totally hot and also bi and very kinky from what I can gather which makes her even hotter to me. Needless to say on the way home my wife was very horny and started telling me stories her sister had told her about some lesbian girls she worked with. When we got home she told me to get cleaned up and be on the bench waiting when she got done showering. When she came in she strapped me down, really good and tighter than normal. I asked why and she said tonight you get your b-day and Christmas together. She left the room and when she came back she had her sister and a friend of her sisters both wearing skimpy leather outfits and wearing huge strap ons. My wife uses her strap on with me occasionally but its nothing the size of this. She said I know you've always wanted to have sex with my sister and after talking to her tonight she has always wanted to fuck you too. As I started to object her sister stuffs her dick in my mouth and locks her hands behind my head and starts pumping her cock in my mouth as her friends starts lubing my helpless ass and starts forcing her cock in too. I didn't know where I was going to be split in half or choked to death as both of them fucked me merciless and they would change out occasionally, glad I done a good internal cleaning. The whole time my wife lay on the bed watching using her vibrator and telling them how much I loved dick. This went on for well over an hour and honestly after I got adjusted to the size of the cocks, it felt great. Finally they were done and my sis in law snapped a few more pics of my ass stretched wide open. She told my wife since I loved dick so much she also had a gay friend she worked with that would be more than glad to break me in to sucking real dick and she could bring and even bigger strap on for my ass. My wife ask what about your friend here? She said she will be taking care of you while you watch, you wont believe how good this girl is at licking pussy and fucking with a strap on. My wife said I guess well see you new years. After they left I told me wife I enjoyed tonight but I didn't know about sucking a real dick. She said well its not up to you, youre my bitch and you do what I say. Besides if you refuse the filmed and took pics of tonight and they will post it on the internet if you refuse and I cant stop them even if I wanted to. So I guess I have my new years planned out. I really enjoyed being bound on the bench tonight and forced to take dick so maybe it wont be too bad. Thanks Extreme restraints.

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