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Leather ID Slave Collars


Leather ID Slave Collars Leather ID Slave Collars Leather ID Slave Collars
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Collars to Express Yourself

Show off your property or express yourself. Choose the tag that fits best: Bitch, Slave, Slut, Submissive. Each identification collars is made of black leather, with four snaps and has steel letters. Each one is 0.75 of an inch in width and can vary in length from 14" to 17".

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Reviewed: Wednesday 18 May, 2016 by Chris Vanns

I bought two collars. Slut and Submissive. They need to have a collar that combines both 'Submissive Slut' My sub now wears both round her neck. At BDSM parties she's extremely popular.

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Reviewed: Wednesday 24 February, 2016 by Anonymous

Not gonna say we love it or hate it. It gets the point across. As others have said the letters are a little crooked, but no big deal for bedroom play. I agree as well we need some more variety...cocksucker would be great!

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Reviewed: Wednesday 20 January, 2016 by JonK JonK

My wife caught me cheating. In agreement to staying together I was to become her slave. She ordered me the slave collar. We went out a few times and she would make me wear the collar along with my cock cage. She wasn't happy that I wasn't getting the attention she thought I should so she ordered the slut collar. I have wore it out in public and have gotten everything from stares to felt up to offers my mistress wouldn't refuse. It has lead to complete strange men fucking my ass and I sucking their cocks. It has lead to be being cuffed up and forced to eat a strange women's pussy or to be butt fucked by a strap on. All while my mistress wife enjoys the show.

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Reviewed: Friday 07 February, 2014 by Anonymous

I bought the "slave" collar, and I am very satisfied with it. The collar is put on with snap buttons (there were around 4 or 5 different size options). When I found the two sizes that I liked the best, I simply took a scissor and cut the extra collar off. The collar can be pulled on, but it cannot be pulled on hard because he button with unsnap. I recommend.

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Reviewed: Friday 12 July, 2013 by Anonymous

Pretty good quality leather, nice snug fit for different neck sizes, only too bad that the letters are not straight but kind of quirky, but that is also the only downside.

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