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The Three Bumps for Your Rump Butt Plug


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The Three Bumps for Your Rump Butt Plug gives you triple the pleasure

All the benefits of anal beads, in a suction cup butt plug! This plug has three bumps that start small and get larger, allowing you to get accustomed to the insertion. Experience a brand new sensation as each bump pushes into your ass. The suction cup base allows you to impale yourself on this toy, whether it's stuck to a shower wall, a chair, the floor, or wherever else you can think of!


"Dinner's ready!" He comes into the dining room, still naked from our last session. He looks at the table in confusion, bare except for a big bottle of lube. "False alarm� but why don't you sit down?" I pull out his chair and his eyes immediately drop towards the seat. Stuck onto it with its suction cup base is the Three Bumps for Your Rump Butt Plug. Within second, his member is rock hard. I pump a bit of lube into my hands and begin slowly stroking his erection, while reaching my other hand around to lube up his entrance. He begins to thrust back and forth into each of my hands, so I remove the one behind him. "Want me to suck your cock?" He nods in desperation. "Okay, then go ahead and take a seat." He begins lowering himself onto the plug and once he's got the first bump in, I begin speeding up my strokes. He moans as he works on the second bump, pushing his ass down on it. He sighs when that one makes it all the way in. The largest bump requires a bit more lube. Pre-cum leaks out of his cock and I slow my strokes again as he lowers himself around the widest girth of the toy. True to my word, I drop to my knees and give him his reward.

Three Bumps for Your Rump Butt Plug Specs and Benefits:

  • Size (Small): Measures approx. 8" in total length, 7.5" insertable length, 7" in circumference and 2.25" in width (circumference and width given at widest point)
  • Size (Medium): Measures approx. 10" in total length, 9.5" insertable length, 8" in circumference and 2.5" in width (circumference and width given at widest point)
  • Size (Large): Measures approx. 11" in total length, 10" insertable length, 12" in circumference and 3.5" in width (circumference and width given at widest point)
  • Material: PVC
  • Each of these plugs offer a unique and stimulating sensation
  • Each plug is designed with three heads that taper wider as you insert the plug deeper
  • Flat sturdy, suction-cup base allows for the plug to be placed on a flat surface and mounted

    Video courtesy of Nate Johnson, ANB Magazine. It's one way to get use out of the butt plug.

  • Available Options:
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    Reviewed: Monday 06 November, 2017 by humped and rumped

    just got the medium one today took a little time but I took the whole thing in never had anything wider then a 2 inch thick dildo in me and yes it fills you up could only hold it for 20 minutes but will be trying to keep it in longer love this thing I know I will be using it a lot :-)

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    Reviewed: Tuesday 18 July, 2017 by Anonymous

    I love the large butt plug. It feels really good inside me. I put it in when I go to bed and leave it in until I get up in the late morning. Total hours up my ass is at least 7 hours.

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    Reviewed: Friday 13 January, 2017 by Anal Joe

    OH MY GOD!!! I finally did it!!! I have had these toys for 3 1/2 years. Having been fisted a few times by my wife and another lady, I was able to take the first bump on the largest plug the first day. I use the medium plug as a warm up before moving onto a large dildo, then the large plug. Not long after getting the plugs, I was able to take the 2nd bump on the large plug, but that third monster has proven to be quite a challenge. Well today, on Friday the 13th (my new lucky day), I was able to FINALLY get that last, and largest of the bumps to, literally, POP in my ass! (I had to set it on a small piece of wood to allow my cheeks to get lower than the base) OMG OMG OMG!!! The sensation is beyond words! It was only in for a few seconds that first time, but I did get it to pop back in again a couple of more times. Each time was a little easier, it stayed in longer, and felt equally ORGASMIC every single time! I can't wait till tomorrow to try again! LOVE LOVE LOVE these toys. Be warned, they are NOT for the faint of heart...well, not the big one anyway. The middle one gives wonderful orgasms while hamming it in and out of my butt.

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    Reviewed: Monday 02 January, 2017 by Anonymous

    OMG, this toy is wonderful. I purchased the medium, which is still pretty big. It took me a couple weeks before I could work the third bump in, but when I did, WOW!! I literally kept trying it every day and I'd almost get that third one in, but I wasn't used to the stretch and was a little bit hesitant to force it in. I literally came within probably a half inch or less of getting that third bump, but just couldn't. Perseverance paid off! Have a little patience with this one. Once you get over that fear of the stretch, you will love it. I ride this thing until I just can't take the pleasure any more. Unlike some people, I can't cum this way, but it does churn out a lot of fluids. It's kind of a pain/pleasure thing, but a lot more pleasure. The first bump going in catches you by surprise, the second really fills me up and I could just ride the two of those all day long, but I always have to occasionally get that third one in and just grind on it or pop that third one in and out until I can't take it anymore. The suction base could be a little better, but it's not bad. It's also easy to clean. Highly recommend, but you have to work up to this one, trust me!

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    Reviewed: Thursday 22 September, 2016 by Anonymous

    I tried out the medium size plug this morning as I had just received it yesterday. Before this plug I had been using the anal dilator kit (max is 2" diameter), but in order to utilize another plug I have (almost 2 1/2" diameter) I needed something in between to train on, figured this would work. First thought, it's tall, I can't imagine where it'll work its way to get all the way in. Second thought, it's firm but squishy, so it has room to give as you use it. Third thought, the suction cup is awesome and probably the best suctioned toy I've got so far, if only I could find other toys with a suction base like this one. So I did manage to get the second bump in. It's 2 1/4" in diameter, which doesn't sound like much compared to the 2" diameter plug I have been using, but WOW, it hurt the first two times then it got a little better and I felt so full and was again reminded how in the world will I ever get the third bump in. Definitely not for beginners, make sure you can at least fit a 2" plug first. I'd love to see a diagram of how this thing fits somehow in your butt all the way, but I guess people make it happen, overall great product.

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