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Ball Weights for CBT


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Ball Weights for CBT - Stretching your pleasure possibilities!

These best-sellers are designed to perfectly to fit around the scrotum and provide the user with the ultimate stretch. They are made from chrome plated brass and feature some unique features that make these our most popular ball stretchers!

Ball Weights for CBT - Features:

  • These ball stretchers are the easiest ball stretchers you will ever put on! The ball stretchers open at each end and can be seperated with the use of an allen wrench (included in shipment) which allow the user to wrap these around their balls instead of slip them through. This makes for a very comfortable and tight fit.
  • The tighter more comfortable fit also lessens the likely hood of the stretcher "popping off".
  • Two eyebolts that are included with the ball stretchers attached via screw can be used to attach a wide array of objects such as ropes, weights, cuffs, etc...the possibilities are endless! (But remember to be gentle with the balls when exploring the possibilities.)
  • Is designed to be used with the optional ball crusher attachment below.

Ball Stretcher Weight for CBT Specifications:

  • Small Size and Dimensions: weight: 8oz, outside diameter: 2 3/8 inches (6cm), inside diameter: 1 3/8 inches (3.5cm), thickness: 1/2 inch (1.2cm)
  • Medium Size and Dimentions: weight: 16oz, outside diameter: 2 3/8 inches (6cm), inside diameter: 1 3/8 inches (3.5cm), thickness: 1 inch (2.4cm)
  • Material: Chrome Plated Brass

  • Available Options:
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    Reviewed: Tuesday 10 October, 2017 by Anonymous

    This is an amazing weight. Always looked at these and thought they were pricey. I decided to just get it, and see what it is like. Well i can say with ecstatic tone, this is a super weight, easy to fit and great to feel the tug of it on my balls. let's hope it is start of super low hangers. definitely worth it, i got the 16oz one and i am already looking into buy the next one. rings can be removed if additional weight do not want to be added. quality is good so far, let's see what wearing it 24/7 does. suggestion, gt more than one if you are planning on get them hanging low ***waning*** addictive product!

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    Reviewed: Sunday 16 June, 2013 by Anonymous

    What happened to stainless steel? The one I bought years ago was perfect but now that it was time to increase the weight these new ones are chrome plated brass. Right out of the box the chrome plating was coming off! Also the fit of the 2 halves was poor leaving a small edge that makes it too uncomfortable to wear! [ Editor's Note: If the chrome is coming off and the fit is bad, you can email a photo to customer service and get a non-defective replacement. ]

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    Reviewed: Friday 08 March, 2013 by Anonymous

    I bought accidently the wrong size. I bough the largest one. It did not fit at all. I could not return it. So I took my grinding wheel and cut on both sides metal layers. Took me 3 hrs of work, reducing the size of my ball stretcher. Now it fits. Allthough the trick to put it on is to start upside down, not from bottom to top. Once I had it on, I got a hard one. PS: watch out when putting it on, as the skin tend to crowl between the two stainless steel parts. Score 4/5.

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    Reviewed: Thursday 07 March, 2013 by Anonymous

    I was stupid enough to buy the wrong size, 22oz. Weight was not the issue, the heavier, the more exciting is my thinking. But the size thickness was far to thick for my case. Therefore the score I can give is 0/5 for size, 4/5 for promising product when buying the correct size. Therefore 2/5 total

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    Reviewed: Thursday 08 December, 2011 by Tight Fit

    For me, the inside diameter is just a bit small. The inside edges of the stretcher are sharp and will cut your sack if your not extremely careful when putting it on. I love the feel of the 16oz once it is on, but again the inside diameter is to small. It cuts off circulation and swelling occurs. It can be on for only a couple of hours before it has to come off. I also use the hinged cock ring that has a 1 1/2 inside diameter instead of the 1 3/8 opening of the stretcher. This is a much better fit for my sack, and using two gives the same weight as the 1 inch stetcher. When using two, its a good idea to seperate them with a rubber or silicone ring so they don't pinch and rub together and ruin the chrome finish. All in all its a nice product, just wish the inside diameter was a 1 1/2.

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