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Anal Intruder Cockring


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$69.95 $49.95
Rating: (98 reviews)
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The Anal Intruder Cock Ring is a unique device that not only keeps your cock stiff, but also keeps your ass stuffed. The stainless steel cock ring, with 2" inside diameter and 2.75" outside diameter, secures like a regular cock ring to keep him hard, while the 1.25" inch wide chrome plated steel ball penetrates his ass hole with an insertable length of 1.2". While wearing this device and moving around, you will feel the anal intruder moving inside you. It's not going anywhere. Try it while fucking for a truly orgasmic experience.


"your cock looks delicious like that, slave." My cock and balls are trapped in the Anal Intruder Cock Ring, with the steel ball placed up my ass as i clean the kitchen floor. Mistress is lounging on the couch with Her evening coffee, naked. When it's caffeinated, i know i'm in for a long and intense night. When it's not, i don't even know if I'll be allowed to cum. As I think this, she pours creamer into her coffee and it spills, dripping casually between her breasts. "Come over here and clean this up," She commands. i crawl towards the couch, gasping with each movement of my knees as the steel ball brushes against my prostate. my package feels tight with need in the ring, and i can only hope that She'll let me touch it. Or better yet, touch it Herself. She lets me lick the cream up between Her glorious breasts, and then proceeds to push my head down into Her crotch. i lick and suck, thrusting into the air so that the ball keeps hitting that sweet spot inside me, until She finally pulls my head up by my hair. "Don't make Me cum yet, slave. We have a long night ahead of us." Caffeinated, then. She grabs my cock and i stop thinking.

Anal Intruder Cockring Specs and Benefits:

  • Sizing: 5.75 inch overall length, Ring has 2.05 inch inner diameter, Anal Ball is 1.25 inches in diameter, with 2.25 inch insertable length (including stem), Bridge between cock ring and anal insert is 2.88 inches long
  • Material: Stainless Steel (Ring and Bar); Chrome Plated Steel (Ball)
  • As a cock ring, it will help him maintain a longer-lasting and harder erection
  • As an anal plug, he'll enjoy anal stimulation with each thrust and movement during sex

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 05 July, 2017 by joe smith

    I looked at this product for a while and read the reviews and finally pulled the trigger and bought one. I absolutely love it. It feels awesome inside of me. I sometimes wear it around the house or even running errands. I love the way it moves inside of me when I walk around, sit down, bend over...or whatever. It constantly gives me a gentle rub on my prostate. Its great when jerking off too. Makes orgasm super intense. I haven't used it during intercourse yet. I got the 2" ring. Everything fits well. I did have to bend mine slightly. And the metal was very hard to bend. I read reviews of some people saying the stem was too short. I'm 5'9" and 165#, it is the perfect length for me.

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    Reviewed: Saturday 26 November, 2016 by Anonymous

    I got this with the xlarge ball and it is my favorite toy now. Fucking incredible.

    Was this review helpful? 12   40

    Reviewed: Monday 11 July, 2016 by Anonymous

    This is an awesome toy! As one of the other reviewers noted, the curve wasn't quite right so I put it in a vice with some rubber padding and bent it so that the ring was closer to my pelvis. Once I'd done that OMG! Super intense when masturbating and when fucking. The ball hits my prostate perfectly. It can be a bit tricky to get all your junk through the ring but once you have, it's very comfortable. And by the way, I've used it on my wife and the ball hits her G-spot perfectly.

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    Reviewed: Friday 17 June, 2016 by Marcel Daumier

    I had once also a problem with the size of this Cockring, but now my mistress has put me in a Walter Goethals Carrera CB that I wear 7/7-24/24 and I just no longer have access to my cock and she could no longer use this wonderful Intruder Cockring. Then she realized that she could turn the ring towards my back and slip the ball in my ass and just lock the ring to my CB and let me go. Now I have to wear also this Intruder Cockring permanently. When I have to do what most have to do once a day in the toilets, I can slip it out, clean it, and poop. But, as the Intruder Cockring is locked on me I have to slip it back home: that's the only place where I can put it in my trousers! Having this there is a unique experience and, with some training, as was able to use my back muscles to give me a lot of pleasure that my dick is no longer allowed to give me. Of course my mistress wants me to give her pleasure anyway, so she harnesses a dildo on my CB and I have to perform (what I can do as long as she wishes, as I can't come). But doing this with the Intruder in me gives me a terrific pleasure. Try this out and let us know if it works for you too!

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    Reviewed: Wednesday 18 May, 2016 by Anonymous

    I bought the one with the larger ball and thought I would really enjoy it. The ball feels great but I can't get the ring around my cock and balls like in the picture. I'd like to try one with a bigger ring. I'll just need to try to find a different use for it. The quality is very good, just doesn't fit.

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