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Black Magic XL

SKU: OG176

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Black Magic XL

SKU: OG176

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Standard Features: Black Magic XL has a very unique frame with several joints, offering a plethora of positioning possibilities. This fucking machine can be positioned an... Read more...


The most flexible tripod style fucking machine available.

Black Magic XL has a very unique frame with several joints, offering a plethora of positioning possibilities. This fucking machine can be positioned anywhere up to 40 inches above the feet. It is easy to adjust so position changes can be made quickly, before the mood is lost. Those quick and easy changes lock solidly into place for fucking machine stability. The thrust arm of Black Magic can be pointed in any direction.

Black Magic is fabricated in steel. The fucking machine is then powder coated with a sexy gloss black finish for the best in durability. This one folds up into a very convenient, portable, easy to store size. Black Magic offers excellent performance delivering highly adjustable orgasmic action, but is extremely quiet. The only sounds the neighbors might hear will be yours!


  • Size:
    • 19 x 6 x 12 inches (head unit, maximum dimensions)
    • 28 x 17 x 10 inches when folded
  • Weight:
    • 17-19 lbs (head)
    • 42-44 lbs (complete)
  • Stroke length: 2 to 8 inches in seven positions
  • Stroke speed: 0-240 strokes per minute
  • Torque and Horsepower: 1/8th HP and 30 in-lbs
  • Understanding Torque and Horsepower: Horsepower describes how much work a motor can do. It incorporates both torque and RPM (revolutions per minute, or speed). With a gearmotor, the relationship between horsepower and torque also depends on the efficiency of the geartrain. Torque describes how much force -- pushing power -- a motor can provide.

    Standard Features:

    • Welded steel w/ gloss black powder coat finish
    • 360 degree positive locking joints
    • Standard dildo system, platform arm with strap (options available)
    • Detachable 10 foot power cord and 10 foot hand control
    • 6 and 12 inch extensions included

    Dildo System Options

    Your Black Magic comes with the Standard Dildo System (shown at bottom right) which consists of a welded steel platform arm and retaining strap. This strap is sewn from Velcro and webbing. This dildo system works well with most dildos that have a wide or flared base, particularly ones with balls.

    Also available is the Vac-U-Lock Dildo System (shown at right top). This machined aluminum plug matches the shape used with Vac-U-Lock dildos. This system does require Vac-U-Lock dildos. See below for some Vac-U-Lock dildos we offer. The Vac-U-Lock Realistic Penis will work with either system.

    Which Dildo System is right for you?
    This depends primarily on the type of dildos you own (or plan to purchase). If you don't own dildos presently, we highly recommend the Vac-U-Lock system. It is easier to use and extremely secure. Obviously, the most flexible solution is to own both dildo systems.

    Local Power Options

    The Black Magic fucking machine is available configured for either 100/110/120 VAC or 220/240 VAC power grids. While both configurations use the same high quality speed control and other components, a different motor is required. All performance specifications and descriptions remain identical regardless of local power configuration.

    A machine configured for 220/240 VAC operation may be used on a lower voltage power grid. It will run at approximately 1/2 the rated speed. A unit configured for 100-120 VAC operation should never be run from a 220/240 VAC grid without an appropriate voltage converter. Supply power frequency (50 vs. 60 htz) is immaterial to the operation of these machines


    The Black Magic comes with the standard dildo adapter system (holds dildos via a velcro strap). These are the options which can be purchased under the related items section. (below)

    • Add Vac-U-Lock dildo system - $60.00
      (Allows you to use vac-u-lock dildos that insert over the adapter. We find that is allows more stability of the dildo.)

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