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Ball Crusher


Ball Crusher Ball Crusher Ball Crusher Ball Crusher Ball Crusher
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Give your balls a good compression with this stainless steel ball crusher piece. For those that love CBT this is a simple and very effective device. Just simply turn the screw mechanism, counter clockwise, to make the bar move inward, applying deep pressure against the balls. When you're ready to release them just reverse the direction of the screw. This crusher is 4.5" high and 4" wide with an inner opening of 2.75" x 2.75". The closure clamps down all the way to zero movement. The ring at the bottom can also be used to attach additional weights to for more sensation. Weights sold separately.

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Reviewed: Sunday 12 February, 2017 by Anonymous

Very painfull device but unbelievable.For have fun I suggest you to tighten the screw very slowly to get an intense prolonged pain, to avoid to come very fast and reach an indescribable pleasure with emission of a huge amount of cum.'Cause it hurts so much I suggest to be gagged because the screams of pain are very loud .Furthermore the simultaneous use of an anal inflatable vibrating anal plug is the maximum of 'excitement.recommended for CBT!!!!

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Reviewed: Sunday 04 October, 2015 by Anonymous

I am ordering one of these tonight. I can't wait to present the ball crusher -- along with my balls -- to my wife. My guess is that she will attach a chain leash to the eye of the screw.

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Reviewed: Monday 08 July, 2013 by Jim Clark

This a great tool to use to crush your balls slowly. It does take a little practice to use to keep the nut from sliding to one side or the other as u turn the screw. For me I can only crush one nut at a time. My balls are to big to do both. I put quarter inch markings on the sides of the shaft to see how close I get to crushing and splitting mu nut. I can monitor the affects better since I marked it. I can push my nuts further to splitting or to not splitting to. Really love using it. I look forward to banding my nut and then applying the ball crusher to see how far I can go.

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Reviewed: Thursday 11 April, 2013 by Squeeze Me

Fantastic device. Works better on entire package than just testicles but will really put the squeeze on your manhood. Will go as tight as you dare! Makes me beg for mercy every time!! Only downside is that skin can get pinched at edges but a bit of care will keep that to a minimum.

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Reviewed: Thursday 04 October, 2012 by Anonymous

I need this now! I know it's just right but for tonight will just have to content myself with a ruler whipping on my balls.

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