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Daggers Double Chain Nipple Clamps

SKU: AH248

Daggers Double Chain Nipple Clamps

SKU: AH248

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Pretty and Painful

Key Features

  • Spiked Chain: Two rows of chain hang down between the nipples and have spikes dangling from them. Enjoy the aesthetic and look as well as the ability to gently tug at the clamps!
  • Adjustable Clamps: Use the screw to adjust for perfect pressure and position.
  • Rubber Coated Tips: Protect the sensitive skin of the nipple and areola with the rubber tipped ends.
  • Nickel-Free Metal: All metal is nickel-free for sensitive bodies.
  • Adorn your nipples and give yourself one more sadomasochistic toy to play with! These nipple clamps have a decorative chain between them with spikes dangling from the chain. It serves a function, as well! You can tug on the chain and cause a blissful spike of pain to the wearer! The clamps have rubber coated tips to protect the delicate skin and are adjustable via tiny screws. Get the perfect amount of pressure with a system you control! All metal is nickel-free for sensitive skin.

    Rub the nipples to get them to wake up and stand erect. Then pinch the nipple and pull it away from the chest. With your free hand, take the clamps and attach them behind the nipple and onto the areola. Slowly release. Move slowly and deliberately in all that you do. Adjust the pressure of the clamps and remind your submissive to breathe. After letting go and letting the clamps hang freely, do the same on the other side. Once both clamps have been secured, you can gently tug at the chain and pull the nipples. Enjoy watching your submissive's reactions and indulge in some other erotic play, as well! For first timers, only leave the clamps on for 30 minutes or less. The removal will be more painful than the application, so be gentle… or don't! If they like pain, then enjoy yanking them off quickly!

    MS Double Chain Nipple Clamps Specs:

    Measurements: Overall length: 15 inches. Clamps open up to 0.5 inches wide.

    Materials: Iron, ABS plastic, PVC

    Color: Black, silver.

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