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Dildos & Insertables

The Different Types of Insertables

  • Butt Plugs - from the traditional plug design to beautiful anal jewelry our selection will expand your ideas of what they are and take sexual experience to the next level.
  • beads and balls - Anal Beads and Kegel Balls, and variations on these designs, provide unique stimulation from their round shape and the sensation of inserting, holding and removing them. They are often used for foreplay and the toning of the sex muscles
  • Classic - whether you're planning on strapping on, packing, mounting or simply pleasuring yourself these traditional styled toys will get the job done with pleasure. Our wide selection includes all sorts of materials from latex to silicone and everything in between.
  • Huge - designed for those who like it big, these huge toys will help you take your sexual experience to the next level. We're especially proud of our horse cock, make sure to check it out.
  • G-Spot Stimulators - Stimulating the woman's g-spot or the man's p-spot can provide intense pleasure for each, often leading to orgasms of a new level. These toys are designed to help you stimulate these extremely pleasurable and hard-to-reach places with ease.
  • Harnesses - Otherwise known as strap ons, these toys are designed to add variations and options to your penetration styles, whether you're gay or straight.
  • Inflatable - These unique toys will give you an extra amount of stretch by allowing you to increase their length and girth after insertion.
  • Pyrex and Glass - High-quality impact resistant glass makes a great, hygienic and unique material for beautiful and artistic sex toys. Use them alone, or combine them with hot or cold water for some great temperature play.
  • Vibrating - An all-time popular favorite! In addition to their size and style, these toys vibrate as well for added stimulation during penetration. From battery powered to rechargeable, there's something to suit everyone
  • Bizarre Butt Plugs - Pony tails, pig tails, ring toss games, these butt plugs offer something for every fetish. These are some of our most popular plugs, whether you're planning on using one or giving one as a gift they'll bring you lots of nice new pleasures.
  • Realistic - made to closely resemble an anatomically correct male penis, these toys are as close as you can get to the real thing. Use them in the place of a man coupled with one of our fucking machines, or use one in addition to your guy to get that double penetration sensation.
  • Penis Extenders - whether for extra penetration, g-spot stimulation or added sensations, these penis extenders take your natural function to the next level. Most simply slip over the tip of your penis and provide you with up to three extra inches of penetration length. If you're looking for a more permanent solution, check out our penis enlargement category.

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