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Extreme Anal Jewelry


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$79.95 $49.95
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Attractive Butt Plug Jewelry

You will be the center of attention when you wear this sparkling butt plug! Enjoy anal play in style with these chrome-plated steel plugs, each featuring a gemstone-like detail in the handle for a little extra sexiness. The elegance of this toy will make a backside look even more delicious. Designed to be comfortable for long-term wear, no one has to know you are wearing this piece of jewelry unless you decide to show it off. They weigh more than other plugs so you can enjoy constant stimulation wherever you go.


He's been dropping hints that he wants to fuck my ass, but hasn't asked for it because he thinks I won't want to try it. Little does he know, I just bought the most adorable Extreme Anal Jewelry and I'm so excited to have more than just a thumb in my ass while he fucks my pussy. I think I might even be ready to feel his cock in there, too. The perfect night arrives to play with my new little toy and finally satisfy our anal desires. He's taking me out to dinner and we're coming back to my place after, so I make sure to leave a big bottle of silicone lube by the bed and do a little prep work cleaning myself out. Even giving myself an enema turned out to be a turn on. Before he picks me up, I apply a bit of lube to the toy, as well as to the tight ring of my asshole. I know I could warm up the toy with my hands or in warm water, but I'm interested in the cold sensation of the steel inside me. The plug slides in smoother than I thought and the weight causes my ass to feel deliciously full. The coolness is shockingly sweet, but feels just as good when the steel warms up to my body temperature. I'm touching my pussy under my mini skirt when the doorbell rings, so the first thing I do when I answer it is stick my fingers in my mouth. He recognizes the taste and I smile mischievously. As I'm locking the door behind me, I purposely drop my keys and bend over. "No panties? And is that what I think it is?" I flash him another smile, knowing that his cock is going to be rock hard all through dinner.

Extreme Anal Jewelry Specs and Benefits:

  • Size: X-Large plug is approx. 3 inches of insertable length and 5 inches in circumference at widest point. Regular plug is approx. 2 inches of insertable length and 3.75 inches in circumference at widest point
  • Material:Chrome-plated steel.
  • Color: Sold as single pieces. Available in diamond, ruby, or emerald colors.

  • Available Options:
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    Reviewed: Sunday 27 December, 2015 by Marc Campos

    I have wrestle in this, lounged around, and had sex. With the right lube you can do anything in these.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 22 October, 2015 by Cock ahoop

    Purchase the XL model and absolutely love it. Recently my wife has just started pegging me, which is just amazing to give the woman control over her man. This is my first butt plug and I have to say it feels really comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Use plenty of lube and once you reach the point of no return the plug sucks in and hold in position, it is tight to remove once the lube dissolves after a few hours but worth it! Shocked by the weight which adds to the sensation and definitely helps rectal muscle exercise, sitting and walking is a breeze also it's easy to clean. Best toy I have purchased in years and would recommend.

    Was this review helpful? 39   57

    Reviewed: Wednesday 11 March, 2015 by Janey Jane

    I have the smallest in ruby. It's beautiful and I feel so sexy wearing it! I love the weight. The only downside is the end gets uncomfortable for extended wear. It digs in between the butt cheeks. If it had a more rounded end I think it would be better. As it is though it's fine for an hour or so, although I did notice my Dom had what seemed almost like a bruise near the base of his cock from fucking me with it in. I still definitely like it, just need to shop around for something more suited to extended wear.

    Was this review helpful? 41   57

    Reviewed: Saturday 18 October, 2014 by Krazy Couple

    I bought this for my girlfriend and it came quickly. We were surprised by the weight of it. We couldn't wait to play with a new toy and all I can say is wow she came quickly and often. She loved the full feeling and Her orgasms were more intense. As for me, well it rubbed along the right places of my dick as we fucked providing a great feeling. It also holds hot and cold temperatures very well if you are on to that sort of thing. An awesome toy that takes no batteries and doesn't vibrate. We will definately keep this toy bedside.

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    Reviewed: Sunday 17 August, 2014 by Anonymous

    Love the weight of it. Wore it to the store and it was great. Could use a little more polishing and have smoother edges around the Jew. Kind of digs in to the skin.

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