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Balls to Wrist Humbler

SKU: AG210

Balls to Wrist Humbler

SKU: AG210

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Immobilize your insolent submissive with this sadistic instrument!

Predicament bondage at its simplest and finest. Whatever will your poor, pathetic plaything do while you tweak their nipples, spank their ass, and tease their cock? Answer: absolutely nothing! This humbler closes around their balls and wrists in front of the body, rendering them completely helpless to your every wicked desire. They won't be able to move their hands to defend themselves, and any attempt will yank painfully on their scrotum! One end of the humbler has a hinge that allows it to smoothly open and close on your victim, while the other has a locking clasp so that they are entirely at your mercy...

Balls to Wrist Humbler specifications:

  • Measurements: 20.25 inches in total length. Wrist holes are 2.6 inches in diameter. Scrotal opening is 2.5 inches in length, .9 inches in width.
  • Material: Wood
  • Includes lock and keys
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