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The Asylum Chastity Device


The Asylum Chastity Device The Asylum Chastity Device The Asylum Chastity Device The Asylum Chastity Device
$125.00 $98.00
Rating: (20 reviews)
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The Asylum Chastity Device offers a chance to keep your man from obtaining a full erection

Imagine having your male partner under your total control, to the point where you can arouse him but he wouldn't be able to obtain a full, complete erection. The Asylum Chastity Brace is designed to make sure he doesn't achieve a full erection.

To use, simple place his cock into the cage and close the base ring around his balls. There's an included lock and key to keep things completely secure. The removable urethral insert has a threaded screw-in base and a cum-thru hole for long-term wear. The stainless steel material is non-porous, hygienic, easy to sterilize, temperature resistant, impact resistant, and offers long-term value.

Asylum Chastity Device Set:

  • (1) 4-ring or 6-ring cock cage
  • (1) base ring
  • (1) removable plug
  • (1) comfort hinge tube
  • (1) lock
  • (3) keys

    Asylum Chastity Device Specs and Benefits:

  • Size (Small/Medium): Cage: 4 inches in length, 1.3 inches in diameter; Urethral spout: 2 inches insertable length, 0.25 inches in diameter; Ring: 1.75 inches in diameter
  • Size (Medium/Large): Cage: 6 inches in total length, 1.3 inches in diameter: Urethral spout: 3 inches insertable length, 0.25 inches in diam eter; Ring: 1.95 inches in diameter
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Keeps your male partner from obtaining a full, complete erection
  • Features a cum-thru hole for long-term wear


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  • Available Options:
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    Reviewed: Wednesday 04 October, 2017 by Anonymous

    Very comfortable over 40 hrs locked up and still adding time to chastity safe

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 26 September, 2017 by Anonymous

    Best device even have,19 hrs plus left on Chastity safe going to add more time this item you can't get hard all you do is suffet

    Was this review helpful? 3   12

    Reviewed: Saturday 08 July, 2017 by gay slave misty

    I am a gay slave and my Master bought this for me a few months ago along with a new collar and locking cuffs. The device was a little hard to get used to, and he left me the keys to unlock it if I needed too. After a few days, I was able to wear it full time under my panties and pantyhose 24 hours a day without discomfort. I was able to walk in public with my high heels and dress on and not have a big bulge in the front... Back in January, Master commanded me to unlock it and to give him the lock. He took the lock to the garage and with a plumbing torch, he heated up the lock and put lead solder into the slot where the key is inserted and rendered the lock impossible to unlock. When the lock was cooled down he handed it to me and commanded me to put it back on the asylum chastity device. I obeyed my Master commands and I am in chastity permanently...and enjoying being his slave.

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    Reviewed: Friday 23 December, 2016 by Anonymous

    I could not wait for my package of goodies to arrive. Ive had this devious device on for a few hours now with the key to the lock in your timed vault for the next 16 hrs. I have tired the ureathral tube and to my surprise it slid right into my cock. Only thing is I wish you offered the option of the larger ring with the smaller cage. But over all a great device!

    Was this review helpful? 9   34

    Reviewed: Friday 26 August, 2016 by Anonymous

    My first chastity device, and I love it! I was worried about two things. First, comfort of wearing it for more then an hour. Two, if I could actually get the urethra tube in. At the moment, while writing this review, I've had it on for almost 12 hours with only a little pinching at the top from time to time. But that's because I like it and do nothing to solve it. I do however have the rubber sleeve thing on the bottom of the ring (if you didn't know what that's for, you do now). Simply put, comfort is great. As far as the urethra tube, I was very surprised. I tried on the chastity device the first night with no intent to try the urethra tube, let alone insert the whole thing. After I got the device on I couldn't help but press the tube into my urethra just for a little tease. Well, to my surprise as I was teasing myself with it, pressing it into me, I hadn't noticed it was almost fully in and barely even felt the pressure. This was without any lube either! I will say it can scrape a little, mostly from getting hard while its in. But that only helps to train you to not get as hard or hard as all. Though you are still able to have it in while fully hard (as much as you can be). I'm 2 1/2 inches when soft and 6inches hard. The small/ medium fits well, though I think I could go down to a "true" small ring. That you have to get on Amazon or another site. Oh, and I have worn it out in public with no issues or bulge ( without urethra tube in). Well worth the buy!

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